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My NV record sealing petition was denied for a dismissed 2010 misdemeanor case because of my 2011 DUI conviction in Florida
I have a 2011 DUI conviction in Florida and a 2010 dismissed case from Las Vegas. My petition for sealing the NV case was denied in 2015. In Florida they do not deal or expunge DUI cases so is this the end of the road as far as my NV petition is concerned? Can I try again in a few years?
If it was denied you can Petition in two years. Next time I would have an attorney place it on calendar. See NRS 179....
Intoxalock has already cost me 3 times more than it was supposed to due to false reads. Am I able to be reimbursed?
I cant wear cologne around it or even idle for too long without a false read costing me $300 instead of $70. Is there a way to get my money back for the faulty handheld electronic device I'm forces to use while operating my vehicle?
Good question. I would speak with a products liability attorney, a civil attorney, who is licensed under NV law....
Does the Driver License Compact (DLC) apply to my situation (question below)?
The Driver License Compact (DLC) states, "Under the Driver License Compact, in order for a driver's state to penalize him/her for an out-of-state offense, the driver's state must have the equivalent statute. If the driver's state does not have the statute, no action can be taken." I have been convicted of DWAI in Colorado. Colorado has 2 types of impairment offenses. 1) DUI - .08 and higher BAC 2) DWAI .05 to .079. Nevada only has a DUI law for .08 and higher BAC. It does not have a DWAI law equivalent to Colorado (for a lower BAC). I currently live in and have a Nevada drivers license. Will my license in Nevada be suspended after they suspend my Colorado drivers license because of the Drivers License Compact?
The DUI will be the obvious equivalent. Should have asked this question before pleading if you had a chance.If you get...
How do I find a CA attorney to help me?
On March 8th I was arrested for a drug related dui in Concord, CA and then on 3/14 in Morgan Hill for another drug related dui.
Use Avvo, click on Find a Lawyer and DUI in your city and state. Or you could just google it. If you have 2 pending...
Got first DUI in AZ ,Ordered to install interlock for year, Moved to NV. I have my NV lic. can I remove the interlock ??
I got my DUI April 2014. was ordered by AZ ADOT to install interlock for a year. I live in NV and if I was to have the device remove . since NV DUI laws differ from AZ . Will I loose my NV lic . please help
I am not licensed in either Nevada or Arizona, but the key to your keeping the Nevada license is complying with the...
Can I seal my 9yr old DUI from NV if I have a 1yr old DUI from GA? My 9yr old DUI in NV should still be seal-able? If not, why?
* NV DUI 2005 (I want to seal this) * GA DUI 2013 (currently on Probation)
Usually DUIs that are old enough can be sealed. The fact that you have a DUI in another state may complicate things,...
I had drivers license in state (A). Moved to State (B) where I changed my last name and then got a new license in that state.
I got 2 duis in State (A) a few months later. Its been a year and I went to get a license in State (A) since i moved back, and they looked up my social security number and said that i had nothing on my record what so ever. That my old license is still valid. They still have my old last name though. Would having my old last name cause the duis to not show up or should they show up when there search for my license by social #?
Obviously I'm not from NV, so hopefully someone from NV will chime in, but be careful. Criminal histories are yours...