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i got a neg bac and ua now states attorney wants to test my blood for drugs how do i know this is ok shouldnt th first findings be enough
No. The state can retest. Nothing prevents them. However, if you have already been charged, whether the state would be...
My field PBT and blood test indicated impairment at 0.14 and 0.135 respectively. However, I blew zero on two PBT machines at the jail and was released immediately. Does this technicality have a chance of helping me to try for a reduced sentence?
I would certainly explain these facts to your defense attorney. Even though PBT results may not be admissible in court (...
I was arrested for DUI. I refused the blood test because I am almost positive he had no probable cause to arrest other than the fact that I invoked my 5th Amend. right to refuse field tests. If a cop asks me about a bank robbery , and I say I don't know anything or don't answer, that gives him reason to believe or probable cause that I did it? Anyway they got a warrant. Results were .06. Will they take my license for refusal even when case was dismissed? Should I site McNeely case as a defense at Adm. hearing if there is one. Can the judge just decide to give my license back or is it out of her hands. How in the world can a state law say that if you exercise your 4th Amend. right, you will be in violation of the law? How can a cop have prob. cause to arrest with nothing but invoking 5th?
There are two separate laws.
So it has been over a year, I got charged with reckless driving with a fine of over $700, currently have a bench warrant out. Will it be possible if I go and pay the fine? And be done or will I have to go to court for this and sit the time? If so how long?
With a warrant outstanding it is doubtful you can just pay fine without a court appearance. You should contact local...
1st time DUI ..blew .1 legal limit .08
Judge I would like a continuance to retain a lawyer. He almost has to grant is as it's your Sixth Amendment right.
I was recently picked up for DUI 2nd. I have a special needs son who has therapy several times a week and attends public school only part time. I live 20 miles from the nearest therapy site. Hopefully I'll be able to obtain a work permit (self employed) but this doesn't cover therapy/school issues. Do the courts basically state that stay-at-home moms and/or homeschooling moms (especially with a special needs child) don't have a "JOB?" Hoping to find some way to keep attending therapy.
As it has been 3 days and no one from your state has answered, you really need to consult with a local DUI defense...
Can I use the response, "I was neither intoxicated nor impaired on Sunday, Nov. 10, 2013 at 2:24 AM." Can I say that for every question? I don't see why not? Truth is blood test was .06, passed 2 FST on video, and displayed NO signs of impairment at all in jail booking room video either. Test was done 1 hour after arrest.
If what you're saying is accurate, you should hire an attorney. You may be able to avoid trial all together. If not,...