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Last week he called his female probation officer and informed her he wants to sell his car. She then said if he sells his car he will then be given a home ankle bracelet costing $400 dollars a month as opposed to the $ 80 a mo. for the interlock now how can he work ankled at home pay the probation officer monthly this 34 year old has spent his fines in jail went to a one mo re hab attended 40 mile one way dui classes what is the situation her 80 a month for the
Intervene to convince the parolee that the economic reality saves lost of dollars per month just by keeping the car
License was revoked in 2007, I want to go to DMV and get my license will an interlock be required since it has been 7 years since I have had the conviction
Your best place to ask this would be at the NM DMV. Generally you cannot just wait out an IID requirement but there may...
Had a 1st offense DUI in PA back in 2007. Accepted into and completed ARD, (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition), program where the charges are dismissed without a "conviction" or admission of guilt. Arrest record is expunged and only record of violation is on PENNDOT records for enhancing a later DUI charge. There was NO CONVICTION. Moved to NM. MVD said only eligible for interlock license under statute 66-5-5e. It states "(person) who was CONVICTED on or after June 17, 2005 of driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs pursuant to the laws or ordinances of any other state". I plan to challenge the NM MVD because I was NOT convicted of DUI under PA state law. Penndot will send a letter stating that there was NO conviction. Thoughts?
I think.... That it will cost you more money, heartache and misery to fight this than it would be just to get the IID.
the officer saw 2 prescription bottles in my glove box one for pain one a muscle relaxer she said I was being arrested for drug possession my blood level was .00 and my breath test was .00 I ask if I was going to be arrested she said if it reads 0 you get to sleep in your own bed although it read 0 I was still arrested when I asked when the results come in she sais in 3 weeks also there was mistakes that the officer made during the arrest like I was arrested at 11:00 pm my ticket says i was arrested at 8:00 am and on a different form it says I was arrested the day before i was actually arrested did they know I was going to be arrested the day before can I sue the city for false imprisonment ? what are my rights? were my rights violated? my eyes were red I have 2jobs im tired
Will depend on what the blood test revels with respect to RX drugs in your system. Please feel free to retain a AVVO...
on paperwork it says im being charged with a first time offense. Can it be changed?
Yes, it can be amended up at any point prior to sentencing. With a 4th, IF they can find all the priors, you would be...
I was arrested about a month ago and when I was released on bond they put me on soberlink 5 times a day, and they told me 3-6 months. I picked up 4 charges the night I was arrested (I don't feel comfortable saying what they are) but they are all only misdemeanors. I don't have a criminal record. This is my first time actually getting in this much trouble. Anyways I've been doing my breathalizer on time everyday and night and I haven't went near any alcohol, obviously. I wanted to know, is it possible that being on soberlink and doing what I'm supposed to with it can help me when I see the judge, and with the whole case in general?
I must say I have never heard of this "soberlink" is it some kind of an electronic-connected-to-the-internet-...
I had a DWI driver at 2:30 am that damaged my property, and vehicle (no injuries to myself or family). Now his insurance company does not want to pay me the estimate amount I received for the property damage work. Adjuster says that the estimates are too high. I want to tell the adjuster that when the Police knock on your door at 3;00 am, and you have older children, that your mind wonders if they are injured or dead. I do not like to sue, but if the company keeps messing around for $1,500.00 I will have to make them spend a lot more in Court costs. Is this something that can be pursued in the Court?
Absolutely No Point. Contact the DA who is prosecuting the DUI driver and turn your damages over to him. The judge...