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  • Utah mother gets maximum sentence for murdering six ...

    Apr 20, 2015 | via Los Angeles Times 

    Megan Huntsman, who murdered six of her babies and kept their bodies in her garage, gets up to life in prison Megan Huntsman, a Utah woman who admitted to murdering six of her newborn babies and storing their bodies in her garage, was sentenced Monday to six terms of up to life in prison, the maximum possible sentence, the Associated Press reported. Three of the terms are to be served consecutively, and the other three concurrently, according to local news radio station KSL .


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  • The terrible secret this mother hid

    Apr 20, 2015 | via 

    THE captain and a crew member of the sunken boat carrying more than 900 migrants feared dead in the Mediterranean Sea have been arrested for human trafficking and reckless multiple homicide. AN Irish architect with a "huge ... urge to rape, stab an d kill" women has been given a life sentence for murdering his "sex slave".


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Pleasant Grove Law

What will happen? Will they help me or just take my license away immediately?
I just got an underage drinking ticket the other night. I'm 18. I was told I could do a Plea in Abeyance if they let me. I just got this new full time job and can't afford to get my license taken away. I know I made a mistake but would they be able to help me out alittle?
Call the assistant district attorney handling your case and explain your situation. He may be willing to help. If he...
Depends on the jurisdiction. Usually six months to two years.
Cited for a DUI after having an accident after failing a sobriety field test.
My family member was driving last night and while looking to make a lane change he crossed the median and then over corrected and lost control of the vehicle and rolled several times. After the accident they couldn't find his eye glasses. He would be considered legally blind without his glasses and after rolling the car he was really shook up. He was asked to do a field sobriety test and failed. He told the officers he had taken prescription medicine the night before (24 hours earlier). They placed him under arrest for a DUI but did not take him to jail. At the hospital the police took blood samples. Will the blood test be able to show how long ago he had taken the prescription medication? Also, will he be able to get a court appointed attorney as he has no job or assets?
In regards to the blood samples, they should be able to determine the amount of the drug in his system. They could...
Getting your vehicle released from an impound yard for a DUI.
I let a family member drive my car and now it's impounded and they were arrested for a DUI. I was told it's being held for the city or the state. What is the best way to get it released so I don't have so many fines and fees?
Did you call the dmv and explain what happened? Also have you called the impound lot and requested they release it to...
I would like to know if a minor [18] can get financial help from legal aid society. Her income is approx.$400.00 a mon part time
dui offense
Contact legal aid right away for a qualification analysis.
I plead no contest to a citation of disorderly conduct and being publicly drunk. The judge denied it and set me up a pretrial.
This happened at a friends house. He got drunk and I walked in on him and his girlfriend while they were being intamate. It was an accident. He could have killed me. He grabbed me by my neck and drug me through the house and threw me out the door on the hard concrete. I injured my knee from him throwing me down. I cried very loudly as I have been physically abused by men before. This effected me for weeks. All I did was cry. I called the court for an advocate they told me I didn't get one cause it wasn't domestic violence. It was domestic violence to me. I was never able to fill out a report and was automatically going guilty? What am u supposed to do at a pretrial?
Your situation sounds complicated. There are a lot of missing facts that are necessary to give you a helpful answer....
How do i get my license back after a dismissed dui.
i received a dui in which it was dismissed. i did not know about the ten day dmv hearing. now that my case is dismissed i cant get my license back because of the dmv. how can i get it back.
The DMV action is independent of the Court action. So the court action has nothing to do with the DMV.