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I just recently received a DUI. I received a DUI prior, 2 years ago when I was under 21 (20 years old). My license was suspended for a year and I enrolled in the educational portion of a dui program. I completed the program within a few months and obtained a restricted license before the suspension year was over. It has been 2 years now.
it later this will be considered a second time offense you're looking at having to do an 18-month alcohol program and A...
I was court ordered by the judge to take 3 months of DUI classes. Since I won my DMV case I was wondering if I could take the classes online? Who at the court do I contact about this?
You must take it at a licensed school in California, and you must do it in person. The only exception is if you reside...
My husband got a DUI/refusal in Monterey, CA. First time offense. Didn't finish community service in time and was sentenced to 15 days (2 days credit, so 13 total). The judge approved his request to serve his time here in Los Angeles County, where we live. We have a signed order. Prior to his surrender date, we called monterey court and asked the clerk, "What does he need to take to LA jail on his surrender date? Is the order sufficient?" The clerk's office said yes, that would be sufficient. Today was his surrender date. He went to LA County Jail, and they basically laughed and said there is no way he can surrender there without getting prior permission from "Officer ______." They also said it's highly unlikely that it will be approved and now there will be a warrant. What can we do?
One option is to serve the time in a private jail. Most of them cost money. He would need an attorney to appear in...
I got 15 days, credit for 2 served, so my sentence is 13 days (first time DUI/refusal, didn't finish my community service in time). I realize no one can give me an exact answer or be 100% sure, just curious if LA County main jail is as overcrowded as I hear.
It all depends. I've heard of people with that kind of sentence simply being taken in, processed and released. I've...
I was sentenced to 15 days, 2 days credit, so my sentence is 13 days. Los Angeles County. My surrender date is March 7th, a Friday. Any idea how many days I'll serve? Thanks!!
I've been doing criminal law for 26 years, and I've been a Former Deputy District Attorney and have handled close to 10,...
They will take me to the jail or Just pay the ticket or i have to see judge I'm so scare
Are you still on probation?
Hired a CA lawyer and at this point, I am regretting doing so. I was referred by a friend whom is an officer and read many great reviews. I have not received one phone call since I have called to hire the attorney. I have called many times to speak to my lawyer and have always been redirected to another person ( I am assuming his assistant of some sort) and have never spoken directly to my lawyer. I was never asked questions about the day of the incident and have not received any answers. I just had my dmv hearing that stated my license is suspended but I am not sure if it is only in CA. My court hearing is next week and at this point I am very upset with this so called "top" lawyer. I kept insisting on appearing to my hearing and was told to meet with them after instead. Any advice?
Since you are out of state, you really don't need to be at the court hearing. Sounds like you hired a busy lawyer with...