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Calling in a drunk driver
So if you see a person stumble out of a bar and start driving and call law enforcement and he gets pulled over from that call alone he gets off because it's entrapment because he didn't break any traffic laws just that a concerned citizen is worried about public safety how can a person be legally drunk and get away with it what is the law .
A concerned citizen is good cause to pull you over so long as specific information was given about your vehicle (like...
Can MN DVS revoke my license for a year for dwi test refusal when refusal charge dismissed with guilty plea to 4 degree dwi?
DVS told me they can because it is a civil case. How can this be with refusal dismissal?
The DVS is correct. You have to challenge your license revocation in civil court if you want that to be removed from...
Follow up question about MN DVS not reducing my licence for refusal charge dismissed. It is my first dwi on my record. One year?
This is my first dwi ever and it is 4th degree, parked in my driveway. Public defender got refusal charge dismissed with guilty plea to 4th degree dwi. He said it would be teduced. Feb. 9 was the conviction date and I have had only a runaround of info from the dvs who still have my license revoked for 1 year for refusal. I even had the court fax the conviction and dismissal paperwork to them today. Also today an agent said it did not matter that is was dismissed because it was a civil matter. What is the truth ???
Minnesota Statute 169A.54, subd. 6, is the administrative reduction law.
What do I need to do to have my mn license suspension reduced to 30 days after a guilty plea 3 weeks ago ?
I was originally charged with refusal and 4th degree dwi parked in control of my vehicle. Licence immediately revoked for one year. Plead guilty to dwi....refusal dismissed...was told it would get reduced to 30 days...reinstated my licence...passed dwi test...passed chemical assessment....paid $680 fee....Many calls to DVS and no one ever seems to know anything.....What can I do? Is there something I need to do to prove I plead guilty and refusal charge was dropped ?
The DMV is supposed to automatically process the reduction after the court certifies your conviction to them. The court...
My friend got a dui driving my car. He blew a .24. I was with him. Car was not impounded but paper work says I have a permit?
Am I at risk of losing my car or have to get W plates?
Your friend probably received a notice of license plate impoundment since he tested over .16. The impoundment applies...
Can officers tell which of your vehicles have ignition interlock devices by scanning a license plate
I was convicted of DWI and installed a Ignition interlock in one of my vehicles( I have four vehicles). I also have an employee exemption that allows me to drive my company vehicles without interlock as long as I am working. My question is can My fiancé drive one of my other vehicles without being pulled over all the time and officers searching for an interlock device or do they already know which trucks have them installed.
Yes. If they run your plate number it will give them that information.
If you say no to taking a PBT test when your under the age of 18 can you get taken into custody?
I was drinking underage at a party and took a PBT test. Now I'm out for sports. is there any way of could of avoiding getting a minor? is there anything I can do now?
This appears to be the third time you have asked this question. Ask the prosecutor to keep it off your record with a...