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I was ticketed for dwi in Mn. After reading police report and doing some research, I noticed that the officer did not perform the urine collection steps in order, and do all of them in front of me like BCA suggests in its step by step urine collection procedure. BCA states steps 1-7 be performed in full view of suspect and witness. this did not happen this way and he did steps out of order as well. He did step six first, while I was in another room on the phone, then three, then two etc. This info I gathered from the police report he wrote. Can this urine test be challenged or thrown out on these grounds?
Hard to say. Any error or deviation from the standard protocol would have to affect the reliability of the test...
she had just assumed because I didn't answers phone when called She left at 9 to pick up friend from airport and returned at 3 had no contact so she didn't have evidence that I was drinking I was in my truck getting my cabin key out and my son told her I was going to bring him to the lake Which I was not That's when she called I saw her on phone and thought she was talking to her sister not 911 I walked out to cabin .5 miles away to avoid fight at 4 pm cop showed up told me I was arrested for dwi child endangerment Never asked me what happened Took Breathalyzer sobriety test barefoot on gravel no shoes Refused other test since I wasn't driving cop never ? anyone but wife she told them she didn't see drinking just assumed do I have a good chance to win implied consent I have CDL?
With these facts you should consult with an experienced DWI attorney without delay.
Small amount of marijuana. No DUI or other drug charges.
No DWI? You posted this under DWI category. You will need to be more specific if you want answers to your question.
He recently picked up a charge unfortunately in Wisconsin and sat this weekend. He had court today Monday the 21st and was supposed to be released on a signature bond. All the sudden we went to pick him up and wisconsin put a probation hold on him and hes not on probation in Wisconsin. Only in minnesota. I called his po and he don't have a hold on him. How can they hold him in Wisconsin and if its false imprisonment what do i do.
The way I understand it, your fiancé committed an offense in WI and was placed on probation. Since he lives in MN they...
my license was suspended for a DUI , i paid the reinstatement fee and did all my requirements that the state asked for and the state reinstated my license ,prior to me going to Court.and then suspended me after pleading guilty to the DUI how is that possible?
You need to check you record carefully. First, you will either be revoked or cancelled for a DWI offense. If you were...
I left a liquor store and went to a gas station when I pulled up to the pumps 2 police cars pulled up with there lights on. The arresting officer said they got a 911 call that my car had an open bottle in it. This seems off to me don't police have to have more than a call for probable cause?
If the officers saw you driving, and they had reason to believe you were under the influence, then they likely had...
i got a leter in the mail saying that i i have to do a drivers safty plan well my bac was .028 first time offenderand im a mn resident what can i do with out missing work
Do you have a MN license? Regardless you will need to satisfy everything in WI to avoid having further problems.