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im 45 years old and have no criminal history
You will want to check with your local DMV in Georgia. DUI's in California stay on the DMV record for only 10yrs.
10 year old DUI Didn't go to court
2 years, but you failing to show up to court probably means that there is a warrant for your arrest and that the...
My wife has an alchol adn pain med addiction. She received 3 DUI's in 6 months and is now on probation with no drivers licence. She is verbally and physcialy absusive to our children. She has a great job that she has managed to keep. We have a mortgage, and alot of debt. She has a house in Reno that her mother left her. She stated she will file for bankrupsy, quit her job. What are my best options for divorce? Thank You Mark
Your best option is to come to an agreement on the terms of divorce and then proceed on an uncontested basis....
im on probation in douglas county and im bout to go to court for a new charge in austell will i go to jail???
I would highly recommend you contact a good criminal defense attorney in Douglas COunty. In most jursidictions...
I was approached by a cop while sitting in my car(keys out of ignition safely parked on a side street) , the police office said he smelled a strong odor of alcohol and asked me to perform roadside test's but I refused and instead was arrested and had my blood drawn. I went to my arraignment (didn't plea and charges not filed) and was told I would receive a letter if charges are filed by the da...I have checked with the county clerk and still no filed charges or loss of license(no dmv hearing) and i'm just wondering if it's normal to wait this long for formal charges? my attorney told me to just wait and i'm doing just that. Also no blood test results yet.
No it is not normal to wait this long for a DUI Accusation to be filed. The DA/Solicitor has 2 years to file an...
I have a DUI in another state in 2005. I am facing a current DUI in GA and they are trying to make it 2 in 10yrs instead of 1st in 10yrs. Doesn't Georgia law count second in 10 years for anything after 2008 or is it prior arrests also?
It will be your 2nd in 10 years if you plea or get convicted. No getting around this. You most likely need to speak...
I got a DUI in 2012. The case was moved to Fulton County and I have not been to court for it yet (I have heard this can take awhile in Fulton County.) In 2013, I received a second DUI and went to court and I'm now on probation for it. Although I have not been to court for the first DUI, I was charged with the second DUI like it was a second DUI (They found out about my first one.) My question is: If and when my first DUI comes up, will it be charged like my first DUI or will I be charged like a second DUI twice?
If you plead guilty to the DUI or go to trial and are found guilty of the DUI, you will be treated as a 2nd DUI...