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Will I get terminated from the interlock program in Maryland if I blew a high bac?
I have a pbj and opted to do the interlock program so I can still drive my vehicle. I also have only 1 other violation on the interlock device. Yesterday was my birthday and friends bought me too much drinks. I have not had anything to drink for 13 hrs before attempting to start my vehicle to go to work. The device failed me. I didn't feel drunk just hungover but apparently the alcohol hasn't left my system. I am worried about the bac level recorded because I have no idea what it could have been. Is there a limit on the bac recorded that will kick me out of the program even if it would only be my second violation out of 4 allowed?
There are a lot of reasons you could have failed your interlock test. Whether or not you get kicked out of the program...
Will I go to jail?
In November I was arrested for a Dui. As a result of court I was ordered to not drink, attend meetings, attend a Madd meeting & have an interlock installed in my car. I have followed the rules but unfortunately I did make the decision to drink one night and wake up to go to work, blow in the interlock and it showed up positive alcohol, but I did not blow 5 minutes later as directed. I just shut the car off and got a ride. I have court in October for vop. I do not want to go to jail. Will I?
You should call a lawyer immediately. A lot of whether or not you go to jail depends on the particular judge and...
Are the details behind a traffic violation available to the public if it hasn't been to court yet?
DWI, reckless driving etc. Looking for details before case is heard before a judge.
Maybe. If the person was arrested on the violations the police officer would have prepared a "statement of probable...
I got drunk and made a life threatening text if the guy didnt shut his mouth. He went to the police. what do I do?
I got drunk and made a life threatening text if the guy didnt shut his mouth. He went to the police. what do I do? Will I get arrested? do I turn myself in? I really didnt mean anything by it.
You should contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. Do not, under any circumstances, speak to a police officer....
I'm on parole got 2 driving on suspended license the last oneach got 5000 bail
Is that a violations of my parole I have a attorney
Can you clarify your question? I am guessing your asking if getting a misdemeanor charge while on parole is a...
Can I get a pbj ruling if I got one for a dui 2 yrs ago and that probation is over?
Hi I got pulled over today and the cop in anne Arundel county said I did a rolling stop and issued me a driver fail to make required stop at sign. Ta 21-202(m). W another 2 additional warnings. I got a dui in 2012 and the verdict cam out as pbj for a year w no moving violation (bc I was driving recklessly). The probation period was over last April 2014. I haven't had any tickets since the dui tickets in 2012. My question is is it worth going to court for? If I do go to court am I able to go for another pbj judgement or plea bargain for a point reduction or will the judge look down upon my record and issue me the same points, fine plus court costs??
Yes, you can get a PBJ for the failure to stop at a stop sign, but the prior DUI would be considered by the judge....
How much will Dui under controlled substance charge (not conviction) hurt employment opportunities until it's expunged.
I do qualify for a diversion program in Pa but I have to wait a while before it is expunged. My question is how much do you think the charge will affect me being hired until that day come? BTW I do have a bachelor's degree. Will an employ et overlook a charge because of my education and skill?
This isn't a criminal defense question. It isn't even really an employment law question. It's really a social question....