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AZ DMV is putting a hold on my CA license.
About 3 yrs ago I got a DUI in AZ. The magistrate told me that since my license was from CA, do whatever CA DMV requires and that would satisfy the court. I did and now the AZ DMV demands that I install a interlock device in my car in order for them to release the hold on me CA license renewal. Is there any way that I can fight this? I completed everything that CA DMV required and submitted all info over to the AZ court and served a weekend in jail. I thought everything was complete until now. Please help
If you got a DUI in Arizona 3 years ago you would have been ordered to do the interlock. There is no exceptions to...
I was arrested for an extreme DUI?
I kept asking for a lawyer as they mirandized me but they refused and they then took my blood as I asked " can I have a lawyer please?". I've contacted several local attorneys and I'm waiting to hear back, then they searched my pocket book and discovered ativan which I have a RX for and the cop said " she is legal and there is enough in here that she's not abusing so we can't charge her" .I never gave them authorization to search my posessions...... When I asked for a lawyer they said I didn't need one then wanted to know how much I'd drank, when etc ... is this a violation of my rights?
Not necessarily The Fifth Amendment right to counsel attaches after a prolonged detention or when questions are asked...
I'm 17 got a dui,driving on suspended license, fake id, and curfew.whats going to happen?
it was my buddy's id and they never called my parents for my blood they god a search warrant
What happens will depend on the choices you make at this time. The DUI has mandatory jail, fines counseling and MVD...
How long does it take for charges for a alleged dui in arizona?
No arrest,No ticket, blood drawn, Never signed any papers, was out of state I am a fla cdl holder, was taken back to hotel n told to wait for something in mail, has been over 6 months, still valid licsense and nothing when look up case/court records?
The State has 1 year from the date of the incident to file misdemeanor charges and 7 years to file felony charges.
DUI dismissed w/o prejudice because blood was lost. What's the best next step? Consult an attorney? Can they find it and refile?
My irresponsible younger brother got a DUI, refused to blow (so it was blood), and the court dismissed his 2 charges without prejudice. He went to court a total of 3 times but they lost/cannot find his blood. Is this common? What are the chances they refile. Having spoken to my brother that night, it's very likely it was at extreme DUI levels.
It would seem unlikely that the State would attempt to refile these charges, but depending upon whatever evidence may...
Arrested for dui,with forced refusal, next day, No ticket ,No mug shots,No finger printing No 30 day impounding. What happened?
I was lied to on camera by the police officer about how the the dui refusal worked. Then after I questioning him on his lies, I still waiting to see if something comes in the mail? What will happen Now????
Good question. Probably the only one who can answer your question is the AZ police officers involved. Occasionally,...
Had loud music police said were getting fined $1000 but he did not give us written ticket. Do we still get fined the $1000
It was a house party police showed up second time and that is when they told us were getting fined but they didn't give us a ticket
Did they leave ticket with someone ? Did someone sign for a ticket ? If the answer is no to both questions, it sounds...