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I am in the three month program and just got expelled for missing 21 days. However, there was a holiday. I only missed twice and that is allowed. I don't know what to do now. Can the school reinstate me or do I need to go to court? My license was not affected by my DUI, but the courts punishment was 3 month DUI class and 3 years informal probation.
You should call the court that sentenced you. The Judge will want to see you and you will need to give a good response....
Currently going through the court process of a DUI. I've yet to be convicted however, the DMV has already rendered a 4 month suspensions of driving privileges. I am already 1 month into the suspension. The dmv issued the following punishment on the Notification of Findings & Decision A $125.00 reissue fee must be paid to DMV You must file proof of financial responsibility as provided in 16430 VC. You must maintain proof of financial responsibility for three years. completion of a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) program licensed pursuant to 11836 of the Health and Safety Code is required if convicted of violation of 23140, 23152, or 23153 VC or section 191.5 of the Penal Code As you can see, there is no mention of an IID. Will I be required to install an IID, regardless if convicted?
Yes you will be required to install an IID as your matter took place in Los Angeles County.
I just recently received a DUI. I received a DUI prior, 2 years ago when I was under 21 (20 years old). My license was suspended for a year and I enrolled in the educational portion of a dui program. I completed the program within a few months and obtained a restricted license before the suspension year was over. It has been 2 years now.
it later this will be considered a second time offense you're looking at having to do an 18-month alcohol program and A...
In regards to a restricted license, I went to the dmv today to obtain the restriction. I was finally called up at 5:37pm. The worker looked at my papers and was stumped as to why an iid was not listed for me. My administrative per se states nothing about it, my case is still in court, and my plea deal from the DA states nothing about an iid. The worker was so confused he gave me MAU's phone number to call and verify before coming back. What's going on? Will I be required to have an iid to get my license back? Do I have to be convicted before obtain my restricted license? There's so much going on here.
You will only be required to install an iid if you are convicted of the DUI charges. It is not required if you lose...
I was convicted of a DUI 10/2013. In addition to mandatory jail time, I opted to convert $2K in fines to 14 days of jail. LA County Jail is overcrowded and its well known that non violent offenders are serving 10-25% of their sentences before being released. I surrendered on a Friday with the intent of spending perhaps the weekend in jail. However, the judge remanded me into custody for the 14 days, and set a court date for me to return 16 calendar days later, he also set bail. It is my understanding that I would not have been eligible for early release if bail was set, and that the only way out of jail before the court date was to post bail. Is this correct? Will there be any penalty for bailing our before the 14 days? Will I receive credit for time served and be allowed to pay fines?
I am confused by your scenario. You may want to clearly explain the details to a qualified attorney who can assist you.
My husband got a DUI in Dec. 2012; first time offense but also a refusal so his license was suspended for one year. He just completed the requirements to get his license back but it turns out there is a medical suspension now on his license. It's due to an ER visit two months ago (possible seizure). He never received any notice from DMV on this but when he called the driver safety office they said he needs a doctor to sign off. What kind of attorney do we need? Does he get a hearing? What is the process for this? Thanks!!
He needs to do a "re-examination" at a DMV driver safety office. It is usually unwise to go this alone because of the...
I was court ordered by the judge to take 3 months of DUI classes. Since I won my DMV case I was wondering if I could take the classes online? Who at the court do I contact about this?
You must take it at a licensed school in California, and you must do it in person. The only exception is if you reside...