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I understand the State of Mississippi bars any plea bargains for a DUI charge. However, the prosecutor for the county I was arrested in is a mutual friend. He instructed me not to show up to court with a lawyer and that he will do his best to work out something with the arresting officer.
And I am sure he is thrilled that you are posting this information in a public forum for the world to see. Get a clue man.
I was recently stopped during a road block. The officer gave me a field test in which he said my eyes were shaky and I might be under the influence of marijuana. I was taken into custody, but never was given a drug test. Can I still be convicted even without a test?
Yes, it is possible to convict someone of a DUI without any scientific evidence. The evidence may depend on the...
i receive a letter on the 9th and have til tommorrow to file the petition need help ASAP
You really should hire a lawyer. You are already unsure about what to do and you do not know the elements to include in...
She had only 2 drinks but has a seizure disorder which causes her to pass out. It is a form of epilepsy. She work up disoriented to the cops asking her questions and eventually putting handcuffs on her. They tried to let her call one of her friends to come get her but when she comes out of the seizures she doesn't always understand her surroundings and some of that part of the night is fuzzy. She doesn't drink much because she can't with the depekote. They put her in handcuffs and took her to hail and when she finally was coherent enough to tell them about her disorder and that she had t taken her meds for the day they said they would have a nurse come but that never happened so they clearly didn't believe her. Her roommate came and bailed her out . What are her options?
She should obtain a good local attorney and hopefully they can make this charge go away. That is a shame that they are...
i was pulled over for my tag. searched, vehicle towed spent eight hours in jail for dui w/bonding out without having alcohol or drugs or testing. I plead guilty in court , only to be locked up again because i didnt have the 700 dollars for my other tickets in court and was set a trial date. This is 3 hours away from my home and i didnt have a way to make it so i called and was informed it was nothing they can do, So now i got a letter saying im convicted of a dui and i have to go to alcohol safety classes and i dont even drink. Im a veteran i respect the laws but i dont feel like this right at all. What do i do?
I'm having a hard time understanding why you pled guilty to a "wrongful" DUI? Please tell me how that happens.
Recently I was pulled over for speeding and charged with a DUI in TN. My hearing is next month. I have retained council in TN. I live in MS, but my job is being transferred to the east coast. I understand that if convicted, TN will not take my license, but MS will. Then things with the license will be complicated because I will not be living in MS in a couple of months. I'm more concerned about how probation will work? Will TN care if I'm not living in MS anymore (as long as i'm flying back to attend classes and meetings) I'm not worried about expenses as keeping my job is my priority. (for the long run) Any advice will be appreciated. My TN attorney is only focused on TN and my MS attorney is taking a wait and see attitude. Should I call an attorney in the new state too?
You already have an attorney in TN and should ask any and all questions about the case to your attorney. When you get...
I got 2 dui's within months of each other. I plead guilty to both of them but my second was dropped down to DUI 1st, not 2nd. So since it's only a 1st, do I have to pay and attend the masep and VIP classes twice or am I able to do it once and knock both cities out at once?? (One DUI was in long beach and the other in diberville)
I would suggest contacting the lawyer that represented you on both cases. If not available, contact a Mississippi DUI...