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I was pulled over for speeding. Admitted to having a couple drinks after being asked. Politely accepted to do a sobriety test. I apparently failed my physical test (it was -8 degrees out) along with blowing a .10. I was arrested. After 20 minute observation period I blew a .09 at the station. After the officer realized he hadn't read the "Informing the Accused" notice the breath test had to be redone a 2nd time. After another 20 minute observation period my breath test came to .07 which goes on my record and saved me from a suspended license. I was still given an $800 citation for OWI. Is that legal if my .07 is what goes on record? What will a lawyer do for me? Could my ticket be thrown out?
You really need to consult a local Wisdconsin lawyer as to your viable defenses. Wisconsin employs differing...
first one .277, second one moving my car in a parking lot bumped another car.
Your likely aggravated with the .277, so not much chance of a favorable plea bargain. Depends on the order of the...
DUI was in Wisconsin. Home state is part of the Compact. Both states have mandatory suspension for Refusal
WI reports DUI convictions to IL.
He has three dui's and does not have a valid drivers license. We have been together for eight years and have a six year old son together.
Marriage alone would not have any direct effect on his situation, but that doesn't mean that his case is lost. You...
I went to a funeral for a friend and after I was drinking left and driven my self home made it in the driveway and was getting out of the truck and the police pulled in the driveway and said that people were calling in that I was driving bad. this will be my first DUI but I had one in 1980 form what I heir after the laws changed this will be my first is there anything that a lawyer can do.
In Wisconsin this will be counted as a first offense again because of the age of your last DUI. You will face a civil...
I'm applying for an L1 Blanket In 2012 In Italy I had an accident with DUI (no injuries or death, only damage to things). I was not arrested and the trial has not started yet (In Italy times are very slow), altough this kind of crime includes some very short jail time that could eventually be converted in a fine. How can this affect my L1? How can affect further plans for a GC? How should I answer the following questions? "Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offense or crime, even though subject of a pardon, amnesty, or other similar action?" "Have you knowingly committed any crime for which you have not been arrested?" Have you been arrested, cited, charged or indicted for the violation of any law in or outside the United States (including traffic violations)?" Thanks
Your situation is complicated and any incorrect answer, although it might appear to be correct will jeopardize your L1...
He got into two car accidents (not drinking related) in 2008 & 2009 & that is all that's on his record.
Your husband needs to consult with local, experienced DUI defense attorneys in Bend, OR regarding what will happen in...