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Switched to driver seat in gas station parking lot. There was an officer parked slightly behind building ( no to my knowledge) WHen pulling out of the parking lot, without driving more then 50 feet, was pulled over. The officer went straight to asking if I had been drinking, said no. She asked for insurance etc. my license is suspended. Owner of car was in front seat.. I refused breathalyzer, and when booked UA, AND BA refusal. They were not able to obtain in time with warrant. I do have a lawyer. But he has not really spoken with me about the outcome. I understand I will lose my license for a year because of refusal, however I do not understand what will happen from here on out. Please help me understand what (if any) choices I have from here on out and what process that might entail!!!!
I recommend that you immediately contact a local attorney in Platte City MO who specializes in criminal defense. Use...
I was arrested for DUI in Florida. I was not in the vehicle nor did I have the keys in my possession when the officer arrived at the accident. My wife said I was driving but only saw the vehicle leaving the parking lot and me crawling out of the drivers window. She never actually saw me driving. I refused all testing including providing a breath sample. The officer took my license and told me my license would be suspended for a year. Everything I have read about the Interstate Drivers License Compact says Missouri will only suspend my license for conviction of DUI. Is this correct or should I fight the suspension. If I need to fight it which state do I need to do that in? I was issued a ten day temp permit for Florida, but Missouri issues 15 day permits, do I have 10 or 15 days to drive?
I'm not licensed to practice law in Florida, but it sounds like you have only 10 days to drive on your permit in...
A few years back I had a less than upstanding roomate. Long story short he is in prison for multiple counts of felony burglary. I was very cooperative with law in for cement about the situation but ended up getting several felony charges myself. Well long story short I took a plea bargain and got an SIS. I am on probation and have to pay restitution, since he cannot. The prosecutor told me after I pay and am off probation these convictions "go away". Is this true? I can still vote and everything but obviously can't purchase a firearm.
If you received an SIS for a felony and you successfully complete probation, pay restitution, and do anything else that...
In the 1990s I received two DWI arrests. How do I find out if they resulted in an SIS or Diversion? I never had to see a probation officer or drop a U.A. but did attenc SATOP on both.
Call the court clerk in the court where this happened and ask.
The lawyer came up for disbarrment due to not doing enough work on a criminal case. So far he doesn't even know who my son is when he calls. He just says "the case hasn't been filed", show up on Monday and bring money. I think we need a new lawyer. But why haven't charges been brought? My son had 2 DUI diversions around 12 and fifteen years ago. Lawyer tells son he is going to be charged with a felony and will go to jail for a year. He hasn't even looked into the diversions. But I have the paperwork. What should I do?
First off, and pardon me for saying so, but this is your son's problem. What does he want to do about it? Second,...
I have suspended imposition sentence for a DUI and me and my fiance are getting married in aug of next year when it is complete. It was a typical dui and my first one. I learned that it is a Class B Misdemeanor. One of the requirements for my dui is a served four days in jail and two years of probation which will be complete in aug. I would like to know how this will affect my green card i have not gotten a single ticket or commited any traffic violations or broken any other law since.
I have had this issue several times with clients, and they have never had a problem with there permanent residency and/...
Cop pulled over and found out, as a result, his license was suspended, and he could not drive unless he paid like $5000 to reinstate his license. My family try to help because he is out of work unless he gets his license back. He relies on my mother-in-law who can't even help herself when she is also in medical needs. Can any attorney help him to get his license back, and reduce the fees to get the license back?
The only way it would cost $5,000, in Missouri, to get a driver's license back is if it was suspended for failure to...