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I was arrested for DUI, I requested a lawyer to be present before I would answer any questions or perform any tests. They got a warrant, and drew my blood after 3 hours. I know that this blood test can possibly be suppressed due to the time period and lack of drinking/eating history. My main concern is with the MVD hearing. I know that I will receive a bare minimum 90 day suspension. I will also be restricted and will have a breathalyzer for 9 months after that. Aside from the arresting officer not showing up, is there any other possibilities to have this reduced. Not only do I drive quite a bit for work, but I also travel out of state which requires a rental car. If my criminal case is dismissed, or I plead to a lesser charge. Will I still be restricted and have a breathalyzer?
Probably. The DMV is completely separate from your criminal battle. That means the mvd will determine whether you...
BAC in DUI was taken 2 hrs, 35mins later, which exceeds the 2 hr limit, per law. Public Defender say it doesn't matter because there is something called "relations back", which mean they could of taken it 4-5 hrs later.
Reverse extrapolation. They take your BAC at the time of the test and related it back to what it would have been earlier.
I was pulled over for speeding, they did the breathalyzer and I blew a .065%. I was charged with DUI to slightest degree, DUI underage, and underage w/ alcohol in body. I was also charged w/ a speeding ticket and they found drug paraphanalia in my car. I don't know who's it was but I admitted to it in fear they would arrest my friends. The cop was extremely nice & seemed to feel bad, he kept calming me saying it was not a big deal and that I had a right to a public defender, as if he was hinting. At first he said he was going to get a blood test, but when the readings came back on the breathalyzer in the station, he said he didnt think it was necessary anymore. He even did a courtesy drive and drove me home. I dont know if his kindness means anything, but is it possible to fight this?
The fact that the officer wa nice is not a reflection of the quality of the evidence to be presented against you. I...
what are the legal consequences will this be listed as a criminal offense will this be on my record what other ramifications can i possibly be facing?
Yes. This is a criminal case, and if you are convicted it will be on your record and could (likely will) have...
test. took her in. Kept handcuffed to pole. Drew her blood. Then 3 hours later, read her her rights. Is this legal?
Assuming they had a reasonable belief that she had consumed alcohol, not only is it legal, but it appears they followed...
My son is in NV; got a wet reckless in CA, now wants to move to AZ. Is there a 12 hour wet reckless program he can complete in AZ?
If your son has probation requirements that require him to get counseling or other treatment there are many such...
I have a court hearing, Aug 6th to get a dui endangerment charge, a class 6 felony dismissed off of my record. Since its undesignated I found out it can be plead down to a misdemeanor charge, what should I do can I do both in my court hearing coming up should I wait for the dismissal or cancel the court hearing?
It is never dismissed off your record, you can only have it "set aside" and the conviction vacated. However, it will...