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First DUI. Happened to be on a suspended license. 23years of age. Refusal of ALL test. Wondering about court proceedings?
Switched to driver seat in gas station parking lot. There was an officer parked slightly behind building ( no to my knowledge) WHen pulling out of the parking lot, without driving more then 50 feet, was pulled over. The officer went straight to asking if I had been drinking, said no. She asked for insurance etc. my license is suspended. Owner of car was in front seat.. I refused breathalyzer, and when booked UA, AND BA refusal. They were not able to obtain in time with warrant. I do have a lawyer. But he has not really spoken with me about the outcome. I understand I will lose my license for a year because of refusal, however I do not understand what will happen from here on out. Please help me understand what (if any) choices I have from here on out and what process that might entail!!!!
I recommend that you immediately contact a local attorney in Platte City MO who specializes in criminal defense. Use...
DUI question
Arrested in clay county Missouri for dui, bac of .18 and going 60 in a 45. I need to know if this is my second offense, could it be a felony? Does it have moral turpitude? And could it be a aggrevated dui?
Please review Section 577.023, RSMo. You can google it. It can't be a felony if you only have one prior finding of...
Need to get a LDP but have a 10 year denial need transportation to work that is all
Clay county Missouri felony DWI class D served almost 3 years of 10 year denial. I only need LDP to find work. I am a Chef and there are no jobs in my area or on a bus line that has a schedule that works for me. I am willing to pay for the IID and sr-22
You can get an LDP at any point on the denial (if you meet the requirements). Contact an attorney to help you. AVVO can...
DWI, IID Court Ordered Question About Vehicle Requirement
My husband has a DWI offense conviction. He won the administrative hearing in Missouri, no license suspension or revocation. Not on Limited Driving or Restricted Driving Privileges. Court ordered IID on any vehicle he operates as part of probation. We have two cars, his name is on both Titles (cannot just be my name alone on my car due to credit). Will they expect two IIDs, one on each car even though he will be driving only the one car?
That depends on what the order said. For example, in NY it is owns or operates. Therefore it would be both cars. You...
My MO son got 2 DUIs in Iowa while attending college there . . . there seems to be double charges between the two states.
In Iowa his license was suspended for 2 years, he served a 3-day jail sentence, did community service, met with a probation officer for 1 1/2 years, and attended mandated alcohol education classes and alcoholics anonymous meetings. He successfully completed all of the requirements, got an excellent job in MO and moved there. He has since been a model citizen, gotten two job promotions and left all alcohol problems behind. When he went to renew his license in MO he was told that it had been suspended for 5 years even though all his requirements had been successfully completed for IA. He now has no way to drive to work (which recently moved across the border to KS and may complicate things more). Isn't this a double penalty for something he did in IA and completed his sentence for?
Most states now report driving infractions to the driver's home state. The home state imposes a suspension pursuant to...
I was in a DUI check point last night. And I didn't blow in the Machine. What are the consequences once everything is done.
I have a pretty clean driving record. A few speeding tickets but nothing else.
You can face serious consequences for refusal to submit to a chemical test. The best idea is to retain an attorney and...
Can I have one atty for the DWI criminal case and another one for the DMV hearing?
My atty did nothing to help me win my DWI case. Now I have 2 yr probation plus classes. Can I have another atty for the DMV hearing? I am really trying to keep my license.
You can. If you choose to hire a different attorney to represent you on your civil case, the new attorney can take over...