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I was charged with a misdemeanor DUI in Will County, but I have felony probation in Cook County. Im wondering if they will find out or how long it would take for them to find out. And if they do find out will it violate my probation.
Cook county will find out and will most likely violate your probation. There's no way to predict when exactly but most...
My ex husband is in jail right now for domestic battery, plus a warrant for his DUI last summer. He did not pay his fines and he did not complete classes. He does not have a lawyer and can't afford one. He hasn't spoken with a public defender yet and his court date is this Friday. Can anyone tell me what type of punishment he may get? Jail time? I'm just curious because I have never dealt with this before.
Jail is possible. Prison if it's charged as a felony.
I had 1 DUI supervision in 2000, 1 DUI conviction in 2004 and the Aggravated DUI in 2008.
If you have had a prior conviction you can't get it expunged. Silly rule, but that's the rule.
DUI was 8 years ago. I was 19 and it was dropped to a misdemeanor. My wife was born here.
It should not affect your eligibility for a green card ( provided that you meet all other requirements). Good luck!
Looking for a tavern license and haven't drank in 7 years. Can I qualify for one even though I had a "drinking past" and clear violations of the law?
You cannot get a Chicago license if you are "A person who has been convicted of a felony under any federal or state law...
I just received a conditional discharge for 2 years of my dui case. Which entails 240 hours of community service, finishing my dui consoling and a few others. As of now I am being told that getting my license back relies solely on the DMV. What exactly do I have to do to get it back ASAP. I am also told that I can get my license back before the 2 years is terminated. Please advise with any insight. Thank you
You should speak with your current attorney about this. In a nutshell your license will be revoked for a year at which...
Driving on revoked resiting arrest. He is now on EM On his pre trial can i suggest house arredt for sentencing?
Are you an attorney? Are you his attorney? On what basis do you have standing to suggest any disposition? House arrest...