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10 year old DUI Didn't go to court
2 years, but you failing to show up to court probably means that there is a warrant for your arrest and that the...
My wife has an alchol adn pain med addiction. She received 3 DUI's in 6 months and is now on probation with no drivers licence. She is verbally and physcialy absusive to our children. She has a great job that she has managed to keep. We have a mortgage, and alot of debt. She has a house in Reno that her mother left her. She stated she will file for bankrupsy, quit her job. What are my best options for divorce? Thank You Mark
Your best option is to come to an agreement on the terms of divorce and then proceed on an uncontested basis....
im on probation in douglas county and im bout to go to court for a new charge in austell will i go to jail???
I would highly recommend you contact a good criminal defense attorney in Douglas COunty. In most jursidictions...
I was just arrested for a DUI in GA..I spent all day in jail .. my license is suspended and my court date is not until July
For drivers license purposes, if this is a first DUI on the Georgia license, it is be considered a first DUI. For...
4 yrs ago arrested in NJ for DUI and now just arrested in GA
Hire an attorney as soon as possible. Follow your attorney's advice.
I was arrested for DUI in georgia in 2009 and the case was dead docketed. Arrested again 1 year later and the second time I was convicted. I complied with all of the legal obligations (probation, etc.) However, I got behind on my probation fees due to my inability to obtain employment. Wanted to leave GA to seek employment elsewhere. I elected to do the remainder of the sentence in jail so I could legally leave the state.. Now it shows up as a violation of probation. Can I get the VOP expunged? I was violated simply because I couldn't pay. My question is does the first arrest show up on a criminal background check as a conviction? I checked the county court records for the first arrest and it shows up as "closed" in 2010. (Dated before the 2nd arrest and conviction (no further activity)
The first arrest should not show as a conviction, and under Georgia's new expungement laws you should be able to...
Just got charged last week for my first D.U.I and received the mandatory penalties. I got my license suspended for 1 year but was able to retain a restricted license. Believe it or not, I already did most of my D.U.I classes I had to do and paid all my fines. I heard that I can I can apply for my license reinstatement after 120 of my conviction. Is this true and would I need a lawyer to help me do this? Thank you.
At the end of the 120 days, as long as you have completed risk reduction (DUI school) you can go get reinstated. You...