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  • Daughter holds vigil for mother in Felton after atte...

    Saturday May 2 | via The York Daily Record 

    Camryn Liszewski, 16, embraces boyfriend Brady Heim, during a vigil for Camryn's mother, Jennifer Liszewski, and brother Eryk who remains in critical care after an alleged attempted murder-suicide last week. Liszewski gathered friends and family to speak remembrances of her mother, who police accuse of shooting Eryk before turning a gun on herself.


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  • Police: Red Lion man threatened stepfather twice in ...

    Monday Apr 27 | via York Dispatch 

    A 28-year-old Red Lion man who lives with his mother and stepfather was released on fairly low bail after being arrested for allegedly lunging at his stepdad with a knife earlier this month. But Adam Damien Crone's $2,500 bail was increased to $100,000 just hours later because he purportedly told 50-year-old stepfather Monte Badders over the phone, "You're dead, b - ," according to charging documents.


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  • Windsor Twp. man charged in fatal Collinsville crash

    Apr 16, 2015 | via York Dispatch 

    A Red Lion-area man might have been driving his Jeep at more than 90 mph last fall when he illegally passed a Saturn, causing both vehicles to crash in the Collinsville area of Chanceford Township, state police allege. The crash killed 18-year-old Elizabeth Cockey of Felton, the Saturn's driver, and injured her two passengers, including a 2-year-old boy, charging documents state.


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Red Lion Law

If I am on ARD and I have received a summary offense during that time, I plead guilty will i get removed from the ARD Program?
Talked to my PO. She said that I would have to be infront of a judge but I want to know the likely of getting removed if all my fines are being paid every month.
An attorney who practices in York Co will be in the best position to offer an opinion on the subject. I would expect...
I had a DUI preliminary hearing a couple months back. I incurred drug charges with it. The officer dropped them.
I was wondering if it would still be on my record. I haven't had the ARD hearing yet though.
In Pennsylvania, charges remain on your record until you file a petition to expunge and then forward copies of the...
Is all hope lost for an appeal after being convicted of 3rd dui after a few years go by?
i have heard i have 10 days to appeal and then 30 days to appeal a penn dot driving revocation. is all hope lost for an appeal after 30 days. it happened in 2006. i have been told there is nothing that can be done,i have been searching for answers and been let down, i wont give up. but i lost my license for 7.5 yrs and im hoping for a better result of some sort. in pa after 3rd dui i cant even drive to work and back, i need help
You have ten days from the date of sentencing to file motions with the court and thirty days to appeal regarding the...
Can i get a DL in a non ndr state with a revoked license in an ndr state?
i have a revoked license in pa which is a part of a the ndr but i have heard i may be able to get a license in a non ndr state such as geor,tenn,mi,wisc, and mass if i became a resident there, is this true?
Probably not. Even if they are non NDR, they should run a nationwide check of your driving status and if you have a DUI...
Moving to md can i get my drivers license there with pa revoked license
my license is revoked in pa, with no way to even drive to work and back. i was wondering if there is any way i can get a restricted license or anything just to get to work and back in the state of md once i move there
First I would make sure you contact a Maryland Attorney regarding this issue because all states have different rules...
Do i have to retake the road test after a revoked license?
i was just wondering if i have to re take the drivers exam and road test after having a 5 yr revocation for dui? york county, pa
Probably, yes. Both.
If someone were to plea guilty to a DUI in MD while a PA resident then later move to MD. What would happen to driving privilege
Counseling completed, fines paid, attending AA mtg and seeing monitor. anything change like interlock, etc?
I suggest that you re-post your question with MD as the jurisdiction to receive responses from attorneys who are...