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  • Police arrest seven in Lynn Street raid

    Wednesday Jan 21 | via 

    The arrests at 925 Lynn St. come only weeks after another major drug bust in the 1300 block of Lynn Street, said Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin. As in the earlier drug bust, Wednesday's arrests were a direct result of local residents reporting suspicious activities, Martin said.


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  • Police: Parkersburg men arrested for drugs; one char...

    Wednesday Jan 7 | via 

    A father was arrested for allegedly making terrorist threats and his son for possession of drugs on Wednesday in Parkersburg. Johnny Calhoun, 54, of 2212 Tygart St., Parkersburg, was arrested on one felony charge of threats of terrorist acts and one felony charge of cultivation of marijuana on Wednesday evening, according to Wood County Magistrate Court records.


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  • Most read stories of 2014

    Saturday Jan 3 | via 

    Car accidents, Facebook posts and an incident at the mall where police shot a man trying to run them over were among the top read stories in 2014 at, the online edition of The Parkersburg News and Sentinel. Thousands of readers in the past year clicked on the stories, either on the breaking news alerts or the full stories as they appeared on the online version of the newspaper, Online Manager Art Smith said.


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  • Infant Jesus still missing

    Friday Jan 2 | via 

    A Parkersburg church is hoping to recover a missing item from its outdoor Navity scene before the display is taken down for the year on Tuesday. Pastor Ian Reid, with First Lutheran Church at 1701 19th St. in Parkersburg, said someone removed the Baby Jesus figure from the church's Nativity scene early this week.


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  • Neighborhood tips lead to secret meth lab

    Dec 30, 2014 | via 

    Authorities uncovered a major meth lab in a secret room in an attic of a Lynn Street home Tuesday, officials said. Authorities found more than 70 one-pot reactionary vessels, many with meth still inside, in a specially built room in the attic of 1337 Lynn St., said Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin.


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Parkersburg Law

Taken classes, payed fines and fees. Sent proof of insurance (by mail). It's been two weeks, and still not cleared on NDR.
Talk to the attorney who represented you in the OH dui.
What's the best way to clear up this mess and get my license back and not go to jail. This all happened in Athens ohio
I'd recommend hiring a top notch DUI lawyer in Athens Ohio to help resolve the case. It's so old now I'm not even sure...
at the hearing the judge did not mention my previous offense. my new hearing is coming up and after talking with an atty here, he was vague on the question and i don't want to pay for an atty as i am guilty.
I changed the practice category on this to DUI/DWI because that will bring it to the attention of the lawyers most...
I have seved 2 years and 2 months of a 5 year probation sentence and everything asked of me has been met and my probation officer wants me to be released.
Yes you can get off probation early. Ask your probation officer to schedule a hearing to review your probation. You...
My 80 year old grandpa got pulled over near his home in Walker W.Va.. He has alot of heatlh conditions that make him shake all the time. He just beat cancer with cemo therapy. A officer pulled him over and had him take a breathe alyzer which came back 1.38. My grandpa had only drank 2 beers earlier in the day. So i know he could not have blown that high of a number when he weighs around 170lbs. The officer arrested him. Well my grandpa has to walk with a walker when he is at home because of his age and medical conditions he staggers and falls into things. When they got him back to the police station they admiinsterd another breathe test that came back inconclusive. I am a private investigator in the state of West Virginia and was wondering how i can help my grandfather? Andrea
I would recommend consulting with some DUI attorneys in your area (assuming that is the same jurisdiction where the DUI...
My girlfriend told me she needs to have a blow & go installed in a vehicle in order to obtain a drivers license. Back in 2010 her husband at the time jumped into her vehicle after drinking at a bar, he was only supposed to go to work an come home. When he didn't come home she went looking for him in his mother's car an found her car at a bar parking lot she entered the establishment. An arrangement was trying to be made to get home safely all tho two vehicles where at the business location. An argument developed while discussing the means to get home. An the 220lb husband jumped in behind the wheel an sped off. Wife gave chase.. a mile down the road husband rolls wife's car... Wife charged with PERMITTING A DUI. Lawyer beat the permitting charge but was charged with obstruction.
You have given details about an incident a few years ago but I don't know why. Do you have a question?
The state of WV dropped the permitting to drive at the court house, but dmv charged her, SHE didn't contrary it in time. This has been a few years ago. All she wants is advice on how to get her license back. Or asks someone to help her. She has told the dmv several times that she isn't married to the bone head any more so I don't see why I have to pay to have a blow an go installed in my vehicle for her when she's not the drunk, hee idiotic x husband is. This all cost her marriage an wants to take some legal action against WV. They did her wrong, an it's taken a heavy toll on her life an mine.
It's difficult to answer your question without knowing what she was charged with or what specific administrative...