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If a witness claims that I was drunk when I rear ended him does that constitute a dui?
I have a terrible case of the flu and the meds that I'm taking for it alters my judgement and perception. So when I went to pick up some more I rear ended some one in the parking lot of the pharmacy. The guy was irate and because I really felt sick and was literally crapping my pants I gave him my number and told him I would have insurance take care of him then got back in my truck and rushed back home. The sheriff shows up at my door while im passed out in bed so I couldn't answer (because I was passed out). My roommates told me that I seemed drunk since I got sick so I'm worried that when the sheriff got the call that he was told I was drunk.
This question should properly be made in the criminal law section, but I can take a shot here. The first question is...
There is an warrant out for me, its for VOP, prior DUi's. it was activated on May 8th. How much time before the law comes
looking for me. I plan to turn myself in next week, june 9th. I don't want the police coming to my home
There is no way of knowing when they will come looking for you. If you must avoid arrest I suggest you rent a motel or...
I have served 7 1/2 months of 2 yrs. felony probation and community control family member sick will they do early termination?
family members sick, paying for electronic monitory have to take care of bills can I get early termination?
no one can tell you what a Judge will do. However, I can tell you that a Judge can ET your CC/probation as s/he sees...
Is it possible to get early termination for a felony dui after serving 7 1/2 mths on community control, scram braclet?
I was on felony probation for a 3rd dui. I took cough syrup and got a vop, after a year of going to court the state wanted to put me on a scram bracelet and community control for 2 years and I agreed rather than have gone to jail again. I now have a family member (Father) diagnosed with cancer that I live with and is now unemployed. It is my responsibility to take care of all the house, and all of the bills. I only work part-time 30 hours a week. The scram is about 200.00 mth and I have to attend 5 aa meetings a week and a dog to take care of. Due to taking care of both my parents that are ill and unemployed would they consider early termination after 7 1/2 mths even though it has not been 1 year yet thru the halfway mark? am only working part-time
Probably not unless you have retained competent counsel in your area. Most probation cases will allow for early...
What are the consequences of leaving state while on dui misdemeanor probation?
I have been sentenced to a year of probation to be served consecutively for two charges, dui (second offense) and driving on a suspended with knowledge. Say I pay all of my court fees and fines, and I move to another state, is that violation charge worthy of being extradited from that other state back to Florida or will they just invoke a D6?
Ask a Florida based criminal attorney whether it is worth risking extradition on incomplete DUI probation that will...
I need a copy of my arrest affidavit for dui school. Where do i go? Police station or clerk of court?
Already convicted and sentenced of dui.
There are several places that you can go to get a copy of the Booking Advisory. If you were represented by an attorney...
Husband in jail on a VOP DUI charge. Already did 4 months for the DUI. Now got 1yr for VOP, same case. Is this legal?
How can he go to jail for the same charge? The charge only carries 1 yr. He did 4 months and now he is doing another yr. He rec'd a VOP at the end of his year probation. His probation was over.
He likely received credit for the 4 months he already served. Thus, his sentence was for one year but he's already done...