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If i got a speeding ticket and a dui the same time and i beat my speeding ticket in court can I beat the dui case. Florida
i received a speeding ticket then another officer stop and decided to give me a dui. If I beat the speeding ticket court is there a chance I can beat the dui to.
If the basis for the stop was speeding then you may have a valid motion to suppress. Good luck.
I was arrested for first dui and failed the dui class. what are the consequences
arrested for first dui and have not been convicted yet. tspeare615@hotmail.com
You either have to take a plea or go to trial if the State will not reinstate your pretrial diversion contract. The...
Lawyer in a dui case
if your lawyer tells you to handle everything that has to do with losing a DUI case like DUI school, charity, and what not, is he preparing for a loss...I refused the breathalyzer and I believe if there is a video of this field sobriety test that I could at least get a dropped to a reckless.... if that was the case, I don't know if I should plead no contest or guilty for a lesser sentence
It sounds like your lawyer is asking you to do these things so it will show the State Attorney that you are taking this...
How do I apply for an appeal hearing after getting a dui during the first 10 days?
I got a dui and I have 10 days to appeal the suspension. I basically just need the extra 30 days to get my affairs in order before my license is suspended so I need to know how to submit a formal appeal.
You have to go to the Lantana Office to request a hearing. There are some documents you have to fill out and your will...
How do I deal with old DUI charges from another state?
When I was 20 years old I was taken to jail and later bailed out on DUI and wreck less driving charges. I was leaving the state and left on bail this has been 13 years ago. How can I take care of the warrant?
Contact a criminal defense attorney in the county and state where you were originally charged. They may be able to take...
Can I get 6 months of time for my first DUI with no accident or prior records ?
The officer claimed that I did not stop , but there was no stop sign at the movie theater, that I exited. Would the stop sign issue be an illegal stop and will any evidence gathered after be thrown out, thus leading to a dismissal of my DUI case ?
There's a U.S. Supreme Court case, Kehoe, which places the burden in the State to establish that an actual traffic...
I was stopped for DUI. I don't drink or, do drugs. The State Troopers took my car to an impound lot and I was taken to jail.
When I got out of jail, I went to pick up my car at the impound lot. It was more than I could afford as,I had just paid bills.Then, I went into the hospital, When I got out, we went to pick it up. My lien holder had picked up. I didn't receive any type of call that they were doing this. I had made 2 years of payments. They said I would have to pay $7775.00 and, I only owed $6700. They sold my car at an auction for $3700. I received letter that I owed $4975 for the difference. They put it on my credit report as a repo. Linda
Sorry, for what happened to you, but I don't see a question.