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How do I find a CA attorney to help me?
On March 8th I was arrested for a drug related dui in Concord, CA and then on 3/14 in Morgan Hill for another drug related dui.
Use Avvo, click on Find a Lawyer and DUI in your city and state. Or you could just google it. If you have 2 pending...
Got first DUI in AZ ,Ordered to install interlock for year, Moved to NV. I have my NV lic. can I remove the interlock ??
I got my DUI April 2014. was ordered by AZ ADOT to install interlock for a year. I live in NV and if I was to have the device remove . since NV DUI laws differ from AZ . Will I loose my NV lic . please help
I am not licensed in either Nevada or Arizona, but the key to your keeping the Nevada license is complying with the...
Can I seal my 9yr old DUI from NV if I have a 1yr old DUI from GA? My 9yr old DUI in NV should still be seal-able? If not, why?
* NV DUI 2005 (I want to seal this) * GA DUI 2013 (currently on Probation)
Usually DUIs that are old enough can be sealed. The fact that you have a DUI in another state may complicate things,...
I had drivers license in state (A). Moved to State (B) where I changed my last name and then got a new license in that state.
I got 2 duis in State (A) a few months later. Its been a year and I went to get a license in State (A) since i moved back, and they looked up my social security number and said that i had nothing on my record what so ever. That my old license is still valid. They still have my old last name though. Would having my old last name cause the duis to not show up or should they show up when there search for my license by social #?
Obviously I'm not from NV, so hopefully someone from NV will chime in, but be careful. Criminal histories are yours...
I need to to attend a level 1 DUI school, should I attend a cheaper online school over the recommended school?
I'm not sure why the court insisted on me attending the LRS systems online dui class for $225 when the one I found at www.duischoolnv.com is more than half the price at $95. Will it look better for the judge to take their recommended school?
If the judge told you to attend LRS then you may not get credit for completing the course, as required, if you attend...
Can someone leave the state while they are awaiting court for a dui arraignment?
In Las Vegas, NV. Out on bail. Leaving for a wedding out of state.
The answer depends upon the bail conditions. Look at your bail bond contract. Most state that one may not leave the...
Can I lower my DUI to something minor if it was on 2008 and it was closed on 2010
I'm trying so see I I could re open my DUI and lower.
You may want to consider an expungement. Consider consulting with a DUI attorney in the county where you were charged...