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Results yet I was out of the car when they came I am on disability no other income and have a daughter with autism what am I looking out
Contact the court and ask about the availability of the public defender or legal aid attorneys in these matters. They...
If you have had multiple DUI's and have served a prison sentence is it at all possible to have a hearing and get your license reinstated having an interlock device installed on your vehicle so that you can get back and forth from work?
A remedy of the sort your are hoping for is not available. These licensing provisions of the Motor Vehicle Code set out...
I have three charges, gen imp/inc of driving safety (first offense), gen imp (BAC .08-.10) (first offense), and disregard to traffic lanes (single).
Your question makes it clear that you do not understand the process. Therefore, it is imperative that you retain a...
Thlizer I was not in the car when they came. Don't know my results yet but I'm dying here so upset with myself
I do not know what your question is, but, "Yes" you need an attorney. The fact that you were not in the car could be a...
before the breathalyzer. Is this a reason for dismissal?
Miranda rights only apply to statements
Had too much to drink last night and came back to my dorm and was vomiting for nearly 3 hours. My roommate feared that I had alcohol poisoning and called for help. Unfortunately just as the university police walked in I had just stopped feeling the need to vomit and was feeling much better. The officer got all my information and breathalyzed me and I blew a 0.19. He told me that I should be getting an underage and that I could plead guilty or not guilty and that my license will be suspended. I have zero experience with this type of situation because this is the first time I've been involved with the police. I would like to know what the best possible way to go about this situation is and if the underage can be removed from my record/should fight the case/if community service is possible?
First thing you should do is talk with and hire a qualified attorney in this area to handle for you. There are...
I am interning a place where i work with children and is in the same community i got my DUI so someone is bound to see it in the newspaper, would it be better to take a medical leave from school and go to an inpatient treatment center now, or wait till after I graduate in may, hoping no one sees my name in the paper.
Criminal procedures are a matter of pubic record. However, I am not sure that your arrest for DUI will appear in the...