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I was pulled over because I didn't know any cops were anywhere, and I was fixing to miss the road I needed to turn on, so, I turned real fast so I didn't miss it. The cop charged me with everything he could think of, even no seatbelt and I had my seatbelt on!! Anyway, when he asked about drugs, I told him what pill I had took, trying to be Miss Good Citizen, because I wasn't any longer under the influence on them. And, he wouldn't listen to nothing else I had to say about it!! They wanted to do a blood test, and I refused because I don't like needles and I wasn't even guilty of anything. I'm also worried I have too many driving on suspendeds and could get jail time for that. I'm disabled, for chronic pain, and the jail won't give me my meds. What should I do and can I get house arrest?
There are a number of possible defenses to your case, but the quality of those defenses can only be fully known by an...
I got charged for a dui first time offender back in august. I plead guilty the judge ordered 10 days in jail with 1 day served and 9 days suspended with a 900 dollar fine.. It is now February I went to court today asked the judge if I could pay the amount I owe in full tomorrow he granted my wish. But said come back the following Tuesday for sentencing.. I'm starting my classes Thursday.. Have to attend 4 classes... Will the judge revoke my probation and send me to jail Tuesday or could he let me have an extension on my classes..
The judge will probably extend your probation if you show proof that you have started your classes, but he doesn't have...
I got a dwi almost 2 yrs ago and thought i completed fines&comm serv. i moved out of state 6 months ago only to find they had issued a warrant. I called today and they said the warrant has been recalled. I'm eligible to get my license back this summer, etc. Am I in trouble? What do I do? And what does this all mean?
If the warrant has been recalled then there should be no warrant, to be safe it would be a good investment to retain an...
I have a friend that is being charged with DUI. The police came to his house and are charging him with this. I would think you could not charge someone with DUI unless they were in their vehicle.
I am not an AR lawyer but it seems to me that driving would be an essential element of any DUI charge anywhere (it...
I love my friend but she really needs help. She told me that she was drinking a lot one night and while driving home she ended up crashing into a ditch, cops stopped and cited her with a DWI, all while her 2 babies were in her car. She went to court and got charged with a DWI. She has a disposition hearing in a few months. But they still haven't brought up any charges of child endangerment. I thought that Arkansas is very strict about pursuing charges of child endangerment when someone is drinking while driving and has minor children in the car under a certain age. Plus I don't think that there was even a child services case opened because of this. This is her first offense, only because it's her first time getting caught. I fear that she is going to do it again.
There is still time for the prosecutor to add these charges if he or she desires. If you feel compelled you can file a...
Last night, I was stopped on suspicion of DUI. I took a field-sobriety test, but then was told to get back in my car and call a friend to come get me (she moved my car to a parking lot where it was fine for a few hours). No breath test was even asked of me, I was not arrested, and no citation was given. Am I in the clear, or should I expect something in the mail?
Sounds like you dodged the bullet. Keep your head down. Make no inquiries.
i have an arkansas license
Missouri is in "license compact" with Arkansas meaning their DMVs share information. You should expect to be without a...