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  • MLC women give up lead, lose 71-62 to Central

    Saturday Dec 6 | via Journal 

    The Martin Luther College women's basketball team fell victim to a second-half cold spell on the offensive end in a 71-62 loss at Central College on Saturday. First-year guard Grace Schultz helped the Knights to a good start, scoring 18 first-half points on 7-of-9 shooting from the field en route to a 33-28 halftime lead.


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  • Iowa group calls for Hy-Vee to stop selling tobacco ...

    Nov 20, 2014 | via KTIV-TV Sioux City 

    An Iowa group is calling for the state's largest grocery store chain to end tobacco sales at certain store. The Iowa Tobacco Prevention Alliance says the Hy-Vee should stop selling cigarettes, chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes in stores with pharmacies and clinics A Hy-Vee spokeswoman says the company doesn't advertise tobacco products, but also doesn't believe it should police customers' personal choices.


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I was arrested for my 1st offense OWI in Iowa over the weekend. I was initially pulled over for my license plate light was out. I tested .155 on the breath test, but also demanded an independant blood test at my own expense. My blood sample was just thrown in with all my other personal belongings when I was put in the jail cell. It was not refridgerated. I guess I don't know what the proper procedure is for my blood sample, but I don't think it was handled right. Do I have any chance of getting this reduced or thrown out ? If I am convicted of the OWI, I will lose my job, home and be probably bankrupt ?
Unfortunately, not refrigerating the blood sample for hours or even days following the blood draw generally does not...
I'm from Illinois and I received an OWI for marijuana in Iowa. I'm just trying to keep my career from being jeopardized by this. Are there any plea agreement opinions besides OWI prosecutors are willing to accept to prevent reporting a DUI to Illinois? I can not lose my license due to a suspension right now!!!
Yes, it is mandatorily reported. Your license will automatically be revoked in IA, then an abstract will be sent to...
I got off work around 11 p.m. and headed home to Illinois to try and get home from the Holidays. Upon entering Illinois I got pulled over (Admittedly going 19 MPH Over Speed limit) in a rush to get home. He stated my car smelled like "Marijuana" and demanded I get out. He searched my vechicle and found a pill bottle that had shake under my prescription pills (it was a special unmarked bottle because in my culture you can't take pills) I didn't know it was there because I share the bottle with a roommate, but he arrested me and charge me with a DUI (After doing a sobriety test, which I passed). Obviously I am trying to fight this. There was also an open liquor bottle in the trunk I share the car with my sister who is 22 (I'm 20) and told them this but they charged me with a PAULA as well
Not sure what your question is but if you plan to fight it you will need a lawyer.
The officer never tested my drink, or breathalized me, but wrote me a ticket for possession of alcohol under the legal age
Hire a criminal defense attorney. The Find a Lawyer tab at the top of the page will allow you to search by practice...
i blew a .054 at a party and was told i could either go to court or pay it online
Who is PAULA and why did you receive her ticket? Before wondering if it will ever come off your record, why not retain...
All fines and terms were completed at the time. Not arrests or tickets since then.
Unfortunately, Minnesota currently does not allow DWI convictions to be expunged, although the attitude toward...
Last dui I had in Iowa was in 2011. I have a restricted drivers license with a breathalyzer in my car.
Due to the interstate compact, it is unlikely (read likely impossible) that you will be able to receive an unmodified...