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Hi, My brother was arrested for his second DUI back in 2009. He was notified by PennDot (PA department of transportation) early 2010 that his drivers license was suspended for 18 months. He didn't appear to court but served about a week jail time in August 2013. He just completed 9 months of parole time and is looking to restore his drivers license and his life in general. The restoration requirements letter he received from Penn Dot lists all the steps he needs to take to restore his drivers license. At this point is it necessary to hire a lawyer to help him restore his drivers license or should he follow the steps stated on the restoration requirements letter retrieved from Penn Dot? Thank you for your help P.S.He doesn't know English all that well Sincerely, A concerned sister
Provided your brother turned his license in when suspended, he needs to follow the steps on the letter. Good luck!
dui feb 2 2014 had a hearing 03 6 2014 was not taken to court. judge reviewed and continued. Another court date April 4 2014 . Want to know if test is back. is there any way to find out if test is complete.
I would contact your attorney. Many times I am able to get the blood results FAXED to me or given verbally prior to...
PA has not said anything about an interlock device, or the DUI at all. Now my contact from IDRC has told me that I'm currently no longer on the revoked list, and that I can pay a 100 dollar restoration fee online. If I pay this fee online, and have no need to physically restore my license with the DMV (since I'm a licensed PA driver) do I still need to place the interlock on my vehicle?
Yes because NJ will suspend your license and driving abilities in NJ and will report to PA.
Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony crime other than a minor traffic violation? A conviction record will not necessarily be a bar to employment factors such as job relations; age and time of the offense, seriousness and nature of violation and rehabilitation will be taken into account.
Based upon the recited question on the application the answer is unquestionably NO. You participation in the ARD...
Dui was dismissed by judge. One month later motion to expunge the case and dismissal was granted. My question is what type of agency would till be able to access the arrest record? Employment/financial/licensing. There was never a convication or any penalties and doing a standard background check on myself brings no information
The arrest will still be on the record if it was not expunged. If it has been expunged, it should not be on any...
I had my identity stolen and someone got 2 DUI in my name ! I went to state police to get finger printed and my prints came back clean with no charges so I proved they where not mine ! But somehow no one had a answer for me on how to get my license witch I never had ! Can anyone help or give me real advice on how to get rid of these DUI ???
They used your ID to get your license. It'd be easier to do it since they don't have a record on you. Go to court and...
On an insurance application (NOT car insurance, and I do not need to furnish a copy of my driving record), it simply states: "List any DUI's with dates" Can I legally answer NO to this since I have not been convicted?
The question didn't ask "have you ever been convicted of a DUI" - that you could answer NO to. Insurance company is...