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Will i still loose my license even though it's been 9 months since my dui arrest?
I was arrested for a dui last july but continued to be incarcerated up until January of this year. Was given time served for the charge and was released. I still have my license and they are still showing valid with the g.a. dds. It appears the court hasn't sent it in to dmv. is it possible me serving that time detered the court from sending it in to the dmv? I have recently moved back to kansas and have already transfered my g.a license to a kansas license..
Incarceration has nothing to do with your license. Sounds like you got lucky, regarding your license anyway.
Appeal DUI in Kansas after conviction? Lawyer dropped the ball.
DUI occurred in 2012, hired a lawyer, literally hadn't seen or spoke to lawyer until 2014 IN THE COURTHOUSE right before court, ended up on probation and lawyer advised we would appeal, I was to pay $1700+ before the appeal would be filed, asked to talk about it before I pay, never heard back, 6 months later had court again, appeal still not filed, judge allows 2 more weeks to file, lawyer advised of date I needed to have him paid up by, went to his office that day but doors were locked and no one was home. Appeal never got filed, I spent 5 days in jail, and I paid $4,500 to a guy I met TWICE and literally, not figuratively, but literally did nothing. Can I file an appeal on my own even though it's "too late"? I would defend myself as multiple procedures were botched by officer
The criminal justice system needs to have finality. If you missed the appeal deadline you probably gave lost your right...
Charged with DUI but was essentially sleepwalking from narcolepsy medicine. I did not consciously choose to drive. Help!!!
I have been disabled for 12 years for narcolepsy and depression and I don't drink alcohol ever. I Went to a friends house to spend The night and had two drinks in four hours. I then put my pajamas on and took my narcolepsy medicine to go to bed. I did not fall asleep right away like I should have so I essentially blacked out but was still awake (RX has same ingredients as date rape drug) and have no memory of anything that happened. My friend said that I got angry and wanted to go home and he tried to stop me but I was acting crazy and he couldn't stop me. I was pulled over and tested for a DUI and arrested and brought to jail. I have no memory of any of this so how can I be held responsible for driving when I was not even conscious. I did not choose to drink and drive.
You need to speak with a criminal defense attorney who can relay your medical condition to the prosecutor along with...
Will north Dakota extradite for aggravated reckless driving
He had warrant from 2010 he's in Kansas and wants to take my kids
I could not say. It is really a question to put to an attorney in North Dakota, preferably from the community which...
Drug testing costs in diversion program
i am currently in a diversion program for a first time DUI charge in Johnson county , ks. During my first meeting with my diversion officer, they asked me to have a drug test done for 25 bucks at a lab corp. I understand they will ask me to have these tests done at times throughout the 1 year diversion. I am wondering how often on average do they ask to do it? I figure worse case would be if they asked at every single monthly meeting, which would be 12 tests max or 300 bucks for the year. Could it possibly be more than this? Less? I know everyone is different, just curious what a typical experience is like for someone. I have been in the program for a couple months, already have all my classes done, so these drug tests would be my only remaining costs.
The best defense is to always be clean and sober then you don't have to worry especially if they call you in for an...
I would like to get my dui expunge off my record so employer's can't see it
I have just one dui over 10 yrs ago but was not convicted of it tell 2013 is this something I can get off my record so an employer not be able to see ?
No you can't, since the conviction happened in 2013. You have to wait until 5 years after the conviction date (so 2018)...
How to go to court for DUI Kansas without an attorney
December 31. went to lunch meet Mother. Mother couldn't come I had lunch & 2 glasses of wine. Left to do errands and few minutes at mall parking the car in front stopped fast and I hit bumper. Very minor, but police was there and she told him she smelled alcohol on me. Was arrested and took to station where they proceeded to draw blood. Attempted 3 times and could not. I had breath test where it was .05. They said I could not walk straight, but I have health problems with Leukemia twice and Bone Marrow Transplant. I have AVN hips, feet neuropathy, encapsulated tumor spine, gait problem with bad knee, but I had UGG Boots and had hard time walking straight. I am on disability and cannot afford an attorney. I need license for appt. & travel to MdAnderson. 5yrs DUI Houston,dismissed.
I am not a KS attorney but I can tell you that you are entitled to a free public defender if you are on disability and...