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Arrested for dui,with forced refusal, next day, No ticket ,No mug shots,No finger printing No 30 day impounding. What happened?
I was lied to on camera by the police officer about how the the dui refusal worked. Then after I questioning him on his lies, I still waiting to see if something comes in the mail? What will happen Now????
Good question. Probably the only one who can answer your question is the AZ police officers involved. Occasionally,...
Last week I was involved in a auto accident.
I was driving home after shopping and the next thing I remember was waking up in the Hospital. They informed me that my COH was above the legal limit. There was a policeman who gave a document indicating my vehicle was being held for DUI investigation. I received no DUI citation and nothing in the mail. I have no idea what is going on and I am worried.
Sounds like you will need an attorney. Get one hired so they can begin the process of looking into this matter for you...
I got a fue druge charges and a dui charge in az when i moved thar how can i i go salving this and get my licens back
i move back to nc when i got the charges because my family and saw i was going off the deep end it was my first time goveing somewere by my self and i could not handel it alone after my dad died wile i was out thar i would like to get my drives licences back it has been over 2 years and i have not got into any truble sence
You should hire an Arizona lawyer to help you resolve this. Under Arizona law, a conviction for DUI requires a jail...
Charged agg.dui times two,poss meth,poss parri,plea is 1.5,2.5,3.75. no probation.alleging my priors.this best i can expect
i have few good medigating factors employed 5 yr same place.other job managing 8 unit appt for 5 strong character letters backing there absoluty no way outta prison.
It is very difficult to answer your question without reading the police report and looking at your record more. I...
Got my license suspended and on the paper it said "no restrictions" what does that mean?
Back in march 2013 I was arrested for a DUI I was 18 they took blood work breath test no hassle didn't get court papers till that November got my license suspended from jan 2014-jan 2016 the paper said no restrictions. I'm confused on that I've paid my fines taken the alcohol classes Is there anyway I can go for a hearing for a special restricted license to drive to work ??? I have a 2 y/o son to get to daycare as well. Plz any advice
The "no restrictions" notation may be that you do not need to wear glasses when you drive. I would have to see the...
Can Arizona require me to have an interlock installed, even though I've never had an AZ license? Nor am I a resident?
I received a DUI in AZ and Arizona has suspended my license for 3 years. I have never been issued an Arizona license. Michigan is not requiring me to have the interlock installed. 3 the year suspension is over and all fines and fees are paid.
Yes, you committed a crime in AZ, they can follow what their law requires.
I was arrested and convicted for a dui in prescott az when I was 18. I had a d d that fled but I withheld that from the police
My d d fled and left me in my car that evening. They crashed my car into a ditch near the college I was attending. I was drunk asleep laying across my passanger and driver seag when the cops arrived. I did not tell them I had a dd that had fled because I was afraid of what might happen. At the time I was rushing with a fraternity whose party I had attended that evening. Ive been regretting my decision to withhold the information and now and am trying to figure out if I can appeal, seal or expunge that record. I live in texas. The only thing is I cannot get the fraternity guy who they appointed to be my d d to admit he was even there.
If you have already been convicted (you don't say how long ago) it is likely too late to make any difference. It...