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I believe at that time upon completion of program that the charges were supposed to be dismissed. I know that Motor Vehicle records were. Aren't the arrest record supposed to be erased also upon a dismissal? Been 20 years
In 1994 one accused of DUI could still use the accelerated rehabilitation program (AR) to earn a dismissal of the DUI...
Driving on RT2 a guy rear ended my family- We got out & spoke. Initially he said I could call the police; his tone changed when I said he reeked of alcohol - he promised to cover all damages. We exchanged info & followed him to his home - he's a CEO. Predicament is - last night my back started killing me. I went to ER - xrays were negative but doc said I have strained ligs/muscles & must get MRI/rehab. Since I'm moving - boxes in SUV were crushed and stuff flew everywhere. My printer broke, my laptop doesn't work, and my ipad even cracked - I have pics. I'm not sue happy & believe in karma - that's why I didn't call the cops. Is it ok to purpose covering all damages w/proper documentation via email? He prob thinks only car damage... How do I approach in an ethical manner and not suffer $?
You can try to have him take care of the property damages now. However, you shouldn't try to settle the injury part...
I got a DUI in Tennessee. I live in Connecticut. Will Tennessee report my DUI to Connecticut? How will I know if my license is suspended or not?
This is not an easy question to answer it will take some research you need to retain counsel to find out.
I was recently arrested for a DUI after crashing my car into a snow bank. This is my first offense, and it was simply a result of foolishly not eating at all before, during, or after drinking. Thankfully no other person or property was damaged except my car. However, I'm worried that there may have been rolling papers in my car at the time of my arrest. As far as I know, there were no illegal substances in the car, but I'm worried that the presence of rolling papers might imply I was under the influence of drugs, which I was not. Is it possible that the presence of rolling papers could be used against me, even without the presence of illegal substances? How can I prove that I wasn't under the influence of drugs in the event that illegal substances were in my car without my knowledge?
Unless the rolling papers are specifically mentioned in your police report I would not think that they would become an...
DUI 10yrs ago. Went to drug alcohol classes. Petty theft wasn't intentional & never walked out of store. Realized items weren't paid for before security approached & they wouldn't let me pay for them. They couldn't find on any camera angle me stopping or not stopping and checking my bags, thus it was my word against the security.
Your safest bet is to engage an attorney to discuss your issue in a confidential setting. It is never a great idea to...
For the first DUI i could not afford a lawyer so the court told me to attend alcohol education classes, community service and attend a MADD meeting .After my second arrest I hired an attorney . He told me that the prosecutor is gonna try to make me a second offender and my attorney will try to getting it down to make me a first offender . Which i guess means pleading guilty as a first offender. So what is a first offender? Is it same as being convicted for a misdemeanor . Is a first offender same as a convict ? Can a first offender have their record cleaned up . Can a first offender get a job ? So basically what is a first offender and what penalties may they have to face ?
Either your lawyer does not do criminal law or he is trying to make himself into a hero. You cannot be a second...
I got 3 DUI's in 1 years time, DMV told me to take alcohol education classes and driver retraining which I successfully completed. Now I would like to know how to write or format the request
This type of issue is too important to go it alone. Please contact a skilled local attorney to assist you.