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I was boned out of jail and I now have to take random alcohol tests. Today I totally spaced calling in and my group number was
Called. I am going to to to the testing place as soon as they open Tomorrow but I very scared. This is they first time I have missed one. Do you think they will revoke my bail and throw me back into jail? I am a single mother and very scared
You won't know until later. Typically it's not a good sign to flake on testing, and they don't tend to believe excuses....
1.)how to transfer DUI class from CA, to ID. 2.) How to transfer pc1000 course from CA, to ID?
1.) it is for a 2nd dui. I had done 1 year of an 18 month program and had to stop to move. 2.) The Pc1000 course has not been started. And the judge was aware that I dont live in California anymore.
You need to hire a lawyer to go to court to ask that your probation be modified. You also need to make sure that ID...
Arrested in Sonoma country for DUI, blood test, case dismissed. Live in Idaho returned home. now bench warrant has been issued.
never notified, found out through friend state trooper.
The facts are a bit thin here. Was it dismissed before they had the results of the blood? In any event, you should...
A drunk driver hit my parked boat and trailer damaging both. What do I do now to get restitution?
The police have taken the report and already sent it through a Detective. The detective took my name etc... The damage that the photos show is less than what the damage actually is but besides that point what do i do now to get into the legal process of getting money for my damaged property. Just bought the boat, no insurance. All things considered street value of maybe $1000-$1200. Thank you
The prosecutor will pursue restitution for you so long as you provide the appropriate documentation. If you feel...
I am on misdemenor probation for a dui in coeur d alene idaho can they extradite me from nevada if i move
I have completed all jail time and classes i was approved for section 8 and had it transfered to nevada after waiting for 3 yrs i'm on disability so i really need it the interstate compact is taking so long i might be to late if i dont hurry and move what will happen if i move know without the compact
You need permission of the court or probation to leave the state while on probation, unless something else is written...
I have two misdemeanor dui's on an otherwise clean record. I'm considering retiring and migrating to latin America.
I read that a retirement visa generally requires a copy of my police record. What steps can I take between now (age 53) and (age 60) to clear my record so that I'm not potentially refused entry to any country? ”
I like this question because entering foreign countries is something not often considered at the time a person pleads...
If my blood alcohol content was only a .017 and I'm 20 years old can I get out of paying a fine for an mip?
I was arrested on august 8th 2014 for a dui, the cop said i extremely failed my sobriety test but when i went to the jail and completed a Breathalyzer text i blew only a .017 and .016. the police officer gave me a ride home and gave me an mip because I admitted to having a beer. there was also an open container in the back seat of my car that my sister in law had. I did not know about that open container. my sister in law is 28. what are the chance I can get out of a misdemeanor?
Doubtful given your admission and the open container in your car. But it is always worth having a local lawyer review...