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My boyfriend got a diversion program for DUI and he has a court date next week but he hasnt completed it..and 2 weeks ago he got another DUI in another county, they took him into custody and let him go that same day and now he has another scheduled DUI court date for this one on December 16th..what will happen to him? Will he go to jail when he goes to this last date? Or if he completes or not finishes his diversion will this affect his current charge?
The new case will almost certainly result in a revocation motion on the diversion. He is looking at a second time dui...
like I said; regular probation, not ISP. How often do PO's issue the 5 day alcohol tests? What are the laws regarding those 5 day tests?
No clue what you're talking about. I haven't had any clients have that.
the reason I was pulled over was for my tag light being out which it wasnt.
Two things you need to do sooner rather than later: (1) Retain an attorney, and (2) GET A LICENSE.
My boyfriend got a DUI in Oklahoma last month. He was pulled over for speeding. He sprayed cologne in his mouth before the officer arrived at the window (I know, stupid, he didn't realize about the alcohol in the cologne). He was thinking the smell would cover up the beer smell. But the officer had him blow anyways. He blew 0.09. He told the officer about the cologne, however he still received a DUI and spent 12 hours in jail. Would it be possible for him to get a diversion? Its his first alcohol offense of any kind.
That is completely dependent on whether or not PTD exists for DUI in that jurisdiction. Here in Florida, I am only...
my case is in Concordia Kansas I drank about 10 minutes before I pulled over to get a room and that alcohol had not hit my bloodstream the police officer waited a long time before he administered my field sobriety and even longer before he did my breathalyzerby the time he did all this I was starting to feel the effects of alcohol
Good evening. A couple suggestions: first, make sure to apply for your administrative hearing within the allotted time;...
Is there any way I could drive a moped or electric/gas assist bicycle?
A Kansas attorney may be able to tell you the answer. It would seem you'd first want to make sure that the statute...
. My license is suspended till Nov 2014 and ordered to only drive a vehicle with IID till NOV 2015 by the DMV and not the court. Is there anyway i can fight the one year IID rule ? . Can i wait a period of one year and not install a IID since its not court mandated ?. I have now moved to WA
Good morning. When a driver gets stopped for DUI in KS, there is an opportunity to request an administrative hearing....