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My friend got put on probation for domestic, and they put him on probation and gave him a diferred judgement. He got arrested 11 days ago for dui for driving under the influence of marijuana. What would be the best or worst scenerio that could happen to him when he goes in front of the judge?
Worst case scenario is he is convicted of OWI and then has his deferred judgment revoked for the domestic violence...
I was arrested for my 1st offense OWI in Iowa over the weekend. I was initially pulled over for my license plate light was out. I tested .155 on the breath test, but also demanded an independant blood test at my own expense. My blood sample was just thrown in with all my other personal belongings when I was put in the jail cell. It was not refridgerated. I guess I don't know what the proper procedure is for my blood sample, but I don't think it was handled right. Do I have any chance of getting this reduced or thrown out ? If I am convicted of the OWI, I will lose my job, home and be probably bankrupt ?
Unfortunately, not refrigerating the blood sample for hours or even days following the blood draw generally does not...
I filed an appeal to the revocation but it will be up soon and I doubt the DMV case monitor will continue the stay. Can I get a work permit? If so how? I dont want to risk driving revoked.
If the appeal was granted, then the revocation is stopped pending your hearing. You can drive with full privileges...
Can she forego getting her license back until the 12 months are up and not need a breathalyzer?
Nope. That period starts when you apply to get the license back.
I am on probation for a DUI and just got a probation violation for THC, however my PO said I could still move to Colorado and drop UA's for her there and do phone calls. Would that mean I would have to transfer probation to that state or am I still under Iowa probation.? I know you have to be accepted by the probation places in a new state and wondered how I could make that more likely for myself.
You will still be supervised out of Iowa. Most states will not accept probation transfers unless a felony is involved.
If your blood tests for a dui came back over the limit, are the police required to provide you with the sample so you can have it retested? The toxicology report says the sample would be destroyed after 90 days and it has been well over the 90 days since it was tested. Would the tests results get thrown out if the blood sample was destroyed before the discovery process?
Most agencies hold onto blood for six months before destroying the blood for retesting purposes. if the State is going...
All tow companies are closed cuz its the weekend so they cant tell me anything when i call. Iv called the police department and was forwarded to an answering machine. I dont know what they did with my car. Do i have to wait until monday to find out or is the police supposed to let me know whats going on or do i have any rights to my own vehicle?
Yes, you should be able to pay the towing company to take the car out of impound. Unfortunately, it may tomorrow before...