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  • Pelham fire victim had 'a big heart' 0

    Yesterday | via 

    Flames shoot from the windows as firefighters battle a fatal fire in Pelham Friday.


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  • Former Pelham man sentenced to jail, ordered to make...

    Sunday Jan 11 | via Nashua Telegraph 

    Eric Oak, the former Pelham man accused of bilking seven Nashua residents, most of them elderly, out of more than $14,000 combined has entered into a plea agreement that involves making restitution to all the victims, according to documents in Hillsborough County Superior Court South. Oak, 33, whose last known address is 18 Mercury Lane in Pelham, agreed to plead guilty to seven counts of theft by deception in exchange for serving two concurrent 12-month jail sentences, with 28 days of credit for time served.


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  • Close-call gunshot left couple shaken

    Friday Dec 26 | via Lowell Sun 

    An illegal hunter's shotgun blast that penetrated a Pelham house last week, almost hitting a homeowner, was an isolated "bad apple" incident, and should not be viewed as a common hunting hazard, the state's leading hunter-safety educator said. At 4:25 p.m. on Dec. 15, Sandra and Randy Gladu were seated inside their 9 Campbell Drive home when a 12-gauge shotgun slug, fired from woods behind their house, pierced the back wall of their home and hurtled through the living room, penetrating the wall just above Randy Gladu's head.


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Pelham Law

I am a dentist and fear for my life and office whickh is in a bad part of town..drugs murder robberies etc
The Massachusetts State Police handle applications from out-of-state residents for licenses to carry a firearm in...
I got arrested in New Hampshire for DUI and it was brought down to Reckless driving. Is this still considered and alcohol conviction?
If you managed to get it reduced from DUI, I suspect you had a lawyer represent you, This is a question you should...
Do I have any chances of not losing my license? I am willing to do screening and any required classes.
You very well could your license for a period of time. DUI is nearly a specialized section of law in and of itself....
I had a dui in 2007 in NH and a second one in the beggining of 2014 in California while still holding a NH license. My lawyer in CA told me i will not be getting jail time and i can get my dui class done here. Now my question is, should i expect more punishments from NH besides license suspension? I ask because i dont know how NH handles out state cases.
You will not receive any further punishment from NH. Assuming you completed all the requirements of your sentence from...
I failed to appear to a court hearing in Mass, I had to leave to attend a family emergency then I had to move to NH. I tried notifying the court about the situation but they were not helping with the situation. I just got hired and they are doing a background check, will it affect my employment? Also the hearing was for a motor vehicle violation. I just needed to pay a fine. If I go to the court to pay it will they arrest me?
I need more information to help you. What type motor vehicle violation was it? Was your appearance required or were...
it was roughly 130am. I was not speeding. I swerved a bit trying to text my wife. the trooper started tailgating me after for about 2 miles. I was unaware he was a trooper and made a quick lane change, signal and all to get out of his path. he acknowledged seeing text blaring on my phone from my wife. I think I did good on sobriety test. I did take a roadside BA came in at 1.01. back at station I refused the test. I have a great driving record. I understand the roadside BA test is not accurate. so he could agree my swerving may have been from texting not alcohol. if sobriety test were good, this leaves no concrete evidence since I did not take test at station, as long as roadside test is not admissable.
All he has to prove is that you were operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and that you were...
The conviction was for a class B misdemeanor (first offense) in NH in 2010, I'm a NH resident looking for employment; if my DWI conviction has been reduced to a non-criminal violation, do I still need to answer yes in an employment disclosure form when it asks whether I've been convicted of a crime?
You will need to read the wording of the question very carefully. If the DWI conviction was in fact reduced to a non-...