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  • Driver fatigue may have caused California crash

    Monday | via KTVN Reno 

    The final weekend before the Thanksgiving holiday passed without a grand jury decision on whether to indict a Ferguson police officer, fueling new speculation about the timing as protesters demand justice for... A grand jury has reached a decision about whether to indict a Ferguson police officer in the shooting death of Michael Brown, media outlets reported Monday, citing unidentified sources. A reputed lieutenant of captured Mexican drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman was to be sentenced Monday for his part in a $1 billion conspiracy to traffic narcotics to Chicago and cities.


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  • California bus crash kills 1 in 2nd wreck of day

    Monday | via WZVN-TV Fort Myers 

    An Iowa man arrested who had a hunting rifle, ammunition and a knife in his car near the White House has pleaded guilty. An Iowa man arrested who had a hunting rifle, ammunition and a knife in his car near the White House has pleaded guilty.


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  • Suspect accused of breaking infant's leg and ankle

    Thursday Nov 20 | via KRCR 

    A Redding man faces four counts of child abuse, accused causing several injuries to a one-year-old child including a broken leg, broken ankle and several bruises. Michael Baker, 23, was arrested last week.


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  • Teen suspect in father's shooting turns self in

    Tuesday Nov 18 | via My Mother Lode 

    A Northern California woman suspected of shooting her father in the chest and then driving off has turned herself in to authorities. The Record Searchlight of Redding reports that 19-year-old Brittany Weatherbee turned herself in to Redding police on Monday.


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  • Two teens go on crime spree, are caught in Redding

    Monday Nov 17 | via KRCR 

    Two 15-year-old boys allegedly stole a 1987 Toyota SR-5 pickup truck from a Hilltop Drive apartment complex on Sunday, and then went on a purse snatching spree around Redding on Monday, said the Redding Police Department. At 9:54 a.m., Sarah Myers, 23, of Oregon, was helping her friend retrieve a baby stroller out of a parked vehicle in the parking lot of the Sundial Bridge, and had her purse snatched from her possession by two male juvenile suspects.


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  • Global race to capture paedophile

    Wednesday Nov 5 | via 

    It was a race against time, with Queensland and US authorities knowing if they didn't capture the paedophile within days he would drug and then sexually assault an eight-year-old Californian girl in his trailer. The paedophile, registered sex offender Michael Elliot Papac, had boasted online via an alias he would upload photos and videos of his depraved acts to a Russian-based website so other paedophiles could view.


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Redding Law

No injury accident on 10-15-2013, except to myself. Case filed on 09-10-2014 for misdemeanor 23152 DUI. Pled not guilty on 10-03-2014 at arraignment. Next court date is 11--17-2014. My blood count was zero for alcohol. My question is can they add or change the charges after I pled not guilty, and also its now over 1 year since the accident.
Yes. So long as the case is active, they can amend the complaint and file new charges. Once there is a resolution to...
I was arrested for "driving while addicted to drugs or alcohol" and was released with a court date for the following month. When I went I wasnt on the calendar and they had no record of it in the clerks office. How long does the county of shasta have to charge me, im worried it may pop up a year or 2 down the road and I may have a warrent or something. Please help
The statute of limitations to file a misdemeanor case is one year from the date of the offense. You may want to...
My insurance tells me that some passengers that were in the car that I hit are visiting doctors etc and 1 settled with my insurance already. So question is, the DA only filed a misdemeanor DUI with no injuries. I am not sure if I should fight it or should I quickly plead before they charge me more. Also could they charge more after I plead guilty? My alcohol was .14 and was driving 65-70 in a 50 zone. There were no injuries listed in the police report but the unknown worries me.
Unless this is their first day as a prosecutor, they will not plead your case until they have spoken with all the...
I currently live in Colorado. I was told it is removed from record after 10 years but not sure if that means they will see it on my record when they do my background check. Can someone provide guidance for me? I meet with the owner tomorrow.
It will appear on your background check. It falls off after 10 years to be counted as a prior should you get arrested...
19years as rn and first and only DUI arrest. I am worried about my nursing license. when do I tell the BRN about the ticket or conviction? I have never had but a few fixit tickets and nothing on my nursing license.
The BRN will likely offer you a probationary program specific to the BRN. It is best to proactively notify them of the...
Male 58, 232lbs 5"11 - pulled over at 6:20 PM What could your BAC been at the time of pull over?
How do you know if your BACi was rising or falling? Test was taken within limits prescribed by Title 17. Get an attorney.
I gave him the time and date he said he would be there that I didn't have to go and I got paperwork in the mail from DMV that says I or no representative showed. I have to request a second heating but that request will be reviewed I'm so upset will my attorney. Can he make this right???
You should first let your lawyer make this right - give the office a chance to fix this issue - there may be a good...