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I got a dui 7 years ago in califorina
I had a misdemeanor dui when I was 20. My licence was suspended for a year. I paid all fines but did not enroll in the dui classes. About a year ago I went to talk to court because I had a warrant out for my arrest because the dui classes were court ordered and it became a probation violation. The warrant is taken care of now. I now live in Oregon and my question is can I just go get a drivers licence (redo the testing and everything) or do I still have to complete the dui classes?
I would start with the easiest approach, namely call dmv and ask if you can get s license. They can look you up and...
I have a Dui in California but moved out of state is there a way to get my license back
In 2012 I got a Dui I didn't complete the program. I moved to Oregon and will not be returning to California because I received my 2nd strike in 2013. Is there a way I can get my license back without going back to California.
Contact the CA DMV in Sacramento. "Mandatory Action Unit" and request a 1650 Waiver packet.
I was granted a motion to vacate a Neg Driving 1. Will I have any trouble getting in to Canada for vacation?
I plead guilty to Negligent Driving 1 in 2007 in Washington State. I was just recently granted a motion to vacate and so I am now considered not guilty of this charge. Will I have any trouble traveling to Canada? Will the border agent still be able to see this on my record when they scan my passport?
I think you still may have trouble. This is a big issue with folks from California who I often have for clients. You...
My boyfriend had a CDL and got a DUII and we need to move
We are planning on moving to Idaho and my boyfriend is suppose to be taking classes for his DUII. Do we have to stay in state until he finishes his classes or is there a way to do all of this in Idaho?
The answer on whether or not your boyfriend can move to Idaho depends on whether or not he is on bench or formal...
I have 1 DUI & 2 Theft misdemeanors & 1 PCS felony & 1 DCS felony, all prior to 2010. Can I get an Oregon real estate license?
I am 26 years old and have over 3 years of sobriety. I have successfully completed community service and 3 years of probation. I created an ugly youth life for myself, but I've grown up and would love to have a career in real estate.
I applaud your ambition and sobriety. This is a good question for a licensing attorney familiar with Oregon's...
What do I need to do to get this case reduced?
Back in 2009/2010 I was pulled over and charged with possession of pot in the Dallas, oregon and then about three months later I was driving a friend home the morning after we had been drinking, and still had the scent of beer on my breath so I was charged with a duii. This case happened in Portland oregon. They classified me as a class c felony and I heard from a attorney in bend Oregon that they can't charge me with a felony since they were in two different countys. I need to know what to do to challenge this case. Please help its been almost 5 years!
I am not sure what you are asking. If your DUII was a felony, it is probably because this isn't your first DUII. It...
Misdemeanor warrant in CA.
I have a warrant for not taking my DUI classes. I had 2 DUI's back in 2002 and I would like to get this stuff off my record. I have a great job and could not afford to go to jail and lose my job. I live in Portland, OR now and have not been in any kind of police trouble since these DUI's in CA. Is it possible to fix these issues without going back to California, and more importantly, without being arrested? It was 12 years ago..
Yes. It may be possible. First, you need to hire one of us CA lawyers to try to get the cases on the courts calendar,...