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Also got ticke for open transpertaion. what am i looking at.
You need to hire an attorney to minimize the damages. You may have defenses, to the DUI,
me until 5 years have past or is it just an insurance issue due to higher premiums. Im realy wondering if its worth reinstating if no one will hire me until five years has passed. I need to find that special company who is willing to work with me after one year.
No but they may have policies or insurance companies may that make it difficult to get a job. But why would you not...
please answer asap thank you
It is likely that your "privilege to drive" is revoked in WI, and that per interstate licensing compacts that your IL...
i need to find a lawer that can help me to get my liscence reinstated,
You might find my Legal Guide helpful "How to Choose a Lawyer for you.”
Any good lawyers wanna take this case?
Any plea or finding of guilt on the dui can be used to violate your fiancee's probation. Seek the assistance of an...
When you are an Illinois resident, why does the Secretary of State impose the harshest of penalties on you such as revoking your license for an out of state DUI when in Illinois as a first time offender you have the opportunity of court supervision with no prior convictions? I understand the state where you received your DUI will hand down the legal punishment and this is administrative sanctions, but why doesn't Illinois give their in state residents that same chance of rehabilitation that they would receive if they received the DUI in their own home state?
I can tell you why, but it likely will not satisfy you. It is simply a loophole in IL law. In IL, the first time you...
Picked up a DUI charge in another state. Have a clean driving record. That state has no court supervision so this will end up being a conviction. Will Illinois consider granting a RDP?
Under Illinois law, the Secretary of State will revoke your driving privileges in Illinois as if you were convicted a...