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I got thirteen citations and all but these above were "nolle prosequi". I just want to know if any of these above count as felonies? I can see all of my information on the Maryland Case Search site but they do not label whether they are felony or misdemeanors and I have to tell a new job what misdemeanors I have been convicted of. Thank you.
It is best if you consult with your attorney in MD to answer this question. In the alternative, you can contact the...
I was originally pulled over for speeding and although I had a couple of beers a few hours before he arrested me for DWI. I was never given a citation for the speeding though. Is this grounds to dismiss my case?
Not at all. It is actually often that once an officer is going to make an arrest for a criminal offense that they don't...
I have prior charges. Resisting arrest, failure to appear. I've already done time/paid for those. Will this affect my sentence? Also on the ticket the officer put "1st offense". Will this count as my "1st DWI"?
If this is your truly first DWI it will be your 'first offense for DWI'. If you are found guilty for this charge, your...
I have asked several questions about my particular case, but now I'm wondering about my driving record. in 2011 I got a DUI that was dismissed before a conviction. In late September of this year, I got the case expunged. My question is, will this DUI show on my driving record even if there was no conviction? It was listed as a Class C misdemeanor, and my license was never suspended, and my insurance hasn't gotten up either. So would that mean it wouldnt be on my driving record?
First, go to and check on the eligibility of your license to see it'...
I got an order of expungement in early October for a DUI arrest with no conviction. I was wondering how long it will take for me to be clear ?
Once the order has been entered by the court, it may take some time for all agencies with records of the arrest (DPS,...
Let me explain this a little bit more. In 2011 I was charged with DUI, but I was never convicted because it was dismissed. Two years later I seeked an expungement and spoke with a lawyer. I ended up getting a signed order of expungement and now Im just wondering what happens next? It was signed on September 30th, so almost two months ago, here in Texas. What do the courts do? What about DPS? My lawyer tells me that an FBI background check will not show this. Is that true? I ask because I eventually want to be a nurse, so I don't know if the boards can see this expunged case?
If you got it expunged, then it will usually take a couple of months for it to be fully "erased" from your record....
I was placed on 6month misdemenor probation for petty theft obviously I didnt stick around to do so , I also have unpaid tickets that went to court and court fees I was on a payment plan but since I moved I fell back on payments so I have a purge as well , I had my license suspended and taken away for two yrs on a possession charge but that was years ago .
The states do "talk" to each other.