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This was a dui case and it has been adjourned until june defendant already in custody will they remain there until the next court date
Generally yes, unless the person is able to post bail. An attorney could file a motion to modify the bail and have a...
I am complying with all of the courts orders and have finished my time in Huber. All of my fines are paid. I have the IID in my car and am compliant with that as well. I don't have any criminal record other than the 2 DUI charges. I am supposed to be eligible for my occupational license in 2 months, but got pulled over last week for license plate renewal not up to date(which I have taken care of) and got the ticket for OAR. How likely is it that I will end up serving actual jail time for this offense?
It depends on your prosecutor and judge. Often times, if you are eligible to reinstate your license soon, the charge...
I was pulled over for speeding. Admitted to having a couple drinks after being asked. Politely accepted to do a sobriety test. I apparently failed my physical test (it was -8 degrees out) along with blowing a .10. I was arrested. After 20 minute observation period I blew a .09 at the station. After the officer realized he hadn't read the "Informing the Accused" notice the breath test had to be redone a 2nd time. After another 20 minute observation period my breath test came to .07 which goes on my record and saved me from a suspended license. I was still given an $800 citation for OWI. Is that legal if my .07 is what goes on record? What will a lawyer do for me? Could my ticket be thrown out?
You really need to consult a local Wisdconsin lawyer as to your viable defenses. Wisconsin employs differing...
first one .277, second one moving my car in a parking lot bumped another car.
Your likely aggravated with the .277, so not much chance of a favorable plea bargain. Depends on the order of the...
I was driving home in stop and go traffic from Summerfest with my mom and rear-ended someone when everyone slammed their brakes. I blew a .07, but got an OWI and an absolute sobriety ticket bc of my age (20, and my 21st is in a month). My mom was too drunk to drive and that's why I ended up driving. Is there anything I can do to get anything reduced or at least keep my license? I have to drive 30 min to work fulltime and school.
The best thing you can do is focus on legal representation. You will want to get an attorney working for you right...
DUI was in Wisconsin. Home state is part of the Compact. Both states have mandatory suspension for Refusal
WI reports DUI convictions to IL.
Just got blood results back. I was under the legal limit. I am now indigent. Case is closed. What do I do??
Both the timetable you describe and your selection of the "traffic ticket" category for your question strongly suggest...