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Traveling to Canada while having DUI on record
Hi...can somebody let me know for how long I won't be able to travel to Canada due to my DUI conviction? I know there are ways to file for entry with Canadian embassy, but don't have a strong reason other than going there for vacation.
Unless you are not permitted to leave the country because of a probation condition, I don't see that there would be a...
I got DWI need a cheap lawyer also 12suppened sent I got to court 4/30/15
police stopped me I didn't do any test thy booked me and released me .I also have a spended sents so the court wont help me can u please help me
You really need to get an experienced DUI defense attorney. You can use the AVVO Find A Lawyer tab to help you locate one.
If I got arrested in Arkansas if I am from NH
If I got arrested in Arkansas when I am from NH for reckless driving what happens w me going home? ALSO, whats reckless driving Also if one drives for too long while tired do they get arrested or ticketed, the msitake or accident couldve happene anyway can one get arrested or ticketed for driving the wrong side of the road?
Well, until you receive a letter from NH DMV suspending your NH license, you can drive anywhere in the country except...
Suspended license from OUI in Ma. Residence is NH. Does NH offer a hardship license?
Received CWOF on OUI, Speeding and leaving the seen of an accident. Doing 24D in Mass
New Hampshire does not offer a hardship license.
Is driving while
is driving while tired arrestable?
If tired driving is illegal, every high school kid would be arrested on the way to school. Many states have tried to...
Driving while tired
IF I was awake for 30 hours and got in an accident due to it will I be taken to the drunk tank (IF I HAD NOTHING TO DRINK OR drugs) and would the car get towed and how do I Ask them to leave the car there instead of tow it as its expensive to get back. TO ASK, if my car is towed by police order on a Friday night or SAturday how do I Get it back right away, esp if I Am from WAY WAY WAY WAY Out of town, as I Dont want to wander the streets with no resources nad I think thats criminal to alow that to happen.
You won't get a DWI, it you could get a reckless driving and lose your license that way. If you park in the wrong spot,...
I was arrested for DUI on the 20th of Dec. Plead not guilty on the 5th of Jan. I was parked in my parking garage.
I would like to talk to a lawyer of what i can do or say. Just before the cops showed up I took two hits off my inhailer. Doesent that change the read of the breathalizer. I have to go myself cause I can not affored a lawyer. Please help me.
Request court appointed counsel if you cannot afford an attorney. Many DUI attorneys offer free consultations, use...