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  • County clerk facing forgery, theft counts

    Thursday Mar 26 | via NWAonline 

    An initial investigation of unauthorized bonuses paid to Jefferson County employees resulted in the arrest Wednesday of Jefferson County Clerk Patricia Royal Johnson. Johnson, 67, of Pine Bluff was booked into the Jefferson County jail at 1:13 p.m. Wednesday and was released without bond by 2:04 p.m., according to the Jefferson County jail inmate roster.


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  • Pine Bluff Police Release Photos of Homicide Suspect...

    Wednesday Mar 25 | via FOX16 

    Detectives are working to identify the person responsible for the shooting death of a man on the Plaza Hotel parking lot March 18. Police say the suspect drove onto the parking lot in a white Chevrolet Monte Carlo, got out and then fired several shots from the driver's side. Anyone with information about where to find the vehicle or its owner, is asked to contact the dispatch center at 541-5300 or the detective division at 730-2090.


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  • Fatal Mauling in Pine Bluff

    Saturday Mar 21 | via FOX16 

    A Jefferson County neighborhood is on edge tonight after police say a pack of dogs mauled a man to death. Police say the dogs were pit bulls and they belonged to the owner of CJ's garage. 1 comment

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  • Homicide Investigation in Pine Bluff after Early Mor...

    Wednesday Mar 18 | via FOX16 

    The Pine Bluff Police Department is investigating an early morning homicide that left one man dead. Shortly after 2:00 a.m. officers were dispatched to the Plaza Hotel located at #2 Convention Center Drive in reference to a call of a shooting with a man down.


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  • Pine Bluff Man Robbed at Gunpoint Speaks Out

    Sunday Mar 8 | via FOX16 

    The Pine Bluff Police Department is searching for a man believed to have robbed another man at gunpoint outside Fast Mart convenience store on 25th and Cherry streets on February 18th. The Pine Bluff Police Department is searching for a man believed to have robbed another man at gunpoint outside Fast Mart convenience store on 25th and Cherry streets on February 18th.


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Pine Bluff Law

Do I need a lawyer?
I have a warrant from 6 years ago. DUI I think. I did the class, house arrest, and got my license back. I paid most the fine but moved and haven't paid it off. I plan on it when I get my taxes. Will I go to jail? I'm in Arkansas
Yes you need a lawyer - one familiar with the court that has issued the warrant and with the prosecutor who will be...
I work on a river boat and it's hard to pay tickets off, I had two speeding tickets before I got a DUI,
I have three warrants for my arrest because I couldn't show up for court, and I have a really good job and workin hard and don't want to lose my job, but I have a suspended license, I need to pay my tickets off and warrants off with out losing my job, I new legal help or bond or something of that sort to set up a payment plan with out doing time, can you help?
you have two problems: The warrants for failure to appear, and then the cost of tickets and penalties. Hire a...
Drinking and driving on private land
Can I be issued a DUI on an ATV will operating on my own private property that is not maintained by the state?
The law does not require the operation of a vehicle on a public roadway. Many people have gotten DWIs on private...
Do I need an attorney for an MIP in Benton Country in the state of Araknsas to get it off my record?
I have had only 1 speeding ticket prior to this ticket and no other legal trouble.
Probably. Depending on which court you're charged in (there are numerous, both big and small) and which agency arrested...
Can you be charged with assault and battery if both parties don't remember what happen; do to being drunk?
A friend and I got drunk the other night; last thing we both remember was having fun and taking shots at my house. BAC was over .3 on both of us. We both woke up in the hospital in handcuffs and don't remember how it happen. I was fine and his head was split open and face busted up. Neither one of us know how this happen and I had no marks on myself or my hands (as if we got into a fight). If we would have fought; I'm right handed and his face was hurt on the other side. He does not want to press charges even if we did accidently fight and of course neither do I. There is also stuff broken in my house where it looks like he may have fail; but again neither one of us remember. Where do we stand?
I wouldn't be surprised if you are both charged with some kind of disorderly conduct offense. Assault could be awfully...
Can I be arrested at the motorcycle test
I had old warrents from years ago then I moved back & got pulled over & I got arrested for them since then I've paid what I could on them I think I have warrents out but need my license to make it too work
If you have warrants, any agency that sees them can have you arrested.
My son had a dui in CA in 2010 - 8 months before his 21st birthday - is there anyway to get that expunged from his record?
he was living in CA at the time and now lives in AR - he has not had any other citations
There is, once he successfully finishes probation and otherwise qualifies under Penal Code section 1203.4. To read...