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i didnt feel any impairment, no eye problems or judgment issues not believng the test is correct anyone atty found that to be true?
The machine is not 100% accurate. Hire a good criminal defense lawyer.
Can I wait out probation and apply for my license then and avoid IID? Or will I still have to install IID?
Speak with your attorney about this issue and have them review the specific terms of the sentence, it may be that with...
My neighbors son was arrested for DWI two months ago after driving home and side swiping 3 cars on our block. Last weekend I over heard my neighbor telling someone her son's case had been settled with a 'deal'. How do I find out what the deal was. The kids uncle is a Lieutenant in a local police department.
You can try going to the court clerk in the district court in Hempstead to see what the disposition was, although I am...
Misdemeanor DWI
You will need to ask your lawyer or consult your contract with your lawyer. What kind of payment arrangement you all...
do i get stuck with the remaining loan balance?
Don't you have collision insurance?
a woman was arrested at 6p with a BAC of .22 and was released from police custody at 2a. she refused an official breathalyzer and the BAC charts show she would still be a .10 at 2a (8 hours after a .22 BAC the Lt. was a friend of the woman's. Is this criminal and what would be the charge.
If it was a state trooper who arrested her she could be released on a Desk Appearnce ticket. Obviously ot would be...
I went to court and it was postponed. I'm currently waiting to go to court. I was leaving a night club the night I got pulled over. The officer stated I swerved in and out of the lane.
Your question can't be answered without knowing what you pled to on your first case. If you pled to a misdemeanor on...