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I received a dui, reckless driving ticket in flemington and I was not even driving. I have two children to support and my paycheck is not that good. Please help
WILL The driver come forward ? Need more facts speak to a seasoned DUI attorney like myself
Last week I was arrested for a court charge for suspended licence and haven't been able to pay it. they released me an hr later. My mother said shed pay it Will the court allow me to do that and dismiss my appearance?
You will have to appear in court to answer the charge. You will get a court notice in the mal if you haven't already.
Someone I know from nj had their license suspended for two years last year. Anyway,she was caught last week driving while under that suspension. She was arrested, but released later that day. When she appears to court, will there be a an automatic jail sentence ruled for that offense whether she is represented by attorney or not?
Only if you're found guilty
Your at a party, police bust the party, get everyone's name and number. Policeman lies in the report and says you admitted to drinking, but you never talked to any cops besides your giving your name. You get called in and get the charge but every other person who gets called into the police station for underage drinking gets away free.
Can happen, same trouble as if police saw you standing on the lawn chugging a beer. Unless you fight it, which probably...
he has 3 prior arrests for pot, none resulting in loss of license or jail time, only fines and court costs
I'm pretty sure you already posted this. You need to post in for a PA lawyer.
The case is regarding a DUI. The Officer lied about reson for vehical stop. It is visually evident in the video evidence.
Theoretically, maybe, if the delays were truly extraordinary and all due to the State's delays. However, practically...
My daughter plead guilty to a DWI and has been without a license for 7 years. She was signed off on her 2 years' probation, went through rehab and has completed Intoxicated Driver programs, but the county IDRC administrators keep telling her she has to do more programs. How can she fight that decision?
Every time one of us answers this type of question about IDRC an unknown contributor chimes in and tell us we are wrong....