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Dui conviction vs Dui (Ard Disposition)
I have a dui controlled substance charge. I likely qualify for ard because I have no prior misdeameanor or felony convictions. While on ard, I have to wait a year to get it expunged from my record. I have a bachelor's degree and I am driving myself crazy thinking how this charge mat affect me finding a decent job for the time being. I know ultimately every employer is different but I feel it would be more acceptable if it was a simple alcohol dui but no legit company wants a druggie even if it's not a conviction but a ard disposition. Am I thinking too much into this a shot just apply for jobs because at the end of the day it's not a conviction (and never will be) and jobs only care about convictions? Or is this something I should genuinely be concern ed about? Or is this
Employers care more about JUST a conviction, they care about a course of conduct. Thus, even it's imperative you do...
Will I be charged with first DUI, or second DUI?
I recently received a DUI. But I received my first DUI a little over 9 years ago and completed my ARD program. I can remember my attorney telling me that she would have it expunged and I'm not sure if she did or not. When I went into the Pa courts portal to look at the Magisterial District Court, Court Summary, it does not show my first DUI, but all of the other citations that I was charged with when I got the first DUI because I had a MVA. It shows that this is my first offense. Yet, when I downloaded my DMV record, it shows the DUI from 2006.My question is this: since DUI that I received recently is showing as my first offense through the Magisterial District Court Summ., but I did have one in 2006, will this be counted as my first DUI or second?
Second. Contact a local qualified criminal defense attorney to review your case, your options and possible defenses....
Question regarding driving under a DUI Suspension in Pennsylvania.
I'm wondering if the judge has room for any leniency in the 60-90 day jail sentence. I am not familiar with mandatory. My boyfriend has a DUI suspension. One night I refused to drive home on a last leg of a long trip. I was sick and cranky and honestly, I was being an a**hole. . WE get pulled over. His court date is approaching and wondering if there is any way I can help him. I feel awful.
The judge has no discretion as to the penalty (jail time). The best way you can help him is to retain an experienced...
Pennsylvania 1st DUI ARD eligibility requirements?
I am a 29 yr old female and recently received a dui in Butler county, Pennsylvania. The night of my dui my BAC was rather high at approx .26. I'm concerned over my eligibility for entrance into the ARD program. Granted this is my first DUI, but I received an underage drinking when I was 19, and also was arrested on an assault charge approx 5 years ago against my previous boyfriend. The charges were ultimately dropped, therefore my assumption is they will have no bearing on the judges decision to offer ARD. Other then the two above mentioned issues I've had a clean record with the exception of a few traffic violations (speeding). My last concern has to do with the scram ankle bracelet. Is this something that the judge would typically issue for a first dui? ARD eligible?
Contact a local qualified criminal defense attorney to review your case, your options and possible defenses. Many of us...
Will the new bill 1239 passed October,2014 affect my DUI case as I was arrested January, 2014?
I was looking for some help from a attorney possibly currently or previously dealing with this. I was arrested January,2014 and took a plea deal to be charged as a 1st offense because I had a prior but then everyone pretended to know nothing about my priors and I was sentenced as a second offense third tier so my public defender screwed me. I had to hire an appellate attorney and this case has been going on for some time as I try to get my original deal or at least a fair chance at trial. This technically would be my third as my first being 2008 in New Jersey I received two in 2014 the last before I was convicted of the first so I believe Commonwealth vs Haag would have applied but now new law was passed recently so my question is if I do get the plea negated would I face harsher charges?
This is an excellent question to pose to your appellate attorney. While represented by an attorney, he or she must be...
Did this counselor break the confidentiality law?
I was ordered into a drug and alcohol class by the court. I completed the class successfully, but at discharge the counselor referred me to a drug and alcohol evaluation, which the court enforces . I asked if it was because I blew a .15 in the breathalyzer during my incident, and he said no its because I know you have a history of drugs and alcohol. The history he referenced was from a previous situation in which i sought individual counseling at a place that took my insurance and he was my counselor. These were two completely separate situations and he brought in our past counseling, in which there was a confidentiality agreement signed by both of us. I feel as if this violated the agreement because he used that against me to make a recommendation to the court.
What exactly was the confidentiality agreement he and you signed? Usually, confidentiality agreements require that...
First offence DUI, what are the penalties?
My boyfriend got pulled over for running a stop sign. Turns out he had been drinking and got a dui charge. It is his first offence with no previous records. They brethalized him in the field and in the station. I do not know the number. There was no accident or property damage and he was less than a block away from the our house. They did not do a blood test to find the actual BAC like they should have. Can the case be thrown out? If not can a deal be made to reduce the fines and suspension?
He should enter a not guilty plea and request a court appointed attorney or hire private counsel. There are usually...