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I left a liquor store and went to a gas station when I pulled up to the pumps 2 police cars pulled up with there lights on. The arresting officer said they got a 911 call that my car had an open bottle in it. This seems off to me don't police have to have more than a call for probable cause?
If the officers saw you driving, and they had reason to believe you were under the influence, then they likely had...
I was arrested for dwi and my brand new truck was seized. The truck has no equity in it and would be sold for much less than the balance owed if it was auctioned. Can they legal sell this truck without satisfying the lein? Who would be responsible for the remaining balance at that point?
It would be in your best interest to retain an attorney and fight the vehicle forfeiture (along with the criminal case).
The Officer also used two different urine test kits, the sample cup from one and the paperwork from another, Seems to me like a urine sample kit without matching numbers could pose as a problem as acceptable evidence.
These two issues may be very significant in your case. The tests are supposed to be taken within two hours. The state...
she had just assumed because I didn't answers phone when called She left at 9 to pick up friend from airport and returned at 3 had no contact so she didn't have evidence that I was drinking I was in my truck getting my cabin key out and my son told her I was going to bring him to the lake Which I was not That's when she called I saw her on phone and thought she was talking to her sister not 911 I walked out to cabin .5 miles away to avoid fight at 4 pm cop showed up told me I was arrested for dwi child endangerment Never asked me what happened Took Breathalyzer sobriety test barefoot on gravel no shoes Refused other test since I wasn't driving cop never ? anyone but wife she told them she didn't see drinking just assumed do I have a good chance to win implied consent I have CDL?
With these facts you should consult with an experienced DWI attorney without delay.
my license was suspended for a DUI , i paid the reinstatement fee and did all my requirements that the state asked for and the state reinstated my license ,prior to me going to Court.and then suspended me after pleading guilty to the DUI how is that possible?
You need to check you record carefully. First, you will either be revoked or cancelled for a DWI offense. If you were...
I was initially stopped for my head lights being out. I was traveling in a well lit area, with inside lights that are always on, I could see well enough, so I forgot about the headlights. (bad habit of mine) My BAC tests were .16. I have had a prior DWI conviction at the age of 19. Since then I have had a child, have a good job, and am attending full time RN classes. I dont know if my case is anything more than cut and dry, and if it worth my time to hire an attorney. I would just like to stay out of jail on account of my child.
Before making any decisions you should consult with an experienced DWI attorney. There are many good ones here on AVVO....
I was arrested last night in Duluth mn for a dwi I was driving my coworker home for us being at a bar for karaoke night unfortunately he got way to drunk and got kick out by the owner while I was inside I had one beer while there so as I go out to drive him home we get pulled over I ended up getting arrested for a dwi first offense after he ran his test I was complete cooperative with the officer got the station have me two bec and came out with a .10 then got taken home however in here for a contract and will be going back to tx soon what are the chances of this offense being brought down to a reckless or even better careless driving what should I do as for the license and having to drive back to Tx and with this not being my home thanks
A lot of questions there. First, you really should talk in person with an attorney. DWI law is very complicated and...