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  • Massachusetts Briefs

    Tuesday | via Sentinel & Enterprise 

    Massachusetts gas prices remained steady in the past week, according to the latest AAA Northeast survey. The survey, released Monday, found self-serve regular selling for an average of $2.32 per gallon, the same as last week.


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  • Church dating to Pilgrims damaged in fire

    Monday Mar 30 | via Boston Herald 

    A Massachusetts church that can trace its roots to the Pilgrims has been damaged by a fire police say was arson. A woman set a fire in the foyer of the First Parish Church in Plymouth at about 6:30 p.m. Sunday, damaging the carpet and some furnishings, police Capt.


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  • Vigil held for Plymouth woman killed in hit and run

    Saturday Mar 14 | via WHDH 

    Friends and family gathered Saturday to remember a Plymouth woman who was killed after being hit by a car while walking her son's dog this week. A vigil was held at Lunn's Way and Garrett Place in Plymouth to remember Marjorie Cochrane.


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  • Hit-run suspect's record checkered

    Friday Mar 13 | via Boston Herald 

    A Plymouth man's driver's license had been suspended or revoked at least three times before he allegedly struck and killed a 69-year-old woman and her beloved dog Thursday, according to prosecutors and the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Since 1993, Timothy Lapierre, 39, also had amassed five speeding tickets, two missing inspection stickers, one failure to stop and one surchargeable accident before he allegedly crossed paths with Marjorie Cochrane and her dog Sasha shortly before 8 a.m., while they were out walking at Lunns Way and Garrett Place in Plymouth, according to his driving record and the Plymouth County District Attorney's Office.


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  • Arrest made in hit-and-run that killed woman, dog

    Friday Mar 13 | via 

    Police have made an arrest in a hit-and-run that killed a 69-year-old woman and her dog Thursday in Plymouth, police said Friday. The victim, Marjorie Cochrane, and her dog were discovered on the street outside of their home on the corner of Lunn's Way and Garrett Place at 7:54 a.m., State Police said.


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  • Man Arrested In Deadly Plymouth Hit-And-Run

    Friday Mar 13 | via CBS Local 

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  • Man arrested after robbing Cranston Shell

    Thursday Mar 5 | via 

    According to the gas station clerk, a white male in his mid-twenties wearing gray sweatpants and a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt entered the store, indicating he had a gun. He then ordered the clerk to open the cash register and reached over the counter.


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Plymouth Law

If a judge orders a license reinstatement do you still have to have a rmv hearing?
2nd DUI, breathe refusal, was found not guilty on 2nd DUI
If you are under a summons to appear, you must still go. It's unclear from these facts what the hearing is about but...
DUI first offense....
If an attorney decides to take case to trial on a fist time DUI with a breath test refusal does that generally mean that the attorney thinks it is a winnable case?
Attorneys don't decide to go to trial, the client does.
I was arrainged for my second DUI, 1st was 8 years ago, on 7/6/13. I did not qualify for court lawyer.
I met with attorney and signed contract. I agreed to pay one thousand before next court date 8/28/13. I do not have it because I had to move so I could keep job. I could afford weekly payments. The problem is I can't afford to lose and pay. I am moving out of state in January. I don't want to go to jail and I don't want, need or can afford rehab. I can live without license. I am wondering am I allowed to talk to Prosecutor? I do feel I have a chance to win but not confident with attorney, who has not even returned phone calls and petrified to lose and still owe fees. I understand I did this to myself but is there any chance I can just lose license, get fines but not have to go to jail or rehab? I am so scared and don't know who to talk too?
You should try to hire another lawyer with whom you can make better payment arrangements and whom you trust.
What do police officers see when they run your plate? my licence is suspended but my insurance and registration are fine.
im debating on just driving and driving extremly under the radar no speeding ect..
They will see the license of the person associated with the registration. If its you, they will see your suspended status.
I was Arrested For Dui. First time. I want to plead Guilty as I can not go 180 days without License. I work to far away.
I need to get hardship license. Should I have a lawyer?
Hello there, It would be best for you to hire an attorney to assist you with the whole process. Y'all will be...
How can I get my record unsealed? it was sealed years ago (after 2 DUI's) .
How much will it cost and how long will it take? We are trying to get permission to have a DCF child in our home, but they say they can't grant it, with the sealed file. They say they are working on it, but it is taking months. Thanks.
In New York, there is a basic form that the subject of sealed records can sign that should give you more or less...
Dwi trial attorney
is there a dwi trial attorney that is availiable monday moring plymouth county for a trial
You are going to have a hard time finding an attorney on such short notice. instead of posting in the question section,...