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  • Police: Armed robber has violent criminal history

    Thursday May 14 | via KRCR 

    On Thursday, Redding Police said 24-year-old Jonathan Logue, the suspect in an armed robbery at a Redding gas station, has a violent criminal history. At the time police said he committed the armed robbery, Logue was on probation and had two separate warrants out for his arrest in Shasta County and Placer County.


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  • SWAT team arrests suspect for robbery, firing gun

    Thursday May 14 | via KRCR 

    A man wanted for an armed robbery in Redding was arrested during a SWAT raid. Police arrested 24-year-old Jonathan Logue late Wednesday afternoon.


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  • Suspect wanted for punching grocery store manager

    Tuesday May 12 | via KRCR 

    Redding Police are looking for a woman who allegedly punched the assistant manager of a grocery store. Police released a photo of the suspect, in hopes that the public can identify the woman.


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  • Couple arrested for meth-related death of newborn baby

    Friday May 8 | via KRCR 

    A Redding couple has been arrested for murder, accused of killing their newborn baby. Investigators said the father supplied the mother with methamphetamine and heroin while she breastfeeding their baby girl.


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  • Mother, father arrested in death of infant

    Friday May 8 | via Chico Enterprise-Record 

    Redding >> The mother and father of a newborn girl who died from neglect and drug addiction symptoms five days after her birth, refused to the take the infant to the hospital, Redding police said Friday. The arrests of Daylon Michael Reed and Heather Rose Brown, both 21 and of Redding, on suspicion of murder came just about five months after the death of the child, Sgt.


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  • Snorkeler, 65, killed by shark at popular Maui surf ...

    Thursday Apr 30 | via Daily Mail 

    EXCLUSIVE: Where's the bolt that 'killed Freddie Gray'? Standard- issue police van has SMOOTH cage doors, raising questions over leaked report that says fall caused his 'catastrophic' injury Arrested woman who 'opened fire on cops from the back of a POLICE CAR' is shot and killed by officers in downtown Atlanta Prisoner who rode with Freddie Gray contradicts police report saying he was 'intentionally trying to injure himself' - instead claiming all he heard was a 'small banging', then quiet Freddie Gray died from 'catastrophic injury' after he fell head-first in van and broke his neck as his head hit a bolt, report claims PIERS MORGAN: We don't know if the police killed Freddie Gray but he definitely didn't kill himself - and they are murdering his reputation for sure Obama was RIGHT to call rioters 'thugs' says White House after trendy comedian claims it is 'the new N-word' NBA star ... (more)


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  • Registered sex offender arrested for stalking

    Wednesday Apr 29 | via KRCR 

    A Redding man was arrested on Tuesday for stalking and making harassing phone calls to a woman, said investigators with the Redding Police Department. Officers said they started the investigation on March 19 after a woman, who is not being identified for confidentiality reasons, began receiving telephone calls from an unknown male suspect, later identified as Steven Alexander Wiley, 30. The victim reported she received harassing telephone calls on her cellular telephone from a blocked number.


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  • Officers question robbery suspect about attack at ca...

    Apr 23, 2015 | via KRCR 

    Shasta County Sheriff's Office are questioning armed robbery suspect Chad Todd, 21, about the attack of a man outside Win River Casino Saturday night. Jon Sherwood spent multiple nights at UC Davis Medical Center for injuries he sustained after he was allegedly attacked from behind after attending a cage fight at the casino.


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  • Man Pushes For Erasing Of Terrorism Conviction, Blam...

    Apr 22, 2015 | via WIBX-AM Whitesboro 

    Lawyers for Hamid Hayat will argue that their client's trial attorney was incompetent, and failed to uncover evidence they say proves his innocence. They argue that Hayat was coerced when he confessed to FBI agents that he attended terrorist training camps in Pakistan and returned to the U.S. to await orders to carry out an attack.


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Redding Law

Please help. I would like to know what could happen for these charges.
My boyfriend was accused of a DUI hit and run. He was in prison for 5 years. Now he is not allowed to drink and is on parole. Last night he got a DUI and these.charges EVADING OFFICER 23152(A) VC DUI ALCOHOL/DRUGS 23152(B) VC DUI 0.08 PERCENT 148(A)(1) PC OBSTRUCT/ETC PUB OFC 1320(B) PC FTA ON FELONY CHARGE 1320(A) PC FTA ON MISDEMEANOR C 476-Fel PC MAKE FICTITIOUS CHECk..the failure to appears/make fictitious check was for something he did a year ago and he missed the dates on accident and re scheduled it for this week. He didn't even know he had warrants so that just added to his DUI. Please let me know what he can potentially face with all this. Thank you
It depends on whether the DA charges some of these as felonies or misdemeanors (called wobblers if the wobble -- they...
Can the D.A. add charges after I have pled not guilty to a dui. My blood count was zero.
No injury accident on 10-15-2013, except to myself. Case filed on 09-10-2014 for misdemeanor 23152 DUI. Pled not guilty on 10-03-2014 at arraignment. Next court date is 11--17-2014. My blood count was zero for alcohol. My question is can they add or change the charges after I pled not guilty, and also its now over 1 year since the accident.
Yes. So long as the case is active, they can amend the complaint and file new charges. Once there is a resolution to...
What happens when I go to my court date but im not on the calendar?
I was arrested for "driving while addicted to drugs or alcohol" and was released with a court date for the following month. When I went I wasnt on the calendar and they had no record of it in the clerks office. How long does the county of shasta have to charge me, im worried it may pop up a year or 2 down the road and I may have a warrent or something. Please help
The statute of limitations to file a misdemeanor case is one year from the date of the offense. You may want to...
Can the DA change the complaint after I plea guilty and add more charges or change the charges?
My insurance tells me that some passengers that were in the car that I hit are visiting doctors etc and 1 settled with my insurance already. So question is, the DA only filed a misdemeanor DUI with no injuries. I am not sure if I should fight it or should I quickly plead before they charge me more. Also could they charge more after I plead guilty? My alcohol was .14 and was driving 65-70 in a 50 zone. There were no injuries listed in the police report but the unknown worries me.
Unless this is their first day as a prosecutor, they will not plead your case until they have spoken with all the...
I got a DUI in California in 2001. I applied for a driving instructor position and they will do background. Can they find it?
I currently live in Colorado. I was told it is removed from record after 10 years but not sure if that means they will see it on my record when they do my background check. Can someone provide guidance for me? I meet with the owner tomorrow.
It will appear on your background check. It falls off after 10 years to be counted as a prior should you get arrested...
First DUI, how will this effect my rn nursing license?
19years as rn and first and only DUI arrest. I am worried about my nursing license. when do I tell the BRN about the ticket or conviction? I have never had but a few fixit tickets and nothing on my nursing license.
The BRN will likely offer you a probationary program specific to the BRN. It is best to proactively notify them of the...
If your on the rise and your BAC was 0.14 @ 7:30 PM
Male 58, 232lbs 5"11 - pulled over at 6:20 PM What could your BAC been at the time of pull over?
How do you know if your BACi was rising or falling? Test was taken within limits prescribed by Title 17. Get an attorney.