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Nevada dmv dui hearing second offense license revoked 1 year
My Nevada drivers license is currently revoked after my appearing in court and pleading guilty to dui. The judge reduced the dui second offense to first time offense. If I receive a third dui within 7 years they will become enhance as my third offense. Due to this Nevada dmv administration revoked my driver license for 1 year. I have a hearing with dmv scheduled next month to see if I can receive a conditional license for work or if they will allow me to have interlock devi en for remainder of the suspension. Right now I have served 6 months of the 1 year . Do I have served conditions chance at reducing this suspension at the hearing
Good question. I would direct this at an experienced DUI attorney licensed in Nevada. Good luck to you.
I have a Driving while ability impaired (DWAI) conviction in NY 1978. Do I have to admit to that if asked by ADA or Police?
I have been stopped by Metro Police and asked if I ever have been arrested? I said 'no' as my lawyer in NY instructed me. I was given a ticket for speeding and have to appear soon. If asked again should I admit this or refuse to answer?
If you were convicted of DAWI in New York you wee both arrested and convicted. However, it is not considered a criminal...
Can I be locked up until court (six months) for a DUI?
I would like to find out if some random thing happens if i can be locked up until my court date six months from now. I'm worried as they arrested me for looking nervous even though I told them I'm in treatment for an anxiety disorder.
If you are arrested for a DUI, bond will be set in your case. It is unlikely that you would be kept in jail for the...
Are they allowed to take 8 months for blood test on bogus dui?
I got arrested for DUI completely sober and demanded a blood test. Two months and two court dates later they told me to come back in six months. Is this legal and can I be locked up for six months over any minor problem that might happen? Can I sue when the test results come back negative? I've lost my car from this.
The short answer is "Yes." On any misdemeanor the prosecution has one year to bring charges against you. Also, since...
Dui Nevada? Lgl stop sitting at traffic light -said person called to report this vehicle- friend called ski resort to see if car
March 28 2015. I was driving with suspended license which was caused by a previous DUI in California from October 2014. I did not submit to roadside test. They drew blood at the Nevada jail the night after I was arrested. went before judge he required me to have ankle bracelet because I lived far away. ankle bracelet checks any alcohol content in my system court date is on May 11. What are the likely consequences? do not know my alcohol level blood test. Will I get a public defender? can I talk to him before this hearing? should I get an attorney for this court is is 3.5 hours from where I live Sacramento - The officer didn't have reason to pull me over friend called ski resort to see if car in parking lot end of day no phone signal. Did not call sheriff to report missing car
The court appoints a public defender in cases where a defendant is below a certain financial level. Some defendants...
Can I sue a company if the OWNER of the company is driving his company car intoxicated, but is out of his scope of employment?
If the OWNER of the company injures me in an auto accident and is convicted of a DUI can I sue the company if he was out of the scope of his employment, but should have known an accident would have been likely due to the fact that he was the one drinking, and the owner of the company?
You can certainly sue the individual. I'm not sure you gain any real advantage by also naming the company but if the...
Intoxalock has already cost me 3 times more than it was supposed to due to false reads. Am I able to be reimbursed?
I cant wear cologne around it or even idle for too long without a false read costing me $300 instead of $70. Is there a way to get my money back for the faulty handheld electronic device I'm forces to use while operating my vehicle?
Good question. I would speak with a products liability attorney, a civil attorney, who is licensed under NV law....