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I was arrested for my 3rd offense DUI in KY. There was a state trooper behind the vehicle i was in and after we had pulled into a driveway the officer turned around aprox. 1000 yds down the road and then came back and pulled in behind us. no one was behind the wheel and no one had possesion of the keys. the officer said he observed me driving and this is a completely false simply because the vehicle has very tinted windows that do not allow anyone to see who is driving even during the daytime let alone midnight. Two questions- 1. What is reasonable grounds to initiate a traffic stop? 2. If I took this to trial with2 prior convictions would it even be possible to win? Thanks
I would strongly advise hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer for your case. Based upon your description, it...
I was pulled over and arrested a few weeks ago for DUI 2nd offense. The only thing I had taken was an over the counter male enhancement capsule which I had never tried before. The officer said I failed some of the sobriety tests and said my eyes were fluttering. I did take a blood test. The only other substance that should be in my system is Hydrocodone for my severe hemmoroids. I have a prescription for this but it is probably about a year to a year and a half old. The judge also said he had to suspend my license pending the 2nd DUI offense and I have only been to court once. Can I talk to the judge and tell him what I took? Can they convict me of this? The previous DUI is about 3 years old.
DUI Second Offense in 5 years is a serious misdemeanor offense in KY. You need to hire an experienced criminal defense...
I had large meal before being pulled over. Also i had the officer take me for a blood test.
If you are simply looking for reassurance then coming here and asking a question like that makes some sense. If you are...
Had a felony dui in florida for 3rd or subsequent offense. I am eligable for a work permit in florida in September of 2014. Will I be able to get a work permit or hardship license in kentucky with proof that I am eligable to recieve a work permit in florida
I assume you are eligible for a valid "work permit" drivers license issued by the state of Florida. I assume you do...
I failed the field tests, and had stopped drinking two hours prior to driving to make sure that I had burned off some drinks. I blew an official .081 at the jail. Also this is my 1st offense, and I don't have any proofs on my record except one ticket I went to traffic school for when I was 19.
Maybe. It's completely dependent on the charging standards of the prosecutor's office, the strength of the case against...
I failed the field tests, and had stopped drinking two hours prior to driving to make sure that I had burned off some drinks. I blew an official .081 at the jail.
This is posted twice. See other responses
I was charged with a DUI 3rd offense. When pulled over I blew a .068 on the roadside. When taken to hospital I refused blood test. Officer says I failed field sobriety and I had open alcohol and he smelled marijuana but found none. I have a trial date set for June and I'm currently on parole. Will it be possible to get a diversion or get acquitted?
If you have a trial date scheduled, you should speak with your lawyer about your trial strategy & the odds of success....