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I need to be able to tell my mom and my sister why my daughter can't ride in the car with my sister while she doesn't have a license. My sister has tickets that have gone to warrants and she currently doesn't have a license since it expired. I know the obvious reasons like it's dangerous, but I want to be able to give them law reasons also.
You are wasting your time-they won't listen, You might have better luck persuading her to get a restricted license so...
I was convicted in 2009. My probation will be completed in July 2014.
I don't practice in TX but I would recommend that you go online and review an application from the law school you are...
pretty sure the officer was called after a driver behind me seen my tire blowout and me swerving
Sounds like it's a fact-specific kind of thing. They have to "wheel" you, and it sounds like the witness might be able...
three DWIs have felony can't buy a firearm. it hs ben over 14 yars sine ls conviction
No but you can hunt with a bow or muzzleloader
broke my hand. the people called the police and they (dps) came to house and took it back to scene of accident and then started giving my sobriety tests and then took me to jail. i have a lawyer but he says they cant do this. is this true? will they still suspend my license? what about a sr22?
Your retained attorney is the best person to seek advice from, however, there are several factors that will determine...
police called, man arrested, my insurance covering but calling car a total loss, offering less than what I owe. this will leave me with no vehicle and no dwnpymnt for another plus a total loss on the $4,000 I have already paid on vehicle- do I have any course of action?
Unless you had gap insurance, there is probably nothing you can do if the amount that your insurance company is giving...
What is an intrastate compact and how does it apply to AZ and Texas?
You need to consult with an Arizona DWI lawyer. You can find one through the National College of DUI Defenders. www....