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AZ DMV is putting a hold on my CA license.
About 3 yrs ago I got a DUI in AZ. The magistrate told me that since my license was from CA, do whatever CA DMV requires and that would satisfy the court. I did and now the AZ DMV demands that I install a interlock device in my car in order for them to release the hold on me CA license renewal. Is there any way that I can fight this? I completed everything that CA DMV required and submitted all info over to the AZ court and served a weekend in jail. I thought everything was complete until now. Please help
If you got a DUI in Arizona 3 years ago you would have been ordered to do the interlock. There is no exceptions to...
Distraught about super extreme DUI?
I was charged with super extreme, my first EVER offense that my BAC came back confirming as extreme. I did hire a lawyer as a soon as I was charged. I'm waiting the results of my MVD hearing(under advisement but was told not to be hopeful as they were civil proceedings) but I'm not hopeful from what I've read on here. Do I still get sus'd 30 days and can get a restricted for 60 days for work? I keep asking my lawyer what I can anticipate with the hearing statue but my PTC is next is not until next month, but I'm beginning to feel as there is no defense and my lawyer (who is top on aavvo) - peer & clients ) isn't going to help me. Should I consult another lawyer? How do I proceeded? What can I be pleaded down to? Can I be pleaded down? I feel like I just paid this man just to plead guilty?
Candidly, there aren't always defenses available in DUI cases. You're always welcome to consult with another attorney,...
Arrested for DUI but no paperwork
I got stopped sleeping in my car at an intersection. I was taken to a mobile DUI station by the buckey police. My car was towed but not impounded. I was given a breathalyzer but couldn't complete the test. So they drew blood and then called me a cab. I have never not be given any kid of citation before.
It's a little unclear to me if you had a specific question? If you would like to discuss your case, feel free to...
I was arrested for an extreme DUI?
I kept asking for a lawyer as they mirandized me but they refused and they then took my blood as I asked " can I have a lawyer please?". I've contacted several local attorneys and I'm waiting to hear back, then they searched my pocket book and discovered ativan which I have a RX for and the cop said " she is legal and there is enough in here that she's not abusing so we can't charge her" .I never gave them authorization to search my posessions...... When I asked for a lawyer they said I didn't need one then wanted to know how much I'd drank, when etc ... is this a violation of my rights?
Not necessarily The Fifth Amendment right to counsel attaches after a prolonged detention or when questions are asked...
Is there anyway to avoid getting an interlock on your car after a DUI that was received in 2008?
I just found out that my license is still suspended after a 2008 DUI. Is there anyway to reinstate my license?
You should definitely get that taken care of. Driving on a Suspended License is a class 1 misdemeanor. Getting a DUI...
Can the Phoenix District Attorney add a DUI drug driving to my TRIAL EVEN if my original arrest was only for DUI & DUI above .08
This was my 1st Dui arrest in over 7 years. My blood from the Phoenix Lab did come back with BAC of .O85 and Ambien TAKEN AS PRESCRIBED did come back on the test even though I was only charged with Alcohol DUI. I did politely refuse to take the field sobriety test and they were ok with that and were actually quite polite but did lie ALOT on the police report. I am willing to have the blood retested but I am kind of skeptical to take this to trial even though I feel I have every right to do so because I wasn't impaired whatsoever. My fear is even with the 10% margin of error with the alcohol test what if the prosecutors brings in the prescription medication legal or not it could sway an already unsympathetic jury. Phoenix wont plea anything above .08 IS IT WORTH THE TRIAL? PENA\ LTIES
Yes the prosecutor can amend the charging document based on the evidence it can produce at trial.
Was my arrest handled correctly and lawfully for duI/ possesion??
Im 37,I've never been arrested for anything in my life,have had some traffic tickets last one about 7yrs ago...I was pulled over for speed beyond safe and prudent for conditions,elk in the area, after running my licence I was asked out of the car and accused of being on meth, I had smoked some 5-6 hrs earlier,he said be honest if it's a little bit we can just take care of it right here and get you on your way.so I told him where it was hidden and he immediately said I wassup under arrest for possession of a dangerous drug ,cuffed me and put me in cruiser,without reading me my Miranda rights, towed my car booked me into jail ,took 4 hrs! He then told me after I was booked that I am being charged with dui and never did one field sobriety test until he took me out to parking lot and did them
You should contact a local criminal defense attorney to address the issues. The timeline will be important, as will...