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My boyfriend was arrested on 02/17/2013. He has not seen a judge yet. Isn't he supposed to be seen by a judge within a certain time period? How can we find out what that is in Utah?
It isn't his speedy trial rights that are currently at issue. Your best bet is to talk to his attorney if he has one....
This happened at a friends house. He got drunk and I walked in on him and his girlfriend while they were being intamate. It was an accident. He could have killed me. He grabbed me by my neck and drug me through the house and threw me out the door on the hard concrete. I injured my knee from him throwing me down. I cried very loudly as I have been physically abused by men before. This effected me for weeks. All I did was cry. I called the court for an advocate they told me I didn't get one cause it wasn't domestic violence. It was domestic violence to me. I was never able to fill out a report and was automatically going guilty? What am u supposed to do at a pretrial?
Your situation sounds complicated. There are a lot of missing facts that are necessary to give you a helpful answer....
i received a dui in which it was dismissed. i did not know about the ten day dmv hearing. now that my case is dismissed i cant get my license back because of the dmv. how can i get it back.
The DMV action is independent of the Court action. So the court action has nothing to do with the DMV.
Was pulled over for speeding. I had .09 reading. Cop searched and found the drugs in the trunk.
Avvo allows 4000 characters in which to answer a question. A complete answer takes more than 4000 characters. Here is...
I called 911 on my room mate who was very intoxicated and decided to jump from my 2nd floor balcony. When he moaned about his back pain I called 911 for help. During the call they asked where he was, and I realized a few seconds later that he drove off in his car! They asked if he had been drinking, and of course I told them yes. They located him and he tested .213 on the breath test. He also busted his lip in the jump off the balcony and when authorities noticed it he told them he feared for his life and that I was beating him! He had a 1/2 full 1/2 gallon of Vodka in his back seat...they didn't charge him with DUI but charged me with assault. Can they even do that? Legally of course.
This is why you hire a qualified criminal defense attorney to help you. They did it so obviously they can. Are the...
He is a convicted felon for heroin and he is on probation for DV charges. He was pulled over for DUI and had a minor and stolen property in the truck. He also had drugs in a drug free zone.
There is a possibility that this could be a Federal case if the State does not want to prosecute it. Or, based upon a...