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Daughter Crashed Car into House, my name is on registration, but she let insurance lapse. Car is still being Financed.
I co-signed for a auto loan for my 20 year old daughter, and I am also on the registration. My daughter purchased her own insurance in her own name. She was involved in a crash by hitting a garage, and the car that was inside. She was cited for a DUI, and no proof of insurance. When I found out about the accident and asked her if she called her insurance company, she told me she had let her insurance lapse because she could not pay for it. Now she is in a world of trouble. Question: Since my name is on the registration, but I was not involved with insuring the car, can I be held liable for her actions? She does live with us.
Yes, you could be in trouble if there is a suit against the owner of the vehicle - you. Consult in person with a...
How do i file a 10 day ALS for Illinois DMV???
please help i got 2 days left and still no lawyer )=
Call and talk to a locally experienced DUI attorney. Most will offer a free consultation and they should be able to...
I took PBT test and they arrested me. they took me into station to take it again and i tryed 3 times but could not register.
i told them i need water because i cant blow hard enough and they said no. then i asked for a lawyer or the chief of the station and they said hes not here so i kept asking for a lawyer before i would blow again since i believe the first Breathe test was a mistake and i wanted to make sure this one was calibrated correctly. They never gave me one and said i refused but on the booking room video it will show i tryed 3 times and also demanded a lawyer while i was there. i also have a witness who is the taxi cab driver who picked me up from the station That witnessed them mistreating me mentally but not physically. calling me names and laughing at me while they put me into the cab and waited for my credit card to go through. they did this all through booking. i got his name and #. what to do?
Get a lawyer. Try to get video of the booking room in discovery. Let your lawyer decide if your conduct in the...
I am charged with DUI can i talk to states attorney by myself and if i cant afford a lawyer when do i request a public defender?
In illinois.
The State's Attorney cannot speak with a defendant. When you go to court, if you are not represented by counsel and...
Got a DUI, did not take breath test. I go to court next month.. what will happen if I plead not guilty?
Please Advise!
You have to go through a trial. The prosecutor will question you, the officer and perhaps a state witness all under...
Lost CDL privileges to SSS, found NOT GUILTY of DUI.
Concerned what happens when I reinstate CDL. Will everything be back to normal? Is the SSS a conviction, for employment purposes?
You will have a one year DQ on your driving record. SSS is not a conviction. it's adminstrative action.
If my friend gets the interlock while waiting for her court date and she is then innocent will she still have pay for the device
My friends court date isn't until April 2nd. I am wondering if she should get the interlock device installed in case things do not go well in court. I have heard that she has a limited amount of time before she cannot enter into this program. Is this true? If she does get the device and she is then found innocent can she get her money back? Will she have to continue paying for the device?
As an experienced DWI lawyer in Texas, if your friend is ordered to get the device as a condition of her bond she...