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Since i got sentenced on 8/17/11, should i wait until after 8/17/14 to apply? Should I wait to take the basic training after 8/17/14?
Yes, and I believe 3 years is the magic number ineligibility period from an OWI, but double check that on the CPL...
My DUI will be 3 years old in August 2014
You are not automatically prohibited from submitting an application for a concealed weapons permit just because you...
driver is under the age of 21 and has a prior arrest that she had not been arraigned on so it is grouped with this arrest.
That is a SUPER high BAC, and the fact that the driver is under 21 and has a prior arrest only makes matters worse....
i blew very high numbers .234 i believe...Also this is my first OWI but i only have a driving permit not a full valid license..i really dont want to wait to have to get my full license is this possible? also would my Auto insurance be raised? what can i expect?
With a .23 your chances are unlikely unless there is a flaw in the initial traffic stop or the test was flawed somehow....
2 DUI's in another state- one pleaded down to impaired. Another DUI and hit & run charge pending in current state.
I am unaware that the law poses a duty on you to investigate that sort of thing. He may have trouble registering the...
I have no priors except stuff like five over the speed limit I am an RN.
This is a question that requires an extensive consultation. I've represented doctors and nurses with similar issues,...
After drinking a few drinks I found someone who was sober to drive me home. We were pulled over and as the cop noticed someone other than me was driving my car he knew I was drinking therefore I admitted to drinking and took a PBT and blew a .06. The driver who said she was sober blew a .02 and was arrested for zero tolerance. Even with my guilt my biggest concern is keeping the MIP off my record. Should I plead guilty at arraignment and ask for diversion program consideration or should I plead not guilty and talk to a prosecutor at pre-trail conference? I cannot afford to hire an attorney
Plea not guilty and ask for an attorney.