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I got my Driver license back through the DMV But my probation officer said this would violate my probation how can I make it not
I got arrested about a year ago for sells of cannabis and put on probation with my driver license Suspended for two years
There's some missing information here. Does your sentence specifically prevent you from driving while on probation OR...
I was convicted of a DUI on July 15th 2014. Got ticket for dwls 8 days later. Thought I had 10 days for BPO What can I expect?
I applied and and I was issued a BPO on July 25th 2014, 10 days after conviction and 2 days after ticket for dwls. It was a honest misunderstanding and I now have a valid BPO as I intended to within the 10 days however, I now know that I misunderstood and I in fact did not have 10 days. No prior DUI or dwls .
sadly, you not only have a new criminal charge, but you probably were on probation which will be violated. you are now...
Can I get the ignition interlock waived?
Last year I had joined the army and was out celebrating and got arrested 5 houses from home for a dui. At the jail I blew and I blew a .310 so when court came sept 13 2012 I pleaded no contest and only had a public defender. I got 1 year of probation which 2 months before rlelease I was put on mail in for completing everything early. 1yr without my license 10day car impound 1000$ fine 75 community service hours.. and also completed 12 sessions of substance abuse counseling(ordered by SW florida safety council) was already enrolled for dui school before going to court and wasnt able to drink for the year I was on probation In all that I was ordered when I do get my license I need an interlock device for 6 months I was 21 at the time is there anyway I can get a judge to dimiss the interlock
The IID is a mandatory sentencing provision and the statute does not give the court any discretion. DHSMV will require...
Can you get a license in florida if your license is revoked in another state? or can you a motorcycle license:?
i never had a license before but i got stop for driving and they gave me a revoked license but i moved a forgot to take care of it i tried to go back and take care of it
Probably not. You may qualify for a Colorado license.
The Deputy that arrested me for DUI just got fired after an incident and he lied about it. How does this affect my case?
I took and failed breath test. There is a video. Can they prosecute without his testimony? I want to face my accuser and will go to trial
Get a lawyer as the state won't be able to go forward unless there was another officer / witness that saw you drive....
Ex husband was arrested for DUI last week, he is already on Probation for Cocaine Poss.(Felony) Will he be able to make bond ?
Thank you for assisting me.My Ex husband was arrested for a DUI last week with the BAC of .225. He was arrested for Cocaine Possession in May 2010.Had completed the NA class again at Charlotte Behavioral in Punta Gorda and nearly completed his community service. I had DV injunctions against him in 2008 and then again in 2009. I discontinued the first one when he went to NA and completed the course in hopes he would become better then he began to drink more.Twelve months later the second DV injunction took place.We have three children and last year agreed in a mediation agreement,which he follows at his own discrection. I would like to know if there is any legally I am able to do in regards with not taking responsibilty for our mediaiton agreement and with our children during this issue now
If your mediation agreement was incorporated into a Final Order by a judge you will have to have the order modified. It...
What happens if I am in jail and I don't feel that my public defender is doing a good job for me. what are my options.
I don't feel that he has my best interest at stake....He just wants to go along with the state and not defending my best interest.
Hire a private attorney! Sometimes you get what you pay for.