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My baby father went to jail for a probation violation on DWI charge. What are the consequences.
probation violation on DWI charge
The consequences will vary depending on what violation he is accused of committing and if he is found by a judge to...
If the arresting officer for a DWI didn't draw blood/ breathalyzer, can I beat this charge?
It's right under the statue if limitations and thought they wouldn't file.
No way to answer accurately, but you certainly have a defence to raise. Whether it is enough I can't say. This type of...
Is there a statute of limitations on a suspended license in oklahoma
It has been 10 years since my license has been suspended and I don't live in Oklahoma anymore and I need to get them back
You should go to the Texas dmv and see if your eligible.
How do I transfer pretrial diversion for 1st time DWI in Texas to Florida?
My wife and boys have had to move to Florida to be with family, while my wife starts a much more promising career. We recently lost our home in Texas and we have family in FL that are offering support as we start over. I am on pretrial diversion for a 1st time DWI in Texas. I have discussed my family's situation in great detail with my probation officer as well as her supervisor. They refuse to let me go to Florida to be with my family and it is killing me, my wife and my children. I am not trying to get out of my requirements. I don't know what to do. My family is falling apart, and we need help. Surely there has to be a way to get me to Florida w/o me having to be a fugitive. I don't see it as fair in any way for TX to do this to my family. I just can't be away from them this long!
Talk with your attorney to see if you have any options that may alleviate some of the burdens you are facing. Good luck.
DWI case and MIC/ DWLS question and I have one of the best lawyers in my area! ??
I'm 19 years old and got a DWI about 6 mths ago, I have been on probation and doing good with the drug tests. I have completed hours for comm service and both of my classes. It was 3 days before I was suppose to get my license renewed(though it shouldn't have still been suspended all this time and we never figured out why it was; i paid the $125 and didn't drive for 90 days so still a mystery) and I drove down to go to my probation meeting; all went well. Later that night I was pulled over after hanging out with some friends and given a DWLS and a MIC for having a cup with alcohol in it on the passenger side that wasn't mine. I have been making A's in all my courses, got back on my collegiate soccer team, I got a job and regularly volunteer. Quit all partying. What is going to happen?
If your probation officer finds out about it, which they will, then they could file a motion to revoke your probation....
Failed a Drug Test in Texas on probation?
I'm 19 and I got a DUI and was put on probation. Before I got in trouble I smoked weed everyday since I was 15. I stopped when I got in trouble but I just got news that I did not pass my first drug test and I'm worried that I won't pass my second one because of residual weed in my system. I am making all a's and a sophomore in college, this is my first offense. I have quit all partying and everything that comes along with it. I have completely turned my whole life around. I am just wondering what punishments I am looking at if I happen to not pass this next test? I also have one of the best lawyers around my area. Thanks.
If you're on straight probation for the DUI (or DWI, depending upon what you were actually convicted of given your age)...
Do I need SR22 DUI insurance on my current TExas Drivers Liscense, when the DUI offense took place in CA? What about Occup.DL ?
I was a resident of CA when the offense took place. But at the same time I was planning to move to Texas for a job opportunity and marriage. This was 2nd DUI. I had SR22 on my car Ins. from prior DUI. My CA atty was in process of my case When I moved to Texas. I did receive a Texas drivers licsense . A few months later i went to CA and satisfied the CA courts and all is clear. THE 18MO. PROGRAM SOMETIMES REQUIRED WAS WAIVED for this CA 2nd offense. My car Ins.notified me the SR22 was removed since no longer needed concerning prior CA offense from 2006. Does TX require me to have SR22 on my car Insurance for this 2010 offense, even tho it happened in CA ? ...and the CA courts have been satisfied? If I am required to get an Occupational DL, how can I find the lawyer with this expertise?
Contact the local DMV. If you need sr22 they will tell you.