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  • Aurora theater shooting trial, the latest from Day 10

    Monday May 11 | via Denver Post 

    Denver Post reporter Jordan Steffen's updates from Day 7 of the Aurora theater shooting trial at the Arapahoe County Justice Center in Centennial, Colorado. The 10th day of the Aurora theater shooting trial will begin Monday as prosecutors call FBI Special Agent Christopher Rigopoulous back to the stand.


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  • Bolton firefighter faces charges in gas-station theft

    Wednesday May 6 | via Sentinel & Enterprise 

    Last Friday, Lancaster police formally charged Clinton resident Michael Sowa, a volunteer firefighter in Bolton, with the April 5 robbery of the Main Street Sunoco station. The robbery, which took place just after 8 p.m., was caught on video surveillance and witnessed by a Sunoco employee.


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  • Portrait of accused liar

    Thursday Apr 30 | via Boston Herald 

    Robert Fitzpatrick, the former FBI agent-turned-private eye accused of exaggerating his professional accomplishments and lying on the stand in mobster James "Whitey" Bulger's trial, has offered the following details of his life in interviews and in "Betrayal," his Bulger tell-all: Claims he grew up in a New York orphanage, listening to the radio crime drama "The FBI in Peace and War." Joined the FBI in 1965, and was assigned to New Orleans, where he worked on civil rights cases.


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  • Veteran police leader named as interim head of Polic...

    Apr 17, 2015 | via PressReleasePoint 

    A former Pennsylvania State Police officer, who retired in January 2015 with the rank of lieutenant colonel after 27 years with the state's highest law enforcement agency, has been named interim assistant vice president for University Police and Public Safety at Penn State, effective April 21. Timothy Mercer, who also served as deputy commissioner of Administration and Professional Responsibility with the State Police and in several other capacities, will take on the role of overseeing University police, Clery Act compliance, public safety and emergency operations following the April 8 resignation of former director Steve Shelow. Mercer will remain in the position as a national search is conducted for a permanent replacement.


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Quantico Law

I have a friend who just received there 4th dwi. Their 3rd was in 2004 more then ten years ago. What are they facing?
They also are charged with licensed revoked (dwi/mansl): dr w/o lic and dwi mansl What does this mean?
This is a very serious situation. Based on what I see your friend is charged with dwi manslaughter and their charges...
I was parked at a public parking lot and the cop took me out and i was charge with second Dui is there a chance to win this case
I had a first dui over 6 year and my secon one now . I was parked at a public parking lot it was cold so i had the car on to use the heater. I had called my mother but the police didnt ask and you told me to step out of the car .
Yes, possibly, but you're going to have to hire an attorney to fight on your behalf.
What are the statue of limitations on alcohol related charges in Denver, CO.?
Was charges with a DUI and never went to court.
First you need to ask an Attorney in Denver this question. But the statute of limitations does not run/expire because...
I just got off probation for third dui. Will i have to do asap and if so will i have to register myself or will they contact me?
The judge did not order any programs such as asap. Also this was three dui in 10 years.
First, the answer to this question would involve more facts than are currently in the prompt. Second, the answer to...
At a police checkpoint do I have to give my license to the officer?
I am not drunk or under the influence of any drugs
Yes. Virginia law requires that all drivers have their license in their possession while driving, so if you are...
Is there mandatory jail time for third driving on suspended after a dui within 10 years if none were reckless in any way
Received dui on a moped in 2012, got my first suspended charge on the same moped a few months later. got my second and third 4 months ago in a car
Yes, assuming it is alleged and proven 10 days are mandatory. It may be possible to get a plea deal for less time. But...
What does it mean when it's this discovery was withdrawn in a DWI case
I got arrested for DWI in 2014 and I'm going to trial I looked online and it said discovery withdrawn
It means somebody filed a motion for discovery, but it was withdrawn.