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What are the penalties for driving without a license while having a minor under the age of 5 in the vehicle?
I need to be able to tell my mom and my sister why my daughter can't ride in the car with my sister while she doesn't have a license. My sister has tickets that have gone to warrants and she currently doesn't have a license since it expired. I know the obvious reasons like it's dangerous, but I want to be able to give them law reasons also.
You are wasting your time-they won't listen, You might have better luck persuading her to get a restricted license so...
Can someone who has been convicted of Felony DWI in Texas become a lawyer?
I was convicted in 2009. My probation will be completed in July 2014.
I don't practice in TX but I would recommend that you go online and review an application from the law school you are...
Has anyone has judge gene Calvert for a dwi?
Is judge gene Calvert located in waxahachie Texas lenient towards probation on a first conviction of a dwi under age? This us a misdemeanor.
Each case is handled on its own. Also, remember, that while a judge ultimately passes down the sentence, the...
I got charged with my first dwi when I was 20 I've had an mip in the past but never went to jail before.
Is it likely that the judge will offer probation since it's my first dwi misdemeanor? I got the ticket in ellis county
As long as you do not have a felony conviction, you are eligible for DWI probation from a jury or the judge in Texas....
How long will an interlock device be needed?
I was recently charged with intoxication assault w/motor vehicle. I received 5 years probation and my license is suspended for a year but I can apply for occupational. As of now I have an in home breathalyzer. What is the duration of time that I'm going to have to have this device either in home or in my vehicle once I can get my license back?
Unless the Judge said otherwise the entire length of your probation
Any way to request a second interview in the PA Dui process. the first required I go to rehab an it is not possible.
I received a DUI in LeHigh County 4 years ago. I am done with probation but in my interview process, they required I go to rehab in PA. My residence is in Texas, I was only there working temporarily. I have a young family and this has made steady work impossible. I can certainly do classes but need advice on options if available. This was a stupid mistake and I am desperate for help.
Change your address to PA to get answers from lawyers in PA. That is the law that will apply to an offense in that...
My boy friend is on a 4 year probation sentence An got a dwi. What do u think we'll happen..
he has one prier probation. That he completed wen he was 17 years old for hitting his xgirlfriend
Will depend a lot on what he's on probation for. However, it is never good to get a new charge while on probation....