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  • Parkersburg PD revises policy on shootings

    3 hrs ago | via 

    More than 30 amended rules and regulations were unanimously approved by Parkersburg City Council last week, although the policies had been in effect from four-and-a-half years to a couple of months ago. They covered topics from social media to the automated license plate reader, often involving updated terminology to meet state law or accreditation guidelines from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies Inc. improve efficiency Among the changes was the addition of the option to place an officer involved in a shooting on administrative duty.


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  • Police officer injured in meth lab bust

    Thursday Mar 26 | via 

    At 1:51 p.m. Parkersburg Police officer D. Donaldson was dispatched to Wal-Mart at 2900 Pike St. in reference to a shoplifting incident, said Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin. Ronald Dale Goff, 23, 1031 George St., Apt.


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  • Jackson has prelim hearing

    Friday Mar 6 | via 

    Delores Katherine Jackson, 69, 1202 19th St., Apt. 1, Vienna, opted for a hearing on her charges where Magistrate Brenda Marshall found probable cause for the case to be forwarded to circuit court and the grand jury.


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Parkersburg Law

Is there anyway i can fight the interlock system?
I was charged with a dui in 2012 as a minor. i served 6 months and and now trying to get my licence back. To receive my licence back i need to have a car with the interlock system, to get the interlock i need to have insurance, to get insurance i need to have a licence. I am growing tired of this cycle and no being able to find any answer so i am going to fight the interlock. will i have any luck?
It's not uncommon for people with DUI charges to struggle with a circular pattern of requirements. Typically, you won't...
Wv resident with Oh DUI. Payed everything and sent proof of insurance. Still not lifted. What do I do?
Taken classes, payed fines and fees. Sent proof of insurance (by mail). It's been two weeks, and still not cleared on NDR.
Talk to the attorney who represented you in the OH dui.
I got a DUI 18-19 years ago and never went to court for it. Then I got caught driving and put in jail but bonded out for a 100.
What's the best way to clear up this mess and get my license back and not go to jail. This all happened in Athens ohio
I'd recommend hiring a top notch DUI lawyer in Athens Ohio to help resolve the case. It's so old now I'm not even sure...
I am currently working in ohio but reside in texas. had dwi in tx in 2006 and ovi last week in oh do they check other states?
at the hearing the judge did not mention my previous offense. my new hearing is coming up and after talking with an atty here, he was vague on the question and i don't want to pay for an atty as i am guilty.
I changed the practice category on this to DUI/DWI because that will bring it to the attention of the lawyers most...
Can i get off probation early in pennsylvania, after i have paid all my fines and completed all the programs and requirements.
I have seved 2 years and 2 months of a 5 year probation sentence and everything asked of me has been met and my probation officer wants me to be released.
Yes you can get off probation early. Ask your probation officer to schedule a hearing to review your probation. You...
How to get a DUI dropped?
My 80 year old grandpa got pulled over near his home in Walker W.Va.. He has alot of heatlh conditions that make him shake all the time. He just beat cancer with cemo therapy. A officer pulled him over and had him take a breathe alyzer which came back 1.38. My grandpa had only drank 2 beers earlier in the day. So i know he could not have blown that high of a number when he weighs around 170lbs. The officer arrested him. Well my grandpa has to walk with a walker when he is at home because of his age and medical conditions he staggers and falls into things. When they got him back to the police station they admiinsterd another breathe test that came back inconclusive. I am a private investigator in the state of West Virginia and was wondering how i can help my grandfather? Andrea
I would recommend consulting with some DUI attorneys in your area (assuming that is the same jurisdiction where the DUI...
Arrested DUI in 2012 that was dropped and dismissed to a Public Intoxication in WV 3 years later I got a revoke can they do this
Arrested for DUI 2012 and dropped and dismissed to a PI. 3 years later 2015 I receive a revocation letter from DMV. Can they do this? Is there not a statute of limitations? The officer didn't send in a report until 12/2014
Generally there is no statute of limitations for DMV matters but speak to a local DUI lawyer for more information.