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Can someone live in a hotel while on house arrest?
I was arrested for my 2nd dui and am looking at 90 days in jail, but was advised I could do 30 days in and the rest on house arrest if I live in the county I was arrested in. Problem is I live right across the line in another county. I am unable to move as I own my house. Is it possible to stay in a hotel for the remaining time in order to get house arrest?
Your attorney would be the best person to ask this, but I would think probably not.
My son had a false positive & now in jail for not drinking the scram said he was. what r our options his lawyer doesn't know
has been on the scram since December it has shown 3 drinking episodes. 3/9 he was arrested for drinking the third time from sat.11-4 Sunday. He was at home with family and in bed by 12. No drinking. His lawyer has fought this in the past and lost we don't know how to deal with this now. How do we locate a lawyer that will help us. Can he go to court without a lawyer and what will the outcome be. Funny thing is everytime he was supposedly drinking we had chicken mashed potatoes gravy filling and always plenty of chocolate to eat. He also vapes regularly. The one time he was accused he ate a whole bag of pretzels. I am lost as how to clear him.
SCRAM devices are pretty darn accurate really. Perhaps your son needs to avoid eating the "chicken mashed potatoes...
Can I get a summary offense expunged
If I am convicted of a summary offense (non traffic citation) in Pennsylvania, can I get it expunged after fulfilling certain requirements?
Generally, you can have a summary offense expunged after 5 years. If you have been convicted of Underage Drinking,...
What to do if you can't afford to travel to your DUI hearing in another state?
My brother is an indigent 30-year old, currently living in California after attending alcohol/drug rehab. He depends on my parents for financial support and does not have a job. He had a DUI in Pennsylvania, where my family is from, back in June. He has a court date in Pennsylvania in early December, but does not have the money to buy a plane ticket to attend the trial. He cannot afford a lawyer and has requested a public defender. Under these circumstances, is it possible to either 1). request that due to financial circumstances the trial be conducted via teleconference or 2). have a public defender or someone else appear on his behalf? I feel strongly that my parents should not pay for his transportation from California and I believe they are under no legal requirement to do so.
Your parents have no legal obligations to do so, but your brother does. There is no such thing has a telephonic...
What should i say in court if a officer said i was drinking underage but he didn't berth, test or blood test me?
me an my friend were pulled over he was breath tested , but the cop said he didn't think he would need to breath test me because he could smeel it .
The first thing you should do is consult with a local lawyer. Do not say anything in court without first consulting...
DUI charges
My friend got a DUI charge for smoking marijuana before driving... On the record, it says that she is male, can she get out of the charges for that reason?
Have your friend contact a qualified DUI attorney to discuss this matter. It is highly unlikely that the case will...
Can I get a dui expunged from my driving record if I had a pa liscense?
I live in pa and got convicted in md in feb,2011 on a offense that occurred in 2000
Because the conviction occurred in Maryland, any potential expungement would happen through the Maryland court system....