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im 45 years old and have no criminal history
You will want to check with your local DMV in Georgia. DUI's in California stay on the DMV record for only 10yrs.
10 year old DUI Didn't go to court
2 years, but you failing to show up to court probably means that there is a warrant for your arrest and that the...
My wife has an alchol adn pain med addiction. She received 3 DUI's in 6 months and is now on probation with no drivers licence. She is verbally and physcialy absusive to our children. She has a great job that she has managed to keep. We have a mortgage, and alot of debt. She has a house in Reno that her mother left her. She stated she will file for bankrupsy, quit her job. What are my best options for divorce? Thank You Mark
Your best option is to come to an agreement on the terms of divorce and then proceed on an uncontested basis....
im on probation in douglas county and im bout to go to court for a new charge in austell will i go to jail???
I would highly recommend you contact a good criminal defense attorney in Douglas COunty. In most jursidictions...
Seven years ago I got a felony charge and plead first time offender and was sentenced 7 years probation. I still have 5 months left on that sentence. What do I do??
Hire a lawyer as soon as possible. The police officer probably filed a request to suspend your drivers license within...
I was pulled over cause my tag lights didn't work but they did. But my brake light was out on video and tag lights on. Then I was charged with DUI. Can the light issue help with reducing charge since it was obviously incorrect
The brake light being out (on the video) constitutes reasonable suspicion to initiate a stop of the vehicle if the...
But my tail lights work, it was just my right break light. Will this work as a technicality in my favor?
Unfortunately... Almost definitely not. Talk to an attorney immediately, so that you can protect your privilege to drive.