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Dui sponge
I have 2 Dui in my record, for the last one I have a years left of probation The second one I was found guilty on trial Could it be possible to sponge the dui's from record ? Btw that's the only 2 times I have been in trouble with the law
First of all, California does not have a true expungement process (a complete erasure of the record), but does have a...
I am paying a dui fine I was late in one payment and I received a letter saying it was revoked can it happen
first dui
You probably received a letter that the fine is in collections with a civil assessment added or that your probaRion has...
What if a 20 year old who turns 21 in a month gets arrested for a dui after blowing .05?
What if a 20 year old who turns 21 in a month gets arrested in San Bernardino County for a dui after blowing .05? How does the court look at this?
He can be charged with VC 23152(a)(b), VC 23140, and/or VC 23136. The ultimate decision of what to charge him rests...
My 20 year old son was arrested for pc 23136 a, is that a bac of .02-,04?
My 20 year old son was arrested for pc 23136 a, is that a bac of .02-,04?
vehicle code 23136 makes it an infraction to drive .01 or above when you're under 21 years of age. Your son is facing a...
What happens if I have to get rid of my car that has interlock because I can't afford the car anymore.
Live in San Bernardino county
It depends on where you got convicted. Only four Counties require and IID as a matter of court conviction for DUI (...
3rd time DUI. car accident. no one hit, DA prosecuting as misdemeanor. Can the preliminary breath test be used as evidence?
They did a blood draw but it was coerced out of me, using methods of intimidation and threats in order to make me submit into allowing them to take the blood draw. After the officer said that I wasn't blowing hard enough into the device. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance. at the scene the arriving officer took two preliminary tests. at the hospital is where they did the blood draw after taking more breath samples at hospital taht did not suffice, my argument is that i had chest pain and could not blow. i want to get the blood dismissed. Can the pre-liminary breath test be submitted as evidence into the court?
The preliminary breath test can be used if proper foundation is laid for it. You may have an issue with the blood...
Clearing a warrant for failure to install court ordered IID?
How do I go about getting this warrant cleared up from 2009? It was for a driving on a suspended license charge. I havent drove a vehicle for over 5 years will I still have to install this? I recently had my DL reinstated by DMV 2 months ago so I began driving only to find out I have a warrant when I called the court to check if im still on probation. I cant afford a lawyer will I be able to get a public defender to assist me in this? I owned a truck this whole time I was thinking of getting my name off the truck to avoid iid.
The best way to clear a five year old warrant is to retain an attorney to appear for you in the court that issued the...