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Arrested for a DUI in Rockville, MD but wasn't drinking.
Good evening, I was arrested for a DUI early this morning as I was coming home from the grocery store. I had purchased a six-pack which was in a paper bag in the backseat. As I was driving home on a two lane road, I swerved to the side to avoid two squirrels who darted out right in front of me and that's when I got pulled over. The officer checked my bag without me saying he could search my car. I refused to take tests because I thought the whole situation was ridiculous, as I was clearly not drinking! At the station I took a breath test and was not told my score, also did not say anything to the cops and now I obviously need a lawyer. Please advise - what am I looking at? I am terrified, I have never been in trouble with the law, I don't have a record, and I work with children. T
Take a deep breath, you're going to be okay. First, schedule a free consultation with a DUI attorney. Some lawyers...
have a DWI PBJ in Maryland with probation expiring in September. applying for HQL. question asks: Are you a habitual drunkard? Habitual drunkard means any person who has been found guilty of any three alcohol offenses, one of which occurred within the past year. does that mean I need to wait until after the probation period?
I think the answer is no. I assume you do not have three DUI convictions let alone charges. Moreover, a PBJ is not...
Moving to Germany on federal probation for DUI?
I am on US Probation for a DUI from March 2014, I was given 7 days in jail (served) and 2 years probation. I am a dual US/Swedish citizen, my fiance lives in Germany and the plan was for me to join her there. What are the potential issues associated with my moving to Germany and what actions should I take to make it happen legally?
Your probation Order should indicate all of the conditions of your probation. It probably requires you to notify your...
Do I need to transfer my out of state DL but I only drive my host family's car in MD for 9 months?
Hi everyone, I'm an Au Pair in MD now, I will only stay here for 9 months and I don't have my own car. I will only drive my host family's car and they are MD residents! I'm holding a California DL now. MVA says new residents who are moving to MD need to transfer their out of state DL within 60 days! But I'm just a non-resident and I don't need to register a car! So is it eligable to drive here with my California DL? Will it effect the insurance?( I'm on the list of the car I drive) Thank you!
In many, if not all, states you are required to get a DL in the new state or transfer the old state license if you will...
I got a DUI in February 2010 .19 BAC, and a DWI in September 2012.Can I apply for citizenship once my probation is over?
I finish my probation for the first offense successfully and got PBJ, and for the DWI my probation will end in April 2015, no accidents involved, and in both cases I was pulled over. For the second one I refused to blow the breathalyzer and I got DWI. I voluntarily got into the interlock machine for a year, I got supervised probation for a year, and unsupervised probation for another year that ends in April. In the last two years I have became really involved into church activities, I currently lead a Bible study, I don't have anything else in my record besides a speeding ticket. I go to school and I am about to graduate for my bachelor's degree in May. How would that affect my eligibility for citizenship?
Although the charges relate to dui / dwi, you should seek a confidential consultation with an experienced immigration...
Will a DUI and pleading out affect my application for my aed wor authorization
I have had two DUI in the last two years a 3 months suspension and currently on probation
This is a question for an immigration/citizenship attorney.
My kids father and I separated I left philly he's emotionally abusive and a drunk. Doesn't see or speak to kids I want custody.
i left a week ago do to calling the cops twice cause his mom came at me causing me to hit my newborn in the face so i smacked her ..then he came drunk calling me names and throwing things at me with my baby in my hands .. hes irresponsible he feels working is enough doesn't help me at home rarely stays around and i have a 5 year old as well ...his mom has babied him to so much doing everything for him he feels he does no wrong..ive tried for 7 years to make it work but he has anger management and dranks a lot..he also brought illegal weapons in the house that i have pics of that i took off his phone that he took that i asked him not to ..in the past when he had my son they drink while driving and get into physical fight with family in front of him what can happen when i go to court
Sorry to hear about your situation. I suggest you speak to a family law attorney in Maryland. Good luck.