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The police have taken the report and already sent it through a Detective. The detective took my name etc... The damage that the photos show is less than what the damage actually is but besides that point what do i do now to get into the legal process of getting money for my damaged property. Just bought the boat, no insurance. All things considered street value of maybe $1000-$1200. Thank you
The prosecutor will pursue restitution for you so long as you provide the appropriate documentation. If you feel...
I have completed all jail time and classes i was approved for section 8 and had it transfered to nevada after waiting for 3 yrs i'm on disability so i really need it the interstate compact is taking so long i might be to late if i dont hurry and move what will happen if i move know without the compact
You need permission of the court or probation to leave the state while on probation, unless something else is written...
I had lived in Idaho for nearly 2 years when I was charged with a DUI. At the time, I was still driving with my Kansas driver's license. Yes, I acknowledge my sheer laziness. I'd met all of the requirements to get my license in Idaho, but was unable to being that Kansas wants me to install an ignition interlock device. Despite the fact that I was driving with a Kansas driver's license, I was no longer a resident of Kansas and, as said earlier, I had been living in Idaho for nearly 2 years. Naturally, I have documentation to prove that claim. Is this a mistake or am I obligated to Kansas' DUI laws?
This can actually be a quite complicated situation. There is a "Driver License Compact" to which most states --...
i pulled into hotel and entered my room.(cops were parked in hotel parking lot) 5 mins later cops knock on door and i step out to speak to them. they ask if i drove, i said yes. they then gave me a road side test and charged me with a dui for "being under the influence of narcotics". i took the blow test but refused to pee. also before i answered any questions i asked the officers "am i being charged for anything" and " am i free to go"
You have some potentially strong legal issues here, but the outcome is going to depend on exactly what the police said,...
My bf is on felony probation and we just found out when we were looking up his bankruptcy that he has a bench warrant for probation violation and have no idea why. The bench warrant is almost 2 months old. What should we do? He has been on probation before and has never had a violation and he is really scared as to what is going to happen. He has a little boy and a job and doesn't want to lose either. We want to go see his probation officer and find out what the deal is with the bench warrant. Should we take a lawyer with us to meet her?
Your b/f should call his PO and ask him/her what the warrant was issued for. Not addressing it will only further hurt...
I was resisting treatment during a police hold in the emergency room, and allegedly struck the people holding me down. I don't recall any of this. I had a mental health crisis and was scared and extremely drunk. Now I dont know what to say or do in court. Or what to expect. I do not have a prior criminal record.
You should certainly speak with some attorney's about this matter. If you cannot afford an attorney, you should ask the...
I was charged with inattentive driving in dec 2011 which was amended from a dui, and I follwed and completed everything court ordered and put on unsupervised probation for two years. Then I changed something in my policy with progressive insurance and my sr 22 got dropped somehow and got pulled over and got a ticket and fine for driving with an invalid liscence in dec 2012 and paid a 200 fine, Now Oct. 2013 I received a letter to go to court for violating my probation for the misameaner from this invalid liscense case, this is almost a year after I went to court for the invalid liscence and also almost two years since my original court date for the reckless driving,. Will I be ok to represent myself. The unsupervised prob. is supposed to end 12/28/13 and my court is on 12/9/13