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i was pulled over pulling out of a bar and police officer said i cut him off. "failed to yield the right of way" was pulled over asked if i had anything to drink and automatically was taken out of the vehicle for the sobriety testing it was a cold windy night and i feel i passed his vision and walking exam, then i voluntarily took a brethalizerand blew a .10, when i was taken to county and did the test there i blew a .080 then my second was .077 shortly after. was told i was in the clear from the dol because they look and the second one , but the court is offering me to take a wreckless driving charge and they will drop the other charges. i feel thats a horrible deal but need input. also i do not have insurance will that be dropped? thank you for looking
Talk over your options with your attorney and YOU make the best decision for you. If you don't like the advise you are...
He has no bad record and he has proof that he was already working on license can he still get deported
What the immigration consequences of a DUI could be depend on a number of things. The most important of these being...
Long story short but i was in an absuive situation and moved across country to Washington state with just two luggage bags in my possession...although that didnt include my dwi paperwork. Its now 2012 and im 3 months pregnant, obviously in need of a Washington DL. Since i dont havemy paperwork; what will the DMV do in regards to issuing me some type of license? Also, since 2009 i havent had a license and kept my nose clean, no tickets or run in with the law.
You should probably retain an attorney in North Carolina to try to clear up your relationship with the law there.
Ignition interlock license was expired and due for reinstatement of license. After checking with the dol to make sure i was clear to have reinstatement. I had taken the written test with a passing grade and the dol employee had scheduled my drive test. I took the drive test and passed but had found out at the counter that they had resuspended my license for another year because it had been done 2 days outside of there 30 day time frame between time of ignition interlock license expiration and regular license reinstatement. DOES NOT seem right to me. Its currently keeping me unemployed at the moment and could have a job as of a month ago. I need my license in order to keep my house. Please Help with this situation.
The circumstances you describe do seem a bit harsh. You should probably retain an attorney and make a motion to the...
A non-exhaustive list of important events which will unfold after being arrested for DUI in or around the Tri Cities in Washington State.
Am i looking at jail time? This is my 1st offence since 2007...
2000 had a DUI i went to jail for one day they let me go they never give me any court days, 2009 i had another DUI i was sentenced for this one, the 2000 DUI was still there in my record i asked the court clerk that i wanned to take care of the DUI of 2000. but they never give me a court day either, about four days ago they issue a warrant for my arrest because the 2000 DUI this the first time i have a warrant for this case. right now im in probation and alcohol treatment for the 2009 DUI.. how can i handle this case? does a case like this have an exparation time? my first DUI was in 1993 how this one is going to affect my situation? thank you!
I don't practice in WA, but it sounds like you need to hie a local attorney and have them appear for you to resolve the...