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I currently live in Colorado. I was told it is removed from record after 10 years but not sure if that means they will see it on my record when they do my background check. Can someone provide guidance for me? I meet with the owner tomorrow.
It will appear on your background check. It falls off after 10 years to be counted as a prior should you get arrested...
19years as rn and first and only DUI arrest. I am worried about my nursing license. when do I tell the BRN about the ticket or conviction? I have never had but a few fixit tickets and nothing on my nursing license.
The BRN will likely offer you a probationary program specific to the BRN. It is best to proactively notify them of the...
Male 58, 232lbs 5"11 - pulled over at 6:20 PM What could your BAC been at the time of pull over?
How do you know if your BACi was rising or falling? Test was taken within limits prescribed by Title 17. Get an attorney.
I gave him the time and date he said he would be there that I didn't have to go and I got paperwork in the mail from DMV that says I or no representative showed. I have to request a second heating but that request will be reviewed I'm so upset will my attorney. Can he make this right???
You should first let your lawyer make this right - give the office a chance to fix this issue - there may be a good...
But i dont know how much i can bring with me i cant make ten 600 miles trips t ok bring it all so how many pounds can i transport at a time? Thanks
Be sure you are in compliance with the requirements of the Compassionate Use Act, and remember that while the medicinal...
I weight 232 pounds Male - How could I have a BAC of 0.14 at 7:30 PM and blew a 0.04 at 11:45 PM
You can lose about .0 25 an hour
My court date is January 6th I know I will be convicted of DUI. I am moving the day after my court date because my husband and I have orders to move from the military. I have not received the orders yet but it will most likely be out of state and I will need to file a 1650 packet however I don't understand what happens next. Will I be allowed to get a restricted license to get a job/dui school if the court appoints me to do so? Will my court case be transferred to my new state? Or will the suspension be gone for good??
You should request an administrative hearing with DMV immediately. You have only ten days from your arrest to do so....