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  • Three In Custody after Road Rage Shooting in Canton

    Sunday May 17 | via Patch.com 

    Three people are in custody after they allegedly shot at a car on Route 138 in Canton early Sunday morning. Yancey Williams, 27, of Boston; Arthur Williams, 37, of Randolph; and Louis Whitehead, 35, of Boston, have been charged with felony armed assault with intent to murder and weapons violation charges after they allegedly pulled alongside the victim's car and fired several shots at around 4:30 a.m, Canton police said.


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  • Police Log: Drug Possession, Shoplifting, and More

    Wednesday May 13 | via Patch.com 

    Shannon Cole, 28, of of Natick, was arrested and charged with three counts of possession of a Class E drug, possession of a Class B drug, and possession of a Class C drug. 11:40 a.m. - A 24-year-old male from Stoughton on Franklin Street received a summons for larceny over $250.


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  • Man arrested in Wareham stabbing

    Saturday May 2 | via WLNE-TV Providence 

    By Stephanie Vargas news@abc6.com The Wareham Police Department responds to a stabbing incident where a female was left injured. Police responded to Onset Avenue on May 1 at 9:20 pm where they found a female victim with a stab wound to her upper stomach area and says she was assaulted by a male.


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  • Upskirting' charge could be test case

    Apr 22, 2015 | via Boston Herald 

    A 28-year-old Randolph man charged with "upskirting" for following a woman around a Hingham Kohl's store and snapping pictures of her while she wore what cops described as "form fitting black yoga pants," could serve as a test case under the Bay State law passed last year, attorneys said. Civil liberties lawyer Harvey Silverglate said police and prosecutors appear to have interpreted the upskirting law too broadly and Terrell Skerrette may only be guilty of socially unacceptable behavior.


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Randolph Law

I received a DUI in CT but have a MA license, which state do I apply for the hardship license?
Have CDL, refused breath test
You can only legally apply for a license in the state you reside in, however, many states won't issue a restricted...
First offence of drunk driving
my friend was in an accident she hit another car in a subdivision where she lived ,she was 2 times the legal limit ,and they found pot next to her car ,she was arrested taking to hosp and is now on probation, she has done nothing she was told to do, has a device she blows into at home, already flunked ,and was arrested again and let go, she has a non trial coming up on the 13th, with this being her first offence will she get offf??
Not with that record of non-compliance. She had best have an attorney.
If I got a DUI in CA but live in MA, do I also need a MA Lawyer?
I was charged with a dui 7 months ago in CA on vacation. I hired an attorney in CA but want to know if I need a MA One. Also, is my license suspended before the final arraingment or the day of arrest?
Sounds like you need to hire a lawyer in California, the state where you are charged. They will be licensed to practice...
Can someone get an OUI for sleeping at the wheel at a red light? passed all sorbiety tests but had parafanalia in his car
my fiancee fell asleep at the wheel at a red light, he works odd hours and is exhausted all the time. a cop pulled him over a gave him a sobriety test and he passed. the cop proceeded to check his truck and found a needle. took him into custody,i bailed him out and the judge the next day ordered drug/alcohol tests. he went into court last monday and they said he failed 1 of his alcohol tests. they took him to a correctional facility for detox but he didn't have anything in his system, now he is on the rehab side. no one called me (fiancee) to let me know anything!!! please help me! i haven't gotten anywhere with all the phone calls I've made. his court appointed attorney promised he would call me with details and nothing.. he had my car keys and i can't get them back!!
Well, you are in a tough situation because you are not the defendant so you are not in a position to affect the...
Massachusetts CWOF Dismissed OUI / Entry into Canada
OUI case is a CWOF (Continuation without a finding) in Massachusetts. Case will be dismissed pending completion of probation June 2015. Plan on trip to Vancouver for a Cruise in August 2016. I have heard mixed opinions on this site, and elsewhere regarding crossing the Canadian Border under these circumstances. 1) Since the case will have been dismissed by then, a letter from a lawyer or paperwork from the court stating that the case is dismissed will suffice. 2) Will need a Temporary Resident Permit. 3) Will need a full Canadian Criminal Rehabilitation. 4) None of these options above will work. Looking for advice on next steps. And if the suggestion is to talk to a Canadian Immigration Lawyer, then a referral to a good Canadian Immigration Lawyer. Thank You!
AVVO doesn't let us solicit or refer, you need to secure an attorney on your own. As to your issue, CWOFS are...
How long does the state have to prosecute you before they have to drop charges
I have a OUI #2 and its been 4 years and I have been out on $2500 bail showing up for court every date on time then a few weeks ago I was arrested on a warrant cause apparently I was supposed to goto court. last time I went they said the victim/witness was gonna be outa the country for 9 months and we might have a earlier date to discus a plea which I never could get ahold of my lawyer to find out when. its dragging on and every time I show up ether we are not ready or the D.A. isn't ready. When I say we I mean my lawyer who is paid for by the state. So now that I just spent a week in jail again cause of "there" lawyer I finally got a new one who seems pretty good if she sticks around. How many times can this happen?
If you have a new lawyer, I think you are best advised to speak to her. I appreciate that you are trying to tell us...
If I got an oui drugs and my license gets suspended before I go to trial, can my fiancé still drive the car registered to me?
I was issued ticket for oui drugs because of paraphernalia they found in my truck. Cop sent letter to DMV saying I was immediate threat so they will suspend my license. I don't go to court until 3/30/15. My fiances car is in my name, can she get in trouble? What should I do? I passed field sobriety test but he still booked me on oui drugs
The restriction is on you driving, not her. If you really want to be safe, transfer HER car back to HER name. You...