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  • Missouri lawmakers quit early; deadly force bill fails

    Saturday May 16 | via Marietta Times 

    Missouri lawmakers concluded a tumultuous annual session Friday, ending their work ahead of a deadline while failing to pass a bill rewriting the state's deadly force standards for police in response to last summer's fatal shooting in Ferguson. The House quit about 10 minutes early, and the Senate nearly three hours ahead of the mandatory 6 p.m. adjournment - conceding that there was nothing further they could pass because of partisan divisions.


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Poplar Bluff Law

Can you be put on probation for a DWI
Have been arrested for position of a controlled substance
You certainly can be put on probation for dwi.. did you get arrested for dwi or just a possession?
I got a second DWI in Missouri- what are my consequences?
I received my first dwi in April 2014. The police filed my paperwork wrong and it doesn't show up on my record. My lawyer stopped calling because he said he doesn't want to bring attention to it. I got my second DWI Saturday (May 2015) although the cop never saw me driving. My car fell into a ditch in front of my house and I was out side of the car looking at the damage. He happened to drive by as I was looking at the tire. I refused to blow and was booked and placed in a 12 hour hold. What kind of punishment are we looking at here? Jail was the worst experience of my life, I want to avoid it if possible.
Contact a local DUI lawyer for a free consultation. The consequences will vary depending on if they file your first...
She has not paid any money in over a year and I would like foreclose on the promissory note.
I quit claimed my property over to person under the assumption I was continuing on from another property purchase. No money was exchanged. When it was done she said she would pay us back. She was supposed to pay rent until she was able to pay for the property in full. This was a verbal agreement between she and my husband. My husband bought the property in my name.
Unless a note holder also has a deed of trust permitting non-judicial foreclosure, the only way to foreclose in...
My landlord sold house without my knowledge
I've been living in my home for less than a month....I called landlord in regards to repairs and he tells me he sold the house and the new landlord may or may not make me move....my landlord will not tell me who new landlord is or give me any information....what should I do....what are my rights
Check your lease and if there is any question as to what your rights are after that contact a local landlord/tenant...
What form do I need to file to ensure that oldest daughter gets custody of youngest daughter when wife and I die?
Also want to ensure that she gets all of the benefits (social security, life insurance, etc.)
I would suggest a Will with a Guardianship provision as described. Good luck.
What can I do about a 9 almost ten year old dwi?
Just wanted to know I was told after 10 years it would fall off my record meaning that it wouldn't be there any more is this true? Or would I have to get it expunged?
It will not automatically be removed from your record. You need to hire a local attorney to file for expungement after...
Wil a suspension for refusal to take bac on driver record affect employer's insurance for me to drive company vehicle.
I also have ignition interlock device on personal vehicle until Dec.
It could but this is not a legal question. It depends on whether your employer's insurer looks at individual driver's...