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Charged with pc148(a)(1) pc273a(a) vc23152(a) vc23152(b) he is not the parent of the child (age 12) but the parent of said child was also in the vehicle. He did not actually resist arrest but refused to be breathalyzed and was held down by 6 officers (again, without resisting) at the station and forced to give a blood sample. He is covered in bruises and broken blood vessels. The officers took video of the entire incident at the station. What do you think we are looking at here?
Felony child endangerment carries a maximum stare prison sentence of 6 years. It's quite serious. What you need to...
DUI first time
after 30 days of the license suspension you can get a restricted license to and from work work related not Driving kids...
I was arrested for my first DUI in California while driving with my Michigan license. I am going to trial for the DUI, but my DMV suspension will start in a couple weeks. My Michigan license was taken away at the time of the arrest. My question is, since I will be staying in California, and would like to get the restricted license after 30 days of hard suspension, will I be able to go and apply for a California license now? What should I expect to happen when I go and take the written test? what questions will they ask? what documents should I bring with me?
before you will be able to apply for California driving license suspension in Michigan will have to be lifted....
I was approached by an officer in the parking lot where my vehicle was parked I was drinking, I was sitting on the driver side parked and was charged with DUI this would make it my 4th DUI But I was not driving
You need to hire the best DUI lawyer you can afford to challenge this case. You don't actually have to be driving in...
The immigration officer didn't make a issues about the duis n duis simple.. Last dui august 2009... I think I pass the test n they need only selective service registration proof... That's allready submitted now I m waiting for my oath ceremony interview was 12 june 2014 n I allready submitted the evidence for selective service.. They received my evidence in 21 june 2104... I didn't received my oath ceremony letter yet.. Is there any problem about my duis.. If any issues or denied my case they will let m know in the interview.. They only asked m evidence about selective service... I went to interview with my lawyer.. My lawyer say no problem but I m worry... Plz let m know wat I need to do?? Thanks my interview was in San francisco
DUIs are always relevant to that type of application. Consult with an immigration attorney.
i had a six pack in the cup holders but i was drinking more before that. i was arrested at 5am had been asleep for maybe 4 hours before they arrested me. your thoughts?” My memory came back to me while I was in the chp office before they took me to redwood city county jail and drew blood.
They can charge you with DWI. The issue they will need to establish is that you were driving or in some other manner "...
charged with DUI of 0.012 had a glass of wine 3 hrs before but also medicated with Accutane, i crashed on a parked vehicle when suddenly lost vision as a result of side effects of medication.
Potential results of these charges are a period of incarceration, fines, classes. See a competent attorney.