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Had .088 BAC. Was able to get DUI reduced to speed contest. DMV suspended license Do I need SR-22 to get restricted license?thx!
I did lose my DMV hearing because I know it's black and white with them (based on .088) but wondering since the court case was lowered to speed contest, still need SR-22? If so, is it advisable to get SR-22 from an insurance carrier other than my own? Thanks all
Yes, you will need an SR-22 in order to get a restricted license from DMV after an administrative suspension. They will...
Green card chances after two dui?
I have dui 10 years ago while I was on f1 and second three year ago on h1b visa. Both are simple DUI. I have paid the fines ,completed probation and license suspension. I am not or was never heavy alcohol drinker. I was unlucky at both times and was stupid mistakes those could have been avoided. anyhow, I am keeping my nose clean since and avoiding drinking. I have approved I140 and I am waiting for my priority date to be current. I would like to know what are my chances of getting green card? I read that two DUI is not inadmissible as of now but what if immigration reform happens and rules changes before my AOS? I am married and have US born child. Appreciate your response.
There is no requirement to show good moral character to get adjustment of status. Whjle adjustment is discretionary,...
What Can you do if you can't pay for the DUI classes and it's no longer court ordered, but it's to have your license reinstated?
I'm a two time DUI offender and I was almost finish with my classes, but I Was incarcerated for a year and waited another 6 months before signing back up for my classes. I was informed that I would have to start all over and that's not a problem. I want to know how can I get a fee waiver in starting my classes while trying to gain employment?
If it is court ordered, the only place that could waive the fee would be the court. However, these classes cost them...
Drunk in Public detention - what records will there be of this arrest and who can see them?
I was recently arrested at a football tailgate for being Drunk in Public under penal code 647(f) and held in a local police holding cell for 6 hours. I was not fingerprinted at all and was released under 849(b)(2): the arrest slip says "Sobering Assessment" & "Not for Prosecution". My questions: Will there ONLY be an arrest record at the local police station and will that record ever expire or be deleted? What types of people (gov agencies, employers, grad schools, etc.) can access that record? On what types of "background checks" (i.e. standard background check, "Criminal Record", security clearance) will it show up? Is this legally considered an "arrest" or a "detention", and thus should I ever list it when apps ask about arrests? Lastly, should I take any legal steps moving forward?
California penal code 647(f) is drunk in public and it is a misdemeanor. California penal code 849(b)(2) provides that...
Officer did not show me what I blew at the scene although I blew a .06 thirty minutes later at the station. Do i have a case?
CHP pulled me over and said I ran a red light. (I did not. The light turned yellow as I was passing through) the officer asked if I had drank I said yes although I stopped at 12am and had eaten. (It was then 2:30am) he asked me to step out of the vehicle and performed the sobriety tests which I had no issue with. The officer would not show me what I got on the breathalyzer even though I asked him twice. He just kept repeating "you blew a little over." About 30 minutes later at the station I blew a .06. I spoke to an attorney and they said the officer probably wanted to take the chance that my BAC would be higher at the station because if I had lied about when I had stopped drinking I would still be metabolizing the alcohol. Do I have a case?
Perhaps. Given what has been stated here, there are several issues that may be exploited by a trained and experienced...
DUI Officer Impeachment Title 17 - 15 minute observation California
During my DUI DMV hearing the arresting officer testified that without question he observed me for the entire 15 minutes prior to the breath test. Was able to obtain hard evidence that proves the officer did not observe me and moreover lied under penalty of perjury. ( Multiple time both on paper and during the DMV Hearing sworn statements) The DA has offered me a wet-reckless plea but I am trying to decide if I should attempt to fight this in a court. My BAC was .11. Does an improper breath test and officer perjury raise enough reasonable doubt to get this case dismissed / not-guilty verdict in a jury trial? Should I consider fighting this in a jury trial? Looking for others advice/insight that have defended this scenario before..
You should really be discussing this with your attorney. Even if the breath test was improper, the DA will bring in...
What will happen in my dui charge ?
I need some advice please. In May I was pulled over in Pasadena by glednale cops according to the police I was driving fast .He asked if I was drinking I said yes. I did the exams walking a straight line and other exams according to them I did not do great . I blew below .08 multiple times and my friend was with me he blew under too. We both only had 2 drinks. Anyways they cop thought I was on drugs or medication. Which I was not or do any drugs . They took me to the hospital to draw blood. My license was not suspended. I checked with dmv they have no info about it. I went to court in Glendale Oct 1st and they didn't have a record of my case. Now I got a letter to attend court next month in Pasadena. My question is can this be dismissed ? I was not on drugs and I blew under the limit 3x .
If charges were filed they may think they have something. No one can tell you whether or not your case can be dismissed...