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DWI, reckless driving etc. Looking for details before case is heard before a judge.
Maybe. If the person was arrested on the violations the police officer would have prepared a "statement of probable...
I got drunk and made a life threatening text if the guy didnt shut his mouth. He went to the police. what do I do? Will I get arrested? do I turn myself in? I really didnt mean anything by it.
You should contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. Do not, under any circumstances, speak to a police officer....
I had a court date back during this summer that I received a PBJ in rather than a conviction. Part of the PBJ was 18 months probation. My home state is not part of the Drivers License Compact but is part of the National Drivers Registry. I have not heard anything about the DWI from the home state and it has been several months. I have heard since it was not a conviction I should be safe to avoid home state repercussions as long as I don't apply for a new license during my Maryland driving suspension?
You need to post this question to attorneys in your home state. Change the location to the state in which you have...
The officer instructed to take off glasses for field sobriety tests. Also had a suspected fractured foot, and was arrested after losing balance. Once taken to station blew .13 First DUI
The short answer is the State probably won't dismiss the charges based solely on the facts you presented....
My license is suspended for 3 years because I accumulated 16 points due to duis. Do I get a new license with no pints on it? Like if it was my first license? Thank you
Points are removed automatically from your license after three years, provided that (1) you have not been convicted of...
Dui in Pa live in maryland want it explunged and can I find ouf if I wss in thd ard program
You would need to contact an attorney in Pennsylvania since that is where the offense occurred. Repost the question...
2 DUI/DWI arrests/charges but no convictions (not guilty and nolle pros) and have had the charges expunged. Will traveling to Canada (via airplane) be a problem?
No, you should have no problem traveling traveling to Canada.