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What is a likely sentence for intoxicated assault for someone that has a lengthy criminal record?
I was hit by an intoxicated driver (alcohol and xanax in his system) and spent 3 weeks in the hospital along with 7 trips to the OR. The driver fled the scene and was apprehended about 30 minutes later This guy has a few dwi on his record, assault and battery, engaging in organized criminal activity and he's spent 3 years in Texas prison for burglary of A railway car. What would a likely sentence be for him, the local prosecutor is saying 5-7 years and that the intox assault charge had been upgraded to a 2nd degree felony from a 3rd
The punishment range for a 2nd degree felony is 2-20 years in the pen and a fine up to $20K. What sentence he...
I got a PBJ in MD in 2008 for Disorderly Conduct (CR), Fleeing arrest (TRAF), and DUI (TRAF). Are any of these felonies?
I got thirteen citations and all but these above were "nolle prosequi". I just want to know if any of these above count as felonies? I can see all of my information on the Maryland Case Search site but they do not label whether they are felony or misdemeanors and I have to tell a new job what misdemeanors I have been convicted of. Thank you.
It is best if you consult with your attorney in MD to answer this question. In the alternative, you can contact the...
Can my DWI case be dismissed if the officer did not cite me for what he originally pulled me over for? (Texas)
I was originally pulled over for speeding and although I had a couple of beers a few hours before he arrested me for DWI. I was never given a citation for the speeding though. Is this grounds to dismiss my case?
Not at all. It is actually often that once an officer is going to make an arrest for a criminal offense that they don't...
In 2012 I was cited with my first DWI ever. In Dec. 11, 2013 I was given 12 month suspended sentence. In Feb. 21, 2014 I was
falsely accused of assault. Point being that I immediately notified my PO who decided to wait until Nov. 2014 to file MTR in county where I was given probation (1 month prior to end of probation) because I have ye to go to trial on false charges. MTR was timely filed but no capias was ever issued, I was simply sent a letter to attend MTR hearing. Today was my final hearing and judge extended my probation by 6 months. I asked my court appointed attorney who happened to be an ex-ADA at this county about Article 42.12 Sec. 21(e) because capias was never issued. He simply told me that it was a given that any time probation is revoked a capias is issued but you get sent a letter instead. I spoke to the county clerk's office and they assure me capias was never issued. How can I prove this?
Do you have any idea what the capias is? It doesn't look like you do. It is a warrant for your arrest. Did you want...
I was convicted of a drug charge in 2008 n my CDL was disqualified is there a way I can get it back ,
I was caught with drugs in an 18 wheeler in January 2008 but I was sentenced in February 2009 why was CDL disqualified I plead quilty in March 2008 n the law had passed in July 2008 I want to know if there is a way to get it back truck driving is my life , I know I did something wrong but I learned from it n I paid the price for it
I am not licensed in Texas. Check with a licensing attorney in Texas about regaining your CDL in Texas now that you...
How much would it cost to get a DWI expunged from your record? Is an attorney needed?
I paid all my probation and court fees in full early and even got early dismissal from my probation the offense happened nearly 2 years ago.
You cannot get a dwi expunged sorry. Not even non disclosure is available.
I violated pretrial. I'm on probation for a different county. There is a warrant for the pretrial county. Both DWI. WHAT happens
Will I be arrested for the pre trial county warrent when reporting to my probation county?
When you have an outstanding warrant, you run the risk of being arrested whenever you come across LawEnforcement. Hire...