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I received 2 DUI's in a relatively short time-frame approximately 15 months ago. Everything, including probation and fines, has been completed in good standing, so I'm no longer under any type of court supervision. My question comes because of the fact that I have 2 DUI convictions to my name. Since I was not eligible for ARD due to the second offense, I was not able to have that charge expunged. Is there any process, or any amount of time I have to wait, in order to petition the court to have either, or both, of my DUI convictions expunged? I certainly appreciate any and all help. Thank you!
If you received ARD for the first offense, and were able to complete ARD, you can have that charge expunged now. For...
So I was pulled over and stopped for suspected Dui.I passed the soberity tests but consented to give blood. They told me it could take 4 to 6 weeks for the results to come back. Well its been 10 weeks now and I still haven't received anything yet on being charged. What should I do????
You should do what you should have done 10 weeks ago. Get yourself a lawyer. If there is a statute of limitations or...
The officer had them take blood but I haven't been charged yet. I was arrested in Bradford PA. My question is, does the ten year period between DUI's go from violation date to violation date or from conviction date to conviction date?
Probably from the conviction dates. Get an attorney.
Meetings every day , how do u feel I will do and getting a stamp that I was there never any problems with the law ,I work full time
Your BAC is twice the legal limit and places you in the highest level for charging purposes. Assuming you have no...
It has been two months and I have not heard anything. How long will it take to hear from the state of PA? Do some cases just go away? If I apply and get into ARD, will I be drug tested throughout the process?
Some police departments wait until they get the blood test results back from the state lab which can take some time....
One-car accident, no other person or property involved. Will the relatively longer, past DUI's have any affect on the current one? Will the current DUI be treated as the third or will the past be excluded? Thank you
I'm going to change your practice area to DUI so you will get some answers from DUI attorneys in your area.
I am primarily worried about doing jail time, and losing my job. Will a house arrest be even in the cards? The last two DUI's happened 7 and 8 years ago.
Yes! You are facing a possible one year mandatory jail sentence! You need experienced counsel. I recommend William...